Monday, January 28, 2008

The State of the Union

Hello gang,
Monday night was the State of the Union and the Democratic Response. I want you to view both by clicking below

State of the Union

Democratic Response

After viewing these, i'd like you to address the following.

1. Is this the first time you have viewed a State of the Union?
2. Did you find either the State of the Union or Democratic Response inspiring?
3. A recent poll stated that 70% of citizens feel that America is on the wrong track. How do you feel after these speeches?
4. What should have been said in these speeches?

Important: Please remember to put your names on these blogs. Sometimes i can't tell who you are based on a screen nickname.


R. Wickersham said...

Awww! My wife didn't want to watch that. I will have to see the video you post!

Tessa Horn said...

President Bush's speech was dominated by his description of a policy shift that he said had brought success and the promise of victory in Iraq.

The president said that a year ago, the situation in Iraq was approaching chaos. But because of a new commander, a new strategy, and additional troops, the violence has been reduced and the Iraqis might take over their own security.

At the same time, the president warned that withdrawing U.S. troops from the situation too quickly could bring al-Qaida roaring back and allow fighting to resume. Bush said 20,000 troops were coming home and would not be replaced, but that further withdrawals would await the judgment of commanders in the field.

The president also urged Congress to pass the $150 billion economic stimulus package he had worked out with leaders of both parties in both chambers.

Congress could also send positive signals to consumers by extending tax cuts originally passed in his first term, the president said, rather than letting them expire, as scheduled, beginning in 2010.

The president said Congress could wean itself off its habit of earmarking dollars in appropriations bills to pay for special projects in individual states and districts. He also chastised Congress for refusing to approve his proposals for overhauling Social Security and immigration laws, the main thrusts of his domestic policy in his second term.

The speech was about 50 minutes long and was interrupted often by applause. Republicans rose often, while Democrats remained seated.

Deanna Wilson said...

I did watch the State of the Union Address last night. This is not the fist time I have watched the speech. I can remember having to watch it in high school for extra credit. But, for the past couple of years, I have watched it because I wanted to be more informed. As I have gotten a little bit older, it has all made more sense to me. When you watch such a speech as a teenager, you have no idea how any of it really
affects you. Now I can see how all of it affects me.
I though the speech was a good one. He tried to calm nerves about the potential recession that our economy could be approaching. They are trying to pass a stimulus package; which will send IRS checks to households that make less than $150K. Sounds good to me! It sounds like he has a lot of big plans, but it is hard to know if those plans will ever come to life with all the divisions within Congress. I think it is uncertain if we will see any real changes until we have a new president. I would have like to have heard more about healthcare. He talked about Iraq and how he thought we were winning. He also said that thousands of troops had been sent home. But, it is hard for me to think we are winning when people are still dying and the polls show that most Americans don’t even know why we are over there anymore. All in all, I think it was a good speech and I think he enjoyed giving his last State of the Union Address of his presidency.
I really enjoyed the Democratic Response. I think she hit the nail on the head, that we are all Americans first and want what is best for this country; republican or democrat. Hopefully, the administration can get this message across and make some changes in Washington. Americans do feel that the US is on the wrong track. I think mostly because of the war, but our economy is also declining. I think these speeches can be used as a motivator. There where good plans of action mentioned by both parties, it is just up to Congress and President Bush to make sure they follow up on those plans.

S. McElfish said...

The State of the Union Address give by Bush was Presidential. I have watched prior State of the Union addresses,and I still really don't understand there modern function. We live in an period of history where the daily assignments of the government are published in fact daily. One could see the importance of this type of govnernment pagentry for a time when the average American had very little ability to keep tabs on the govnerment in action, but in an age where I can literary watch our elected government officals shape our country on live TV (C-SPAN).

Yes, the government is capable of changing the world, and yes, they have change the world. It just seems that America wants something changed, and speeches from either side do nothing to change the present situation. The government should remember who theyare working for and do something either way.

