Monday, September 8, 2008

Pack your BAg

Hello all,
I once saw a news piece where a journalist asked the presidential candidates what book they would take with them to the White House. That's a neat question and it reminded me of that old question, "If you were stranded on an island........"

So here's my media related question to you this week. Write a short paragraph on each:

1. If you were stranded on an island, what magazine would you like to wash up onshore every week? And why?

2. If you were stranded on an island, what one movie would you like to take with you (in a portable dvd player, of course)? And why?

3. If you were stranded on an island, what one album/song would you like to be loaded on the mp3 player you took with you? And why?

Good Luck


Rebekah said...

I think i would like people magazine to wash up every week. They have pretty good articles, so maybe it would keep me occupied for a little bit. If I had a pen too then i could try the crossword puzzle in the back every week too. People magazine has some intrest in what is going on in the world too. Then at least i would be kept up to date on what is going on.

It is hard to pick just one movie since i have many favorites. One movie over and over might get a little boring. If I had to choose just one I think it would be Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I am not entirely sure why except that this movie reminds me of my child hood. It was fun to watch then, and it should still be entertaining. It would take my mind off of being alone for a little while.

The one album that I would want to take with me would be Hinder's Extreme Behavior. This album was really good, in my opinion. It would at least help me sleep. I have to have music to sleep. I love Hinder's music so I think this would be a good album to bring since I do not think I would get tired of listening to it.

Sandy Ward said...

I would want the Baptist Witness delivered weekly as I would like something that would be uplifting. I cannot think of anywhere else I would want to turn if I ever found myself in the position of being stranded and alone on a desert island.

Rebekah, I laughed when I read your answer about your movie, that was my daughter's favorite movie when she was little. There is only one movie I would want if stranded on a desert island and that Is Cast Away. I could learn a lot from Tom Hanks and what you can do to survive and be a modern day Robinson Crusoe. I loved this movie and it fascinated me that almost the entire movie was centered around one man.

I would have to take Selah's album, Press On. It is a wonderful album with very inspirational songs including the theme song, Press On, about pressing on when you hit the road bumps and trials of life. That album as well as the theme song would definitely help me keep my spirits up.

Matthew & Ashley said...

I would like to have Newsweek wash up every week. Even though I am more of a sports buff than anything else I would want to keep in touch with the rest of the world and know what is going on in the news from time to time. Newsweek would provide articles to keep me entertained during the long days and nights throughout the time on the island.

The movie I would pick is a toss up for me. Most genres would not keep my spirits lifted so I would have to go with an animated film. Madagascar would have to do since most of the film is about animals stranded themselves. I love humor and being amused so it would do the trick to keep me a little more sane and have a some fun at the same time. I can just hear the lemurs in the film now saying things like, "the foosa are coming" and cracking up hearing those words.

Music is a different beast and knowing that usually people buy an album for one or two songs I would need to pick an album to listen to more than just a few songs. For that reason I would choose Queen's Greatest Hits Volume 1 and 2. A lot of the songs are empowering and create a euphoric feeling that could keep my mind off of the present situation. "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" are just two that come to mind which I could sing every day and not get tired off.

cheriem said...
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cheriem said...

I would like to read either Star, National Inquirer or another far fetched magazine...then things would not seem so bad on the island. If Big Foot was trying to find shoes to fit or the President was getting political information from an alien. I might be entertained and not want to come back to North America so badly.

The movie I would pick would be Point Break. I have already watched it over and over and never seem to get tired of it. I love the ocean and beach anyways. It would feel right at home to watch it on the island. (Lots of batteries would be a plus!)

The one album would be Purple Rain by Prince. It brings back good memories and has a lot of diverse music. It would fit about any mood I would be in.

Lynsee said...

My magazine of choice would have to be People. It is an excellent combination of real news and celebrity gossip. It even has little puzzles to occury my time, and if I were lucky I would have a pen to do the crossword.

Okay choosing just one movie is almost impossible, but easier than the music. I would definitely need Half Baked. This movie is absolutely hilarious, so that would keep me in good spirits.

Now for the hardest question of all. I am a lover of music, so why couldn't my mp3 player just be a mix version. I would probably have to choose Barenaked Ladies "Stunt". It is a hilarious album, and again that would keep my mind off my horrible stranded fate.

Clara said...

1- I used to be a big magazine reader during my jr. high and high schools days. I read the discovery channel magazines and of course TEEN. I now read occasionally Women's Health, because my fiance insists I read it. He is a huge health nut, and I am a pretty medium level one. I like to be healthy, but I def. love to slip up every now and then. I guess it would be my women's health that I would want every week if I was stranded on a desert island. If I'm stranded, I need to be fit to survive right? Ha Ha I don't know. That's pretty much the only thing I could think of.

