Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Simpsons (and other Stuff)

There was a time when the Simpsons, the Fox animated show, was considered vulgar. Perhaps it still is, but it seems to me that the American public is more accepting of it now...almost to the point where we consider it an American institution. Something about it seems inherently "American." Well, the show was recently pulled from airing in the morning on Venezuelan television because it was considered inappropriate for that time slot (when kids are watching). The Simpsons was rescheduled to air at night. What was put in to replace The Simpsons in the morning time slot, "Baywatch: Hawaii." So what is worse in your eyes, The Simpsons or Baywatch? And do you think that the Simpsons have toned down their act or have we become more accepting of its type of humor?

Also...and i swear i didn't post this video....the whole talk of Oprah as a cult leader escalated this week upon the release of this video. I wonder what you think of it. Take note that at the end there is a sales pitch for the author's book.


Anonymous said...

I remember growing up I wasnt allowed to watch the simpsons, southpark or alot of those shows. Although I did watch Baywatch. I think the roles might have reversed if I was a boy though. I dont really think Pamela Anderson could harm a young child just by watching her. I do think it might be something for guys to imagine. You know like a pretend girlfriend. Girls imagine what they want their future husband or boyfriend to look like, so guys also can.

I think the Simpsons might have been a problem because of the crude humor. It encourages children to do or say inappropriate things. Thats why alot of tv channels have moved their shows to nights when possibly the children will be asleep. Although you can look at it in another prespective that it might be way over some's head. Still it might not be a good idea for young children to watch.

Tessa Horn said...

Growing up I watched Baywatch and the Simpsons. My mom did not have a problem with me watching these shows because she had taught me right from wrong. I knew that if I disrespected someone like they do on the Simpsons I was going to be in BIG trouble when I got home. As for Baywatch, I think this television show was not harmful. We do have pretty girls and handsome guys everywhere.
I was not even aware that Baywatch still comes on and do not know if the Simpsons have toned down because I do not watch these television shows anymore. As for when I have children, I am not sure what television shows that I will allow them to watch. I think that parents should use their best judgement when deciding what television shows to allow their children to watch.

Rebecca said...

I think the Simpsons is unsuitable for younger children. The early episodes were more appropriate, but it's firmly developed into an adult comedy. It has a lot of really violent stuff and sometimes really blatantly sexual stuff. There might be whole episodes that I would watch with my teenage niece, and talk to her about; the whole episodes; but a lot of people think of it as fine for kids either just because it's animated, or just because there are kids in it, or just because it's on tv and they don't think anything is bad for kids to watch.

The Simpsons was forced off the air as it was being considered unsuitable for children, and replaced the animated sitcom with “Baywatch Hawaii.”The Simpson is considered to be a series that wasn’t appropriate for that time slot, because it wasn’t appropriate for children. The Simpsons contains messages that go against the whole education of boys, girls and adolescents.” Quite controversial, as the 11am timeslot has been handed to
“Baywatch,” which features bikini-wearing beauties and muscle-bound hunks.

elizabeth bowling said...

When I was young I was not allowed to watch the Simpsons, and I will not allow my son to watch them either until he is much older and understands that some of the things they do and say are not nice and not the way to behave. That being said I think the cartoon is more for adults than children and it is kind of funny sometimes. I also think that Baywatch is for adults even though I watched it when I was younger, I would not want my son to. I do not think that one is worse than the other but that neither one is good for children. I think that we as a society have become more accepting of the kind of comedy that is on television today, just like generations after us will be even more accepting than we are. I think this is normal as society progresses, and it is not nescessarly a good thing.

and WOW! about the Oprah video. I had no idea that she believed in those things. As a christan I think that is so horrible and found that video so hard to watch tha I almost had to turn it off. I could not believe that a woman with so much power to sway people's beliefs would be saying the things she was saying. I have to say that I will not be watching her show ever again. That is probably extreme but I can not support something that is so against my God. That was just awful
I would also like to say, going back to the previous post, I will not be watching Dr. Phil either, after reading something things about him, he sounds more like a fruitloop than anything, he dosen't even have a liscense to practice ANYTHING! he is the last person that should be giving advice.