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time I have watched a State of the Unon address. I am not sure this was the best I have seen, but, I have to say I enjoyed this one. I did find parts of the address inspiring. The results from the troop surge were encouraging. The fact that many will be coming home soon and hopefully more soon thereafter was encouraging. The Democratic response began well, then for me, after about the first minute it went down hill. I liked her beginning, after saying we are not as divided as pundits say we are, the governor began to get liberal. She didn't do terrible, I've seen worse. I didn't like the theme of "join us mr. president, let's get to work." It's congress' job to work and make law, just do it! Oh and the part about congress making tough smart decisions was funny too. I think America is on the right track, now that leadership is at least acknowledging problems domestically, we already knew existed. The president did fine, I think he said alot that everyone agrees with. I think he did a good job of reaffirming policy direction for the country. I think the governor should have stayed on track based on how she started.

Anonymous said...

This was the first time that I have ever seen the presidential debate. I know that sounds horrible, but I a 20 year old girl, so most of this is confusing to me! I did really find it inspiring though. President Bush talked about many achivements we have reached this year that I think are very impressive. I think that all people have different views on whether we think George Bush is right or wrong, but he is our President at the time and I think as American citizens we should support him, even though we may not always agree with him.

I dont think that America is on the wrong track. I dont think America will ever be all on the same page which goes to show that we may not ever be on the right track. There are two different sides to every story so I feel that we will always be 50% on the wrong track.
I think Pres. Bush covered the things that needed to be covered. I think the major thing that needs to be covered everyday is how we should pray for our troops and to always be aware of what we are doing currently in the battle against terrorism. Like I said before, we may not agree to still be in a war, but as American citizens we need to support the men and women fighting for us today!

Lauren said...

This was the first time that I actually sat down and watched the whole thing. There were a lot of things I did not understand because I have not kept up on some of the issues; however, I am more inspired now to know more about what is going on in our world.

Since my fiance is in Iraq right now, I really paid attention to when President Bush spoke about giving the spouses and children of the men and women overseas the opportunities and benefits for more help with school that their husbands or wives will miss out on while fighting for our country.

In the Democratic response, my attention was peaked when the Governor of Kansas said something about too much attention is else where and the needs of our country are not being made. Lauren W

NancyH said...

I always try to gather my family to watch the Presidential Speeches. I watched last night with my children playing in the living room floor. Bush is trying to go out of office with someone saying, look what he did for us. Although, it seems trite to put a band-aid on the economy when what it needs is a cast, I, for one, will take it. I will use my check to pay off my washing machine and dental bills, but it wont make up for the fact that this administration is the one who is bringing on our economic demise to begin with.
Bush spoke about how superior we are for rushing to war to protect another country and how we will suffer the "average" tax increase when the temporary tax breaks are removed, if congress does not do as he says. He knows already that they are not going to act; he just wants us to think he tried so hard to make them care about us. Let us face it, that tax savings helped a little, but it has done the regular working-man a small favor not a huge one! The taxpayers that will see the biggest increase of taxes when the breaks are removed already have much more than enough to survive on.
The democratic response was certainly an easier listen for me. This governor spoke about real daily problems we are facing. We need jobs, healthcare and education. Of course, they both tried to sway each of us to be “for” their party or to at least, think that their party is the best for America. The governor asked President Bush to, please work with the American people for the good of America and I think that was funny.

I think the President as well as all of the candidates are and have been out of touch with reality for quiet some time. I think he should have said that whoever is elected to office will be forced to live as ordinary people do and will be paid minimum wage and be given just enough overtime to prevent their qualifying for food stamps and other governmental assistance. I want them to live in a little house and ride the city buses to and from work and put their children in one of these wonderful public schools, so they will not be left behind!

America is, I believe, on the wrong track, because we, as individuals, are losing everything and still spending money faster than we can earn it. We need better jobs. Bush spoke of flooding the world with products "Made in America." I think it would be an all-day task to find a product that carries that label in a local store, today. Where are these products going to come from, who is going to make it happen? There are no answers to give, so we have stopped asking. We were making products in America until they decided to ship all the factories over to cheaper labor countries.
It sounded good to George to promote our future as rosy with everyone laughingly manufacturing. It hurt my ears, because I know that it is not true. I found neither of the speeches inspiring.

Heather Noble said...

This was actually the first State of the Union I watched from start to finish, live on Monday night.

