Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Two Final Questions

Here's the last blog of the semester. I'd like you to address two questions.

1. Has this class changed how you view the media? Are you more skeptical, more cynical, more accepting, or has this class not changed your position on the media at all? Don't worry. You're grade doesn't depend on your response. I'd just honestly like to know if this class had had an impact on you.

2. What are some of the media you'll be engaging this Holiday Season? Plan on seeing a movie, buying a new album, watching some traditional or new holiday programs? I noticed that "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is airing this week and it's not even December yet....wow! Does your media habits change this time of year?

It's been fun people. Don't forget your november mini-monthly and your final. I sent an email to all your msstate accounts regarding the final.


Amanda said...

This class has actually been very fun. I enjoyed it and it made me think about the media differently. I watched shows in here that I normally would not watch and had to watch them with an open mind. Most of the time I would say "Trash" and turn the channel. But, I learned to see things the way that America does and try to view them that way. It was hard watching some of the things and boring watching others, but I have to say that I did learn something in the class. That's the point anyway.
I usually do go the movies alot during Christmas holidays and I watch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" at least a half a dozen times. I now have a little girl of my own and I want her to grow up watching everything that I did as a child (Charlie Brown's Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman). We will have family over this holiday as well and I think that it is fun to all sit down and watch a movie together.
It has been a great class. I have really enjoyed it!! Amanda W.

Angie Jackson said...

This class has changed my perspective on the media a great deal. Normally I only watch the shows that air on major cable networks. This class has forced me to expand my viewing by watching more news based programs. In the past, I only watched the local news program on NBC or ABC. Not only have I had to expand my viewing, but also think outside the box while watching television. This class has caused me to become a little more skeptical of news outlets and the underlying forces which affect the programs and networks.
During the holiday season, my media preferences do change a little. This year I have been excited about Christmas since mid-October. I have already watched Elf, Santa Clause 3, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. These are only a few compared to the number of holiday movies I will watch from now until December 25th. I also start listening to the radio stations that only play Christmas music.

Ernie Sumrall said...

This class has changed the way I look at media. I think that it's nearly impossible to look at something the same way once you've studied it. Carptenters see a house as a foundation, plumbing, wiring, studs, joists, rafters etc... You've trained us all to have a more critical eye when viewing media.

I am still very skeptical regarding the information that I recieve through the media in general. I am probably not as cynical, but only because I actually expect certain things now.

This Holiday Season my family and I will be listening to music, watching movies and other things.
We always have a core group of films that we start watching pretty much around the clock while my wife bakes cookies and I put up decorations outside:

A Christmas Story, Chevy Chase' Christmas Vacation, The Santa Clause, 1, 2 and 3., Miracle on 34th Street (New and Old), Home Alone , 1 and 2. , Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus is coming to Town, The little Drummer Boy, I'll be Home for Christmas, Jingle All the Way, Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas, (Twice), Holiday Inn (Bing Crosby), Bells of St. Mary (Bing Crosby), Elf, Jack Frost, White Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Carol, Scrooged, It's a Wonderful Life, Family Man, Ernest Saves Christmas, Trapped in Paradise, Chirstmas in Connecticut, Santa Who?, and others.
We have also compiled about 4 hours of pretty much every Christmas song you've ever heard.
Charlie Brown Chistmas , of course!

Our media habits see a drastic transformation over the Holidays. I stop listening to the radio and start with our decorations while listening to Christmas music. At night we watch some of the above.

I try to avoid News programs during Christmas and concentrate on connecting with my family in more traditional ways.

I've enjoyed it and wish you all the very best!


Deneka Bluitt said...

This class has changed my way in how and why the media do and respond to some of the things they do. I have learned alot about the media from the lecture notes and from doing the blog each week. This class has taught me things that I did know about the media, in a fun way. I am not the type of person to just pay full focus to the media and news. But, I would have to say it has been interesting and this class has also made me want to know and learn more about the media and society even after this class has ended.

My holiday media each season mostly be the same, except for this one with my aunt being gone. Me and my family are going to the movies and watch "This Christmas", which should be coming out real soon. A traditional movie that me and my mom and sister watch is called a "Christmas Story." This movie is traditional to us because it gets us in the spirit of christmas and being around other family members. But, this is basically what we do every christmas or holiday we eat and watch a new seasonal movie that is new.

Krm126 said...

I have always looked at media in a different way from most people. My favorite pasttime is tv. And as far as sitcoms and dramas, my view has not changed but, my outlook on the way news is delievered has definitely changed. I look at it as only biased, overly opinionated people that have the power to decide what we hear about are just getting their points across.