Rosie said...

I don't think the Simpson's is show for children. To me, it's geared more toward adults than children. They use a lot of political humor sometimes to get their point across and then there is the bad attitude that Bart has, but Baywatch is not a show for children either. If I had to make a choice I would choose the Simpsons.

As for Oprah, I'm not a fan of her's and I definitly would not drink the kool-aid on anthing she says. She jumps on board to anything that is new until it blows up in her face. She will have a response if the author of the video start getting a lot of positive attention/feedback. He will probably get on her show.

c.mcnair said...

The fact that Venezuela is sensitive enough about rescheduling The Simpsons to another time period does not lend itself reasonably to its replacement in the morning, perhaps even worse for young children, Baywatch: Hawaii. In the days of Bugs Bunny and the institution of cartoons as qualitative entertainment, the humor was reflective of acceptable standards. The same may be true today. In that sense the paradigm reflects American values through Simpsons cartoon characters.

Oprah does a lot of nice things for people by a wide range of self help programs designed to reinforce independence, especially in women. She fails to recognize the singular issue of Christianity, the part where Jesus is the only way. This leaves a theological gap between traditional Oprah audiences and Christian conservatives, however she continues to allow for open discussions searching for “something more than doctrine.” Open dialogue provides a critical leverage in Oprah’s pursuit of essential meaningfulness, which I hope she someday finds, a doctrine that ultimately acknowledges the sovereignty of Christ and His church.

Mari said...

When the Simpsons first appeared, I watched it regularly; however, when no one aged on the show, then I stopped. It was a good idea to air the Simpsons at night; after all, Baywatch is a show about saving people from hurting themselves on the beach. Sure, you men and women are wondering around in tiny swimwear, but the show is filmed on a beach. The Simpsons did not tone down; the public is accepting this type of humor.
We see so much each day and we have just given up on seeing a “good television program” like “Law and Order”.

While watching this video about Oprah leading a cult on CNN; I received an e-mail from an old friend in Montana. He informed me that his pastor will be conducted a sermon about Oprah being the Anti-Christ. I wrote him back and asked, “Why do you believe she is the Anti-Christ’? He said, “Because everyone likes her and she has a lot of money”. He further stated, “Oprah suggested that she does not believe in God”. I informed him that I always knew he was simple, but if he expands his brain, some common sense will drop by. Then he tells me that Obama is under Oprah’s spell because she is voting for him in the upcoming election. After I laughed for ten minutes, I finally wrote him back and said, “Whatever helps you sleep at night”.

Leeanna McVay said...

As a child, I was not allowed to watch The Simpsons due to its vulgar content. However, my family and I sat down together and watched Baywatch. It was a favorite of ours. I don't believe that The Simpsons and Baywatch can be catergorized together. Granted, I have not watched either show recently. From what I remember, The Simpson's storyline was almost always based on Bart Simpson getting into some kind of mischeif and disobeying his parents and Homer Simpson was a poor father figure. I have always thought of it as a show that was inappropriate for children.

As for Baywatch, I don't think it has any content that would be inappropriate. The only thing that may not be for children's eyes is the way the characters dress on the show. Like I said before, it has been a while since I have watched this show but I don't think there was ever much inappropriate content in it.

As a Christian, I am utterly horrified by Oprah's "church." I use quotations because the Bible plainly says that there is only one church which Jesus Christ is the head of. I think Oprah showed her ignorance by using the "God is a jealous God" to try to disprove Him. She obviously didn't do much reading and didn't take the passage into context because this means that God does not want us to worship anyone but Him. I'd say that is fair considering HE is our Creator. People are grasping at anything and everything to feel better about themselves without actually having to put in any effort. It's no wonder she has so many followers. Oprah even mentioned herself that she did not like the idea of her baptist church and all it's "rules." I think it is all extremely ridiculous and I know that one day even Oprah will believe because "every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord" Phil 2:9-11

Lauren said...

I think that the Simpsons is a show that would catch the eye of a child before Baywatch would. The Simpsons is an animated show full of colors...cartoon like. More children would want to watch it than Baywatch which is a show full of "grown-ups." So yes, I think it is better to have Baywatch on in the morning than the Simpsons if the concern is for children.