I found it very interesting that due to the very hotly contested elected on both sides the reaction to the President's speech was split. While the Republicans cheered and had many standing ovations, the Democrats sat quietly and for the most part, looked bored and inconvenienced that they had to be there.

Each time Senator Obama or Senator Clinton were shown there was very little response.

I think that at this point there is not much that President Bush can say that will inspire the country, at the same time there wasn't anything insiring about the Democratic response.

I am not sure that the country is headed down the wrong track, I just think that leadership from the government both at a local and national level is poor. Elected officials are more concerned about getting elected than they are about fixing the problems that face us daily. They all say what they think the people want to hear.

I think that both sides should have been more honest with the American people. While President Bush was sugar-coating the problems with the war and pushing hard to get bills passed that would jump start the economy, the Democrats were attacking everything that was said in the State of the Union and spinning it to put their candidates in better favor with the American people.

LaJoyce Roseborough said...

President's Bush speech was moving I guess because it was his last one. I have never set there and watched the State of Union Address. I wanted to because it was Bush's last one.
I think he made more sense last night then he has ever made in the whole presidency. I think he's trying to do more now that he's going out of office. He's pushing Congress to pass the economic bills. I guess he feel that he trying to push the economy up as he messed it up. He's shattered so many lives with the war in Iraq, so I guess he feels guilty.

elizabeth bowling said...

This was the first time that I have watched the entire thing, usually I watch the first few minutes while trying to find something else to watch. Having said that, I did not find either of the speeches inspiring. It seems that what they are saying is just what they think we want to hear. I guess I would be one of the citizens who thinks we are on the wrong track as a country. We are about to go into another recession and they think that handing out money will solve everything. I still feel that way even after listening to those speeches, what they said does not change facts. What should have been said was the truth, that we are in a war that shouldn't be happening, we are going into a recession and we honestly don't know what will happen. I think the truth should always be told no matter what and nothing should be sugarcoated because it dosen't help anything

R. Wickersham said...

No, I was not moved by either side in this exchange. The President made all the statements that I expected he would. He basically ran a point by point stance check for all the major issues that the Republican party will use in the upcoming elections. The State of the Union Address was well-written and rehearsed, but came off as a Republican party "Ra-ra" speech.

The Democratic response was typical of them as well. They agreed on the issues they knew would be important in the run up to November and disagreed with the straight policies that they normally do.

Our country is on the only track available, so I believe that it is the right one. I am hopeful for the upcoming elections and I feel like new blood in the White House will revive the attention of the American public. Policies will not change much no matter which party is in control. It will be how the new leader address us and the world that will be the difference.

Leeanna McVay said...

This was the first time I have ever watch a State of the Union Address. Honestly, I have never been very interested in politics. Mainly because I never understand most of it. I personally know where I stand on some issues but have never been one to watch the news and such. After hearing the president's speech, I actually did feel more inspired to become aware of political activity. The speech made me feel proud to be an American. I feel that America is on the right track to getting done what needs to be done. The president talked of getting the economy back on track with tax cuts.

I was also relieved to hear about new scientific studies that are allowing us to do stem cell research by using skin cells and without the destruction of human life. The President also stated that there should never be buying, selling, patenting, or cloning of human life.

Another topic addressed was that of entitlement spending and saving programs such as Medicaid and Medicare so that the generations to come will be able to benefit from them.

He asked Congress to make further steps to stop illegal immigrants and force those that want to live in the United States to do it legally so they can be supportive of our economy.

Finally, and most inspiring, was to hear the President talk about the war in Iraq. He gave the countries gratitude to the troops and talked of bringing them home little by little while still getting the job done in Iraq.

The Democratic Response seemed vague to me. She kept asking for the President to "join us and let's get to work." It just wasn't a very good speech in my opinion.

Rebecca Tate said...


Rebecca said...


Rosie said...

I have never watched are listen to a state of the union speech. After listening to this one I know why. The President only talked about things we already know about. We know about the gas prices, home building slumps. The only thing he said to wake me up other than the applauses was the tax rebates. We all know this is not going to help the econonmy though. The Democrats what can I say I think they are more focused on super Tuesday. Please enough with the war.

Barbara said...