And as for the second question, I fully intend to take part in the 25Days of Christmas, which airs on ABC FAmily. It shows all the classic cartoons that we all grew up loving.

Anonymous said...

This class has not changed my view of the media too much. I try to watch the news on a regular basis. The only thing is that during this class I had to keep watching the news, even if I disagreed with what people were saying. I definitely would say that this class has impacted me. It has made far more aware of the different tactics used by the media to get their message across. Because of that, I will definitely take the time to be more analytical about what I see or hear.

This season is by far, my very favorite as it relates to the media. I have already bought the latest Josh Grobin Christmas CD. I will be watching The Christmas Story, Elf, Polar Express & the myriad of regular Christmas shows that will be on all the channels. Most importantly, I will be watching the Food Network because this when they all bring out the really good recipes.

Rebecca (raz11)

Marques said...

This class has been a rather interesting class for me but overall I have enjoyed it. It made me think about the media in a different light. I would normally just watch a show and that would be it but now i seem to watch shows and look more into them. I normally rarely watched the local news I was more of a CNN news viewer but now i watch all news channels to get the different perspectives.
As for the Holidays my favorite movie is noramlly a christmas story. I think i will watch the movie Fred Claus although it is not christmas as of yet. The media seem s to change this time of year it seems like more things are geared toward the holiday spirit. Talking about gift items as well as types of food to prepare for the holiday season. MDJ4

amanda_shirley said...

I really enjoyed this class. I am not big on watching the news or evaluating what I read and watch in the media, but this class has forced me to look at everything in the media in a new way. I find myself interested to look at things from different view points now and I am more interested in different aspects of the media, not just reading about celebrities or hearing dirt about their personal lives. This class has been very good for me, and I also find myself watching news more and keeping myself up to date on things going on in the media now.

This Christmas, I plan on seeing a lot of movies and pulling out the classic Christmas movies to watch as well. If I have free time from working, I hope to be able to sit down and relax and read a book or two, something I have not been able to do for a while. Christmas music is always good to listen to around this time of year to put you in a good mood!

joeli said...

I have enjoyed this class thoroughly. I am not just saying this, but I really have. It has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things that the media does and the tricks and games they play. In saying that, it has not made me cynical at all...just aware. I think that being cynical is just a hinderance and I try by all means, not to be that way!
I will probably be going to see a couple of movies with the family for Christmas and I want to go buy the Mariah Carey Christmas CD with "All I want for CHristmas is you"...my favorite Christmas song ever! I will also be watching the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story. I look forward to that day every year!! I never get tired of that movie! I do think that my media habits change this time of year. I am more into watching television and listening or watching anything having to do with CHristmas!!! Thanks for teaching this class and hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!!

M. Middleton said...

I have also really enjoyed this class due to the fact that it made me kind of take a step back and look at television shows and the media as a whole. I watch very little tv these days but what I do watch I know see different things and pay more close attention to certain details, stereo types and how people are portraded.

As far as Christmas this is my busiest time of the year and I will not have the oppoturnity to watch as much tv as I would like. But one thing that I do look foward to is seeing Christmas in the eyes of my daughter who is now at the age where she understands and knows that Santa is coming and when she watches a Christmas show she is already saying how Santa is coming to see her and bring her lots of toys. In the past I have watched very little Christmas shows but know that I have a reason to I think that this Christmas will be one of many to remember. Thank you for a great class and Happy Holdidays and best wishes to everyone.

eric alred said...

As I am normally skeptical of the media, this course didn't really change my view, it somewhat validated some of the things I had previously thought. I will say that it certainly expanded my view to some extent, by viewing some programs that I normally don't watch. So, in that respect, it did change my view of the media.

We are big music lovers at my house. There is typically something playing most of the time. So, I am sure my wife will come up with some new Christmas CD. She usually does. Normally, I receive a couple of movies as gifts. It's always neat to see what my family thinks I might like.

I really enjoyed this class. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in communication.

rvw3 said...

The class has been a very enjoyable experience. I am afraid I have always hated the media for their unbelievable bias that they exhibit on a daily basis. The class just reinforced that the Clinton News Network will say anything they are told and Fox News is a blatantly republican , and I am referring to the prostitution scandal where Hannity said men can have naked messages and not have relations. The way media affects people is great and the class just reinforces how easily culture can be swayed.
I plan to watch a lot of movies on my netflix which i try to use to the max and maybe watch a few flicks but I usually only go with my father. The news sources I am down to are the WSJ and BBC. I find money affects everything the most and it should be pure at least so news about the economy is forward and it reflects our present leadership in the end. I might even sneak in a viewing of the Christmas movie about the boy who shot out his eye with a b.b. gun, its pretty funny.