I don't think that the Simpsons has toned it down any. I just think that we as a society have become desensitized to the things the show has on it. We see more and more of that type of behavior in other shows also such as Family Guy and Futurama. You really have to lighten up if you are going to make it in today's world.

S. McElfish said...

When it comes to the Simpsons in general, the show has always been a little too much for younger viewers. I specifically remember my father telling me when I was about 15 that he and my Mom let me watch the Simpsons, but Family Guy may have gone past the line if it came on when I was younger. One could suggest that the show is vulgar for some viewers, but it seems that our social acceptance of comedy like that in America has grown. With the popularity of Family Guy and South Park, one may suggest that the Simpsons is and was the starting point of the grater acceptance of Animated series in America that are meant for an older Audience. However, one can see that the Simpsons no longer have the same quality that once made the show what it once was.

As for the issue with Baywatch replacing the Simpsons' time slot in Venezuela, many other factors come in play. The culture differences of both the nations affect how the show is perceived greatly, but for television viewing and entertainment, personal choice in a free country will always be the main factor. I would choose the Simpsons and that is mainly for the memories.

Anonymous said...

I still think that the Simpsons is a vulgar show, but, upon seeing the success of the Simpsons, other shows have gotten more vulgar and violent. So, by comparison, I don't think the Simpsons are as bad as some other shows that are on tv now. I would have to say that Baywatch is definitely not any better than the Simpsons for kids to watch. There may be less violence in Baywatch but there are other things that you don't want your kids seeing and imitating on Baywatch. It was essentially a soap opera, look at how teens are today and look at what they are watching and imitating. Even ten years ago things wouldn't be pushed as far as they are today. I think to some degree people try to justify it and say things have always been accessible people have just hidden it, I don't think that is true at all. There is way more access to inappropriate materials and entertainment than ever. As for Oprah, WOW, she is doing exactly what I had given her too much credit for being able to avoid. She is pushing her crazy new age beliefs out on her loyal public. Let us see how far this star will fall. Maybe she will pull the plug before it is too late. She has some staying power, but, people won't tolerate too much crazy.

Anonymous said...

I do not watch the simpsons that much, because I was turned off to the vulgarity of it in the beginning. I did watch baywatch, and I did not think that it was that bad. It was not nasty. Just showed a lot of people in skin. The show was not meant to be ugly. It was meant to be inspirational I think, because life guards were saving people from drownding. It did not hurt that the life guard was good looking.
I have to agree with Sidney. The simpson display a crude sense of humor. It does encourage children to repeat the saying on there, and those sayings are not that friendly.I think the show needs to stay on nights for a more mature audience.
I could not pull up the oprah video. So, I can not comment on that.

Jessica said...

Wow, well...I've been an avid watcher of the Simpsons since I was in middle school, ran home and they were somewhere in the lineup with Ducktales! The Simpsons have always been an American family, at the time when I was 15, even then I didnt think that the language was too bad, it was just like the stuff I heard at school and when I was playing with my friends. Homer was hilarious and for once I was glad that my dad was nothing like him.

Today we have Family Guy, which is kind of like an R rated version of the Simpsons if you want to think of it like that. I also LOVE family guy, especially Stewie, but would I let my child watch it....I would have to say no. Would I let my child watch the Simpsons..yes..why? becuase the Simpsons still keep things friendly becuase you have to figure out exactly what they are talking about, Family Guy just puts it all out there on the table!

NancyH said...
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NancyH said...

The Simpsons are vulgar, always have been. I guess it is openly accepted now days, because people will accept anything, really.
I don't watch it.
About Baywatch, I'm not sure. I know the people are in swimsuits alot,I never watched it. I think it was supposed to be a serious show,right? About the dummies who need a lifegard because they didn't follow the rules or something, mixed in with this one is dating that one, kind of thing. Its probably better for kids than the simpsons, because the kids,very young, are not thinking about women as sex symbols, but they would be learning behavior from the simpsons that could get them in serious trouble.