Yes, this is the first time I every listen to a State of the Union Address. I never really sit down and listen to the State of the Union Address,because I don’t get to involve in politics. I have to admit both them some was interesting, and some really good points was brought out. I don’t feel that we are on the wrong track, but I do think that we as American citizens can come closer together. We can also more respectful to each other, and not let other countries take over us. In the future, I will try to listen the State of the Union Address, because I learned a lot of good information.

Rebecca said...

I have viewed the State of the Union Address a few times. What most people fail to keep in focus is most public speeches by politicians are ploys for party positioning. President Bush did not have to present data to validate his opinions. Presidents have misrepresented facts or twisted facts to appear to state what is best for them and their political party. As a working American, I personally know the economy is heading the wrong way. Look at the price of everyday needs --- milk, bread, or eggs. Money works in a circular flow. When a major industry, like the housing industry, is in a crisis, the whole economy is at risk of collapsing. America is only a step away from a serious economic crisis.

I have close relatives and friends in public education. “The No Child Left Behind” legislation is a ploy to eliminate public education. What will happen to the children of normal citizens if and when education is privatized? Originally the government will give vouchers to cover expenses, but when the budget is pressed for funds, what happens? Private citizens will be left in the cold. If families can’t pay --- no education for their children. Education is hard pressed to really change until parents are educated to prepare their young to be educated --- early social adaptations.

c.mcnair said...

This year’s State of the Union address to the 110th congress failed to ignite a hopeful spark of inspiration. Maybe I’m high maintenance in the inspiration department. The more I listened, the more it became predictable how each stipulation seemed to unravel a similar tone from past times. The elaborately descriptive language undoubtedly commands attention. But, compared to other times, Bush’s final State of the Union seemed remarkably average. It is hard to pinpoint things he should have said, because he touched on ultimatums for almost every item Americans care to imagine concerns us. The president should probably focus on State of the Union realities and spend less time barking down rabbit trail legislation initiatives, because we know how much this tactic accomplishes. I mean give us solutions Mr. P.

The Democratic response made me want to cry, because the governor of Kansas almost made it feel like time travel back to when, as a boy, my mother enlisted me in attending children’s book readings at the library. Still, it carried a message of hope. After watching the first couple of minutes I gather that Democrats, at this point in the scheme of things, now have an openhanded compassion for a lame duck commander in chief, and an even bigger generosity toward appropriations earmarking, which Bush ordered must be halved, this year, or it will get vetoed; probably just money lawmakers get to finagle somehow.

krc said...

This was the first time I have watched the State of the Union address. I believe Bush, as many politicians do, "sugar coat" issues and talk around them without really giving any solutions. Bush said that some troops were coming home, and that further withdrawals would be left up to the commanders in the field. He gives the people hope by telling them some troops are coming home, but not all. I understand that keeping some there might deter al-Quaida and the fighting, but once again there is that hope, but nothing definite.

Some of the other comments he made are hard to say. I think we are going to have to wait for a new president to see if any of the changes will be made.

Kimberly Cook

Toni said...

As the nation would expect, President Bush's address was based mainly on the war in Iraq. He gave us encouraging news regarding the future of the Iraqies and of our troops. Whether you are for or against the war in Iraq, we all want the same end result-our troops home and families reunited.

Many did agree on his information regarding the econovic stiulus package that Bush spoke of. He stated that America has been on the wrong track and we need to get alighned again. I think he made a good point.

I do feel, whether we are Republican or Democrates, we all want the war to end and the economic standpoint of our country to improve. We just seem to disagree on how to get there.

Toni said...

As the nation would expect, President Bush's address was based mainly on the war in Iraq. He gave us encouraging news regarding the future of the Iraqies and of our troops. Whether you are for or against the war in Iraq, we all want the same end result-our troops home and families reunited.

Many did agree on his information regarding the econovic stiulus package that Bush spoke of. He stated that America has been on the wrong track and we need to get alighned again. I think he made a good point.

I do feel, whether we are Republican or Democrates, we all want the war to end and the economic standpoint of our country to improve. We just seem to disagree on how to get there.

Gunner said...

In President Bush's State of the Union address he was still focusing on the war in Iraq but he was also focusing on trying to pass an economic stimulus package that could possibly help our economy. Individuals applaused throughout way too much! That really got annoying. I know that people are hoping that our country can get back on track but the war will always be a hinderance. Heather f.