Mark said...

This class has enforced my opinion regarding the media, especially the news media. I am an Americanist who still believes in Americanism. However, on a recent trip, a colleague I was traveling with unceremoniously changed the TV channel from CNN to Fox News one morning as I was catching the morning news. “I am not gonna listen to that liberal crap!” He exclaimed. In my opinion Fox News is nothing but fluff. There is no real content. Even though CNN is biased he is so alienated from it his blood pressure, anger, and rudeness rise just from being exposed to it. He would rather learn nothing than listen to CNN. This divisiveness isn’t just a local phenomenon. It runs throughout the country. However, after experiencing this course, I am certain now that it is not as rampant as I once thought. Unfortunately, there are still many people out there who are polarized simply because they listen to it.

In addition to the divisiveness that draws people in, there is the blatant sensationalism that these networks rely on for ratings and viewer retention. After seeing the canoe episode, I have been convinced of the suspicion that accuracy is not longer an issue with today’s news generators. It has been very interesting re-examining the question, does TV imitate life, or does life imitate TV? I suspected that many of the acts we hear about that are true are the result of things seen on TV that may not have been true but were bought into by unsuspecting public.

I am even more convinced that today’s media is more interested in entertainment than journalism. Journalism is a thing of the past which is sad because it is journalist that used to play a large role in documenting the present as it becomes the history that the future will study. What kind of legacy are we leaving for the future to look back on? A false reality bent by divisiveness, sensationalism, and entertainment.

This holiday season, read Christmas season, I plan on doing the same thing I have done every year, watching the old fashioned Christmas shows on TV. I don’t care for the new ones that are so life style, social engineering motivated. I am a strong believer who has had those feelings enforced by this class that entertainers should entertain and leave the preaching to someone else. I will probably rent some movies, because I can fast forward through the social engineering. Over the years though, I have gotten where I do not watch as much TV as I used to. I would rather engage my family in conversation or some other activity. I think that the media especially TV rob the family of time that should be spent together. The reason for the season is to foster the love and fellowship of family and friends. When we spend too much time with media we lose so much.

Thanks so much for an engaging and interesting look at the one-eyed monster.

Merry Christmas!

Mark Mize mcm3

kylebennett49 said...

I really do think that this class has changed my outlock on media all together. It has made me look at media both more skeptical and more accepting. The reason that i say more skeptical is because of the steroid piece that we looked at. I think its so funny how the media will edit and change things to make it look like a person said something that he did not. I find the media more accepting also just becasue other people like other things. Like the boondocks, I never probably would have seen or heard about the boondocks if it was not for this class.
Over the holidays there are a few movies that im ready to see. The first movie is Sweeney Todd. I cannot wait to see it just becasue im a huge Tim Burton fan. One of my favorite movies of all time is Edward Scissorhands. Other movies that im reallly looking foward to seeing is No Country for Old Men and I am LEgend. Both of these look like they have potential to be really great movies.
John Bennett(kkb34)

Shaunti Calloway said...

1. This class hasn’t changed how I view media because I viewed it in an subjective way before I started this class and will continue to view it that way. I feel that there are many television shows and movies that are a complete waste of time watching and feel that America needs to revert back to reading. I’m sure most authors’ would agree and would feel less archaic in every sense of the word. This class has truly given me revelation of certain things that I didn’t know ever existed. Shows like Boondocks and comments made by Bill Oreilly, really show that we as American’s still have problems with race relations and stereotypes. This class had been a very enjoyable and interesting class! It was very interesting for an online class! I enjoyed the blogging and the media day assignments because it shed a lot of light on things that are going on in America.

2. I always make it a tradition to watch Home Alone during Christmas. They always show that movie during Christmas season on HBO. It is such a hilarious movie and it sets the mood for Christmas just as the song “This Christmas” does. You know it is Christmas time when you hear on the radio:
Hang all the mistletoe
I'm gonna get to know you better,
This Christmas
And as we trim the tree
How much fun it's gonna be together, yeah
This Christmas

Fireside is blazing bright
We're caroling through the night
And this Christmas will be,
A very special Christmas for me.

I just thought that song would bring back memories for many! :)

I might check out a few of the new movies that are out for Christmas. I think that there will be some new movies out for Christmas. Anyway, I enjoyed this class and I wish everyone a wonderful Holiday and a successful Spring semester!

Emma Tate said...

Yes this class has certainly change the way I look and the Media and the way they think. No this position has not changed me but it certainly has given me a different outlook on the media. Yes this class has made a impact on me and i'm not saying it because i think you might change my grade or something it really has.