I told you last week about Oprah, but no, all the rest were like, she's cool...just doin her own thing...I like her...I like her and her friend Phil and I want to be her friend, she helps, respect her, look up to her, blah, blah, la la la la la la la! Please! How about we have a little respect for GOD? If you are not for Him you are against Him. Its that simple!

April 24, 2008 11:15 AM

EThompson said...

I feel that in television and radio not to mention on the internet anything goes these days. Nd no, I don't really feel that the Simpsons are suitable for children. The humor and the topics discussed on the show are too mature for children. Baywatch is a different thing. I don't feel that there is anything wrong with the kids watching this show because it is about life guards saving the lives of the people on their beach. People wear bathing suites all the time, out to beaches and waterparks as long as the lanuage is not inappropriate I feel that there is nothing wrong with this show.

Deanna Wilson said...

I think Baywatch is way more offensive than the Simpson’s. Growing up, we watched The Simpson’s as a family. And because I was so young, I did not understand many of the subliminal messages. With Baywatch everything is out there and sex is everywhere.

I think we have become more tolerant of sex, drugs, and violence on TV. Because of shows like Adult Swim, Family Guy, and SouthPark...I think they make The Simpson’s look good. Although, I do think those other shows are funny.

As for Oprah, she may be taking it too far this time. I mean, people like her, but I don't think everyone is ready to drink her Kool Aid. This may be why Ellen is the new favorite talk show host!

R. Wickersham said...

First off, let's talk about why "The Simpsons" was really pulled from Venezuelan television in the morning time slot. It goes back to something Dr. Williams mentions in the original post. "The Simpsons" show is an American icon, much in the same way that Mickey Mouse and Coca-Cola are. Ever since Hugo Chavez seized control of the Venezuelan airwaves, he has made every move to minimalize the impact of western, capitalist programming on the people of his country. At times, this has backfired on him, but the move of this show is a half-witted attempt to keep impressionable youth from developing an affinity for a culture that he fears.

I have a friend who works in a think tank up in Washington and one of her point papers focused on Chavez's seizure and control of the media in his "Bolivarian Missions." While it is not necessarily an openly controlled entity, the television and radio stations know that if they oppose the President's ideas and guidance, they run the high risk of losing their broadcast license and being replaced by a state-run station as happened in 2006 with RCTV.

So, in that way, this was really not an issue of ethics, but one of politics.

As for our acceptance of such crude humor, I remember when the show "Family Guy" aired back in 1999. In an attempt to ride the successful coattails of The Simpsons (1989) and South Park (1997), Family Guy was the crudest animated comedy to air on network TV. Once again, it was FOX who dared to take things further than was comfortable for most at the time. South Park, while much more insulting and irreverent, was being run on Comedy Central and was more accepted due to the fact that it debuted on cable.

In 2000, Family Guy was canceled. It got canceled again in 2002. Strangely, three years later, it hit cult status on DVD and was brought back to life, becoming one of the most watched shows on Fox and catapulting to dizzying ratings against other shows in its time slot. Occasionally Family Guy has poked fun at The Simpsons an vice versa. Why is a show that was initially seen as too rough for network television, suddenly so popular? I think it is because our threshold for such things has risen.

Television has always worked to push the limits of the FCC. I remember when the words: "ass" and "bitch" could never be used in network programming. Now you hear it in the prime time slot. Acronyms like "BS" and "SOB" were not acceptable and now they are. As time progresses, what we find acceptable to see and hear on our televisions becomes more daring. Family Guy was ahead of its time and as a result, suffered an early demise. Only due to some late-night airings on cable and the availability of boxed sets for the 1999,2000 and 2002 seasons, was Family Guy able to make the first DVD-resurrection ever.

What's next for T.V.? Who knows? You can bet that, in the coming years, there will be more changes and as they occur, what we consider wild now will likely seem tame in the next few decades.

LaJoyce Roseborough said...

I remember the Simpsons growing up and I never just watched them because they were not funny to me. I think now we over look the humor because we have so much more vulgar and violence till the Simpsons are not very bad. It is now accepted in America because everyone thinks in a new way in a new generation.
I think that Oprah need to open up her eyes and see who really helped her get where she is today. Oprah reads to much of the wrong things and need to stop putting her views out because people start to believe everything she say.