Jessica said...

Jessica Hunter

First of all, I REALLY don’t like watching State of the Union addresses..especially from GWB. I never have enjoyed listening to BS because I have better things to do with my time. Now that I got that out of the way...

I have to agree with Nancy-h who agrees that George is attempting to put a band aid on his administration so that someone thinks that he actually did something good before he left. I for one, am not buying. He has done so many things to mess up America that the few things he does here at the end is really not going to change my opinion about him. While I appreciate the nice tax refund I will receive this year, I still say that you cannot buy my happiness. I want a can you help with that!

1. Is this the first time you have viewed a State of the Union?
This not the first time that I have watched a State of the Union Address, but it is the first time I was forced to watch one from GWB.
2. Did you find either the State of the Union or Democratic Response inspiring?
Neither...I was more inspired by a campaign speech from Barack Obama. GWB talked about some great things about Pell Grants for kids...but he is still adamant about sending more troops to Iraq. Somewhere in the speech he attempted to tie in Afghanistan with the war in Iraq...nice try..I’m not buying it.
3. A recent poll stated that 70% of citizens feel that America is on the wrong track. How do you feel after these speeches?
Yes I agree with 70% of America and I would LOVE to know what the other 30% is thinking if they think we are on the right track. These speeches have done change my opinion.
4. What should have been said in these speeches?
WELLLLLLLLL...its nice that you asked. I would love to hear that the WAR IS OVER...for real this time. That President Bush is actually doing something about the housing market, not just helping those who cant make their mortgage. (And by the way, its not my fault that they did not read the fine print when they signed up for an ARM loan. The acronym ARM itself should have been their first red flag). Second, I would have liked to hear something about changing the No Child Left Behind Act, there are a lot of things wrong with it. Maybe a little something about admitting that a lot of this is his fault would have really made my night. Then again...maybe Im asking too much. :)

Mari said...

The State of the Union

This is not my first time watching the State of the Union address; however, less people are watching the President address the nation. Neither were inspiring because the real issues were not addressed such as bringing our troops home, healing the families that have lost their loves ones and how are we going to heal as a nation. When are we going to stop being Republicans and Democrats and become Americans? We know we are on the wrong track because of what is happening in our country. Our children are not safe, we have criminals on the loose and no one seems to be able to find them. You can commit a murder and be out of jail before the body is buried. Most people are not taking responsibility for their actions and they are waiting on someone to say it wasn’t your fault because you had a horrible childhood.

The president spoke about the to stimulate the economy, health care, energy independence and enlisting people in the Freedom Corps whereas the Democratic response by Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius was typical. As I stated earlier, I’ll be so happy when we can address our problems as a nation instead of who will benefit the most. As a country we have set our standards too low and we need to remember how we listened to each other after 9/11. Why does it always take a disaster to bring people together for a common cause?

Roslyn W. said...

This is actually my first time veiwing the State of the Union and President Bush will talk a good game but will he deliver results. I really hope that President Bush is telling the truth about his intentions to veto rising taxes and using our tax payers money wisely. I can't say that I am inspired because first, I haven't seen any progress, second, he has promised the American people a lot but has not delivered, and third, there were other important issues that I feel should have been addressed. Now President Bush is talking about he needs the wisdom of ordinary citizens and claiming to meet the responsibilities to the fellow Americans and my question is how did the American poeple get to this point if President Bush was always thinking of the best interest of the American people and the nation? Bush had to know that the expenses of the war were eventually going to affect the economy in a major way and this situations should have been avoided.

This is also my first time watching the Democratic Response as well and I agree with majority of the statements that were made. If President Bush doesn't deliver result soon, I will definitely say that America is on the wrong track and it's only going to get worse. I agree that our struggling economy requires urgent and immediate action and also I agree with Americans can't pay bills, losing jobs and now are losing homes. It is reasurring that the Congress and President Bush are intending on acting quickly but they are also speaking of a temporary fix (targeted stimulus package) that is not going to completely fix the problems. Finding a solution to this ongoing war and giving the working (employed) American people a substantial raise so they can provide for their families while the economy is study rising are just two of the topics that should have been addressed.