2. What are some of the media you'll be engaging this Holiday Season? I will be watching some of the parades. I Plan on watching some of the traditional holiday programs like the Grinch Stole Christmas I love that show. Yes my media habits change this time of year because I like to watch Christmas Stories this time of the year

Quinnon Taylor said...

Though my grade may not reflect it (because I take this class online and forget about it all the time), I will honestly say this has been my favorite class EVER. I loved the subject matter because it's something I'm actually interested in...media. I loved being able to hear other people's responses to the questions asked just to see how and where everybody stood on topics I was very passionate about (and topics I really just could care less about). It hasn't really changed my way of thinking as far as media goes but it has enlightened me to the idea that there are people out there who think just like me and that sometimes I'm the only person in the world who feels the way I do about certain subjects.

I will watch Rudolph and Charlie Brown as I do every Christmas (laugh if you must). I will also be checking for Frosty event hough I haven't seen it in FOREVER. As far as non-animated movies go, I hate holiday themed non-animated movies. I don't know why. So, I'll be checking out very few IF any of those. As far as albums go, I don't foresee anyone's album coming out that I care about (holiday themed or just regular). So yeah, my Christmas will be spent jamming all the tunes I've already had on my IPOD. Merry Christmas all! Happy New Year!!!

Paige P. said...

This class has definitely changed the way I look at media. Before many of the questions were asked in this class and on this board, I had never thought of just how biased the media really can be. They want you to think how they want you to think really. I will definitely be more cautious of things that I actually believe when watching television and news in general.

I must admit that I watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" the other night and it never gets old. I'm OLD and I still love it. I might as well be a child myself. I guess I am still at heart. One movie that I won't miss during the Christmas season is "A Christmas Story". TBS shows 24 hours of "A Christmas Story" on Christmas Eve every year. And usually my TV doesn't deter from that station the entire time. Maybe just for a second to catch up on the weather but not for much else. It's just a classic. And then there's "Home Alone". This is definitly another favorite of mine. I am just like Kevin when it comes to the Christmas tree. If there's no tree, then it just doesn't seem like Christmas.

Have a great Christmas everyone. And good luck next semester!

janice archie said...

I can honestly say I have enjoyed this class. Not only did it give me a chance to be creative and express my opinion, but it also gave me the chance to listen and consider others thoughts. I appreciate the idea that in this class there was no "right" or "wrong" answers, but the liberty of expression.

This class also exposed me to various forms of media, the meaning of media, and, also, other networks that I would have usually ignored, being mainly dedicated to one network news--NBC.
The class has been very informative. Love the blogs!

I am a die-hard fan of the old Xmas shows, such as, "Frosty the Snowman", "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" and, of course, "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town". To my family and I, it just doesn't get any better!!
Christmas is a joyous time and we are intending to have a great time!!

Best Wishes to everyon, now and always!

Lawrence said...

I have unqestionably enjoyed this class and would rank it Top 5 among all online classes I have taken (which are numerous). I wouldn't say Mass Media & Society has changed the way I view media as much as it has given me additional toolswith which to analyze media in a more structured way. Except for one thing, if it's not a name, date, time, or place, all news is opinion. I share that as one new revelation.

I haven't been big on holiday presentations since childhood with the exception of New Year's morning parades. I'm an old band head so I can't get enough marching - it's in my blood. I do think I'd like to catch a few of the cartoon classics for my 6-year-old. My mom's been helping me with this in terms of books, making sure she reads The Little Red Hen, Curious George, and the original Cinderella story. We've worn out Polar Express all year, so maybe we can fill in with Charlie Brown's Christmas (I guess we missed the Great Pumpkin) and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.


Lawrence said...

Just forgot one, I just purchased the most EXCELLENT Christmas Smooth Jazz CD. 10 tracks of the classics played so nice - ideal for a laid back Christmas party or even New Year's Eve gathering. And I just paid a buck. GO DOLLAR TREE!!!


lakeon said...

I would say that this class has changed my view of the media. I have learn in depth of what the media impact. I have learned the history and the different types of media. I have enjoy this class because it has changed how I view the media now.

This time is very special to me because people get helpful and it is just after Thanksgiving so everyone is thankful for what they have. I have the past two years taken vacations during Christmas so I have time to spend time with my wife, children and family members. My wife and I usually go see a movie around this time if something is good out. During that week Bowl games started to come on a I usually sit and watch as much as I can of the games. On Christmas I usually watch "The Christmas Story" and watch the parades after we open created so that is how the media effect me during the Holiday Season