Gunner said...

The Simpsons came out when I was a teenager and I personally couldn't stand watching them then and I definitely can't stand watching them now. I did enjoy watching Baywatch. It is a very good show. I don't see how the Simpsons have stayed around for all of these years. Sure, guys looked at Pamela Anderson in Baywatch but i thought that the guys on that show were hot! I don't see anything wrong with Baywatch. I would let my children watch that over the Simpsons any day. At least on Baywatch they are saving people's lives.
Heather F.

Toni said...

I know that I didn't allow my children to watch the Simpsons and I wasn't allowed to watch it either. I think, as a society, we have become more accepting of such vulgar behavior. Compared to "Family Guy" the "Simpsons" don't seem quite as bad. But, in my opinion, they are both vulgar and should not be viewed.

Both of these shows make fun of other nationalities and teach our children that being rude, immoral and saying vulgar things to anyone is acceptable. This is where our society has degraded down to.

Barbara said...

I grew watching “Baywatch” instead of the “Simpsons”. If I have to choose today I will still pick “Baywatch over “The Simpsons”. Baywatch was popular series about life lifeguards patrol the crowed beaches and everybody running around in their bath suits, which nothing with that because if you go to a beach today you will see the same thing that was on “Baywatch”. I think personal “Baywatch “ was good show and I enjoyed watching the show, because some of the series could base on things that happen in of lives such as the lifeguard safe someone life and the shark attacks. Either you loved the show or not.
When one thinks of The Simpsons, a few things come to mind. First and likely foremost the profanity that they use on the show and it may be inappropriate for children. Some may look at the Simpsons good and some may look at it as being bad it just depend on the person. The Simpsons is a very popular and lots of children watch this show, because I know my watched, and think it funny.
As for as Oprah, I am not listening to the things she is saying, I put my all my trust in God, not man. I f it was not for the God Oprah I don’t think would be successful today. Sometimes when get money or thing we tend to forget who blessed us the get all things, and it seems to me that is what have done.

roslynw said...

As a kid I use to watch the Simpsons which I think is more appropriate for an adult audience because of the content, actions, and language. Kids today are easily influenced by animated actors and t.v. shows. The decision to take the Simpsons from airing in the morning to night time was best because in my opinion the Simpsons is rather vulgar and unsuitable for children. If the Simpsons show has toned down it would be very weird to watch because I am use to how it has always been. Although this show was pulled off the air, what about some of the other shows that are inappropriate during the mornings, such as movies on Showtime and HBO. Sometime I have to get up early like the kids do for school and the movies that are on are shows that kids shouldn’t even be able to peak at during the morning with cursing and sex. In other words, there’s so many t.v. shows airing that are unsuitable for kids that I don’t feel that removing one t.v. sitcom is going to affect society.

I am not really a fan of Baywatch but I do feel that it would be an appropriate t.v. show for kids during the mornings. When I am watching t.v., I look for shows with humor and on an adult level with interesting topics. Don’t get me wrong, I do watch cartoons because some of them are very funny and exciting. I am sorry but the truth is Baywatch SUCKS and they could have found another old school t.v. show to put in its place, such as the Cosby Show, Good Times, Roseanne and The Hugleys or any other fun sitcom. I haven’t heard anybody say during a friendly conversation that they miss watching Baywatch or have to rush home to catch Baywatch by 5. It’s up the parents whether they want their child to watch these sitcoms so who are we to try to keep shows from airing during the mornings or at night because you would be surprised at what some parents let their children watch.

krc said...

I think the Simpsons is still a crude program. It may be a little more toned down now than it used to be, but there are still some things on the program that are inappropriate for children. Today there are a lot worse programs on tv, like adult swim, but that is probably why it is only aired late at night when kids should be in bed. Not that the Simpsons is as bad as those, but there are some things on there that I believe children should not be watching. I believe it is more of an adult cartoon.

Baywatch wouldn't be my first choice to air during the time most children would be watching, but I think it would be better than the Simpsons. I think it would probably be a little over a child's head though. The girls running around in their bathing suits might be interesting to watch, but I think children would lose interest not really understanding the story line.

Kimberly Cook