2- This one is a little bit harder for me to decide... Some of my favorite movies are the Little Mermaid, Serendipity, The Butterfly Effect, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and really I have lots of favorites. I love critiquing movies not only for the plot and meaning of the movie but also the settings and video shots and movements of the actors. I absolutely love to try to figure out the twist of a movie or how it will end. So I honestly don't know which movie I would like to have with me on a stranded island... I guess since the Little Mermaid has been one of my favorites the longest, I would pick that one. I love singing along with it and Eric (the male lead) reminds me of my fiance ;)

3- Despite the face that I absolutely LOVE music (all except country), this is probably the easiest question out of them all for me. Led Zeppelin. Hands down. The four disc set. No two songs sound the same to me, and my very first cd ever was Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven. Love their talent!!!

Clara Caffey

Caroline said...

Caroline Parham (on the roll Courtney)
If I was stranded on a desert island I would love to have People magazine wash up on the shore every week. It is a gossip magazine that helps me to escape the real world. It also lets me read about how other people live their lives.
2. I would like to have a happy movie that would lift my spirits because I would imagine I would be alone on this island. I would like to have "Clueless" because it’s a funny movie. I have liked this movie since I was little; even though it's silly I still enjoy it. I would show me another lifestyle, how I should be thankful to be alive and make me remember happy times watching when I was younger.
3. I would like to listen to a Credence Clearwater Revival album. It is happy oldies music that I like to listen to in the car. I really like happy upbeat music and CCR does that with good lyrics and music. It would make me happier as a person to be on an island.

Kayla Roberts said...

I would wan an issue of cosmopolitan to wash up every week. I love that magazine. It can keep me occupies for hours. It has fun and good stuff to read about. Cosmopolitan is a very interesting magazine to me.

This is a really tough question. I love so many movies. I watch P.S. I Love You all the time so I think that would be the one I would choose. It is a funny, romantic, sad, dramatic, and hopeful movie. I think it would help me have hope because you're life can take an awful turn but then when you least expect it everything gets better.

I love music more than I love movies so this one is really hard. I don't really have many albums so I think I would have to choose Free Bird by Lynard Skynard. I think it is 9 minutes long and I can NEVER get sick of the music at the end. I would probably just lay back in the sand while the sun sets and just feel free.

Anonymous said...

If I were stranded on an island...

1. I would like for the Reader's Digest to wash up on shore. I realize that they only come up once a month so I would probably wish I had somthing else to read, but I really enjoy that magazine for the good true life articles and jokes told throughout. The stories in the Reader's Digest are usually full of inspiration and motivation.

2. I would like to have the movie "Maid of Honor" with me. I love romantic comedies, especially when the guy in the movie gets the girl at the end. That is just a care-free movie for me to watch and I could watch it over and over. Not to mention that Patrick Dempsy is so cute!!!

3. The song I would choose would be "Captivate Us" by Watermark. It is a song that helps me meditate on God and how much He loves me. Being alone on the island would allow me to focus my attention on God rather than my circumstances.

Annie Bolduc said...

Those are definitely great questions that force me to look deeply into my head/heart.

To start with the first question, what kind of magazine would I like? Well, I do have to say that I am not a big magazine person. I never really liked gossips, and most magazines out there are gossips magazines. I think I would have to go with the Us Weekly. It is definitely not the most interesting, but being stranded on a desert island, I would need something to keep me posted on the outside world. I guess it would be a great way to stay informed, and not lose my mind. I guess it would give me the feeling that I am closer to home.

The second question is, as everyone else said, a lot harder to respond to. Being in a society where watching movies is so present, it is hard to pick only one from the big collection of favorites.I think that my choice would have to be "The girl next door". It is not my favorite movie, but it is one that always makes me smile and laugh. It gives me that little feeling of "wanting to find true love" and it's very entertaining. It's also a movie that I can watch over and over, without getting really tired of it. It's funny that this one is the movie I would bring because my favorite movie is fight club, a completely different movie from the girl next door! But, like I said, being on an island, I would mainly need distraction and something very light.

Finally, I would bring a song only. It is the theme song for the movie Boondock Saints! It is an instrumental song and I think this is mainly why I am choosing this one over a song on the radio. Instrumental music gives you the possibility to make up your own story, your own lyrics on a song. It would give me another way of distracting myself, and according to my mood, I'm sure I could come up with very different stories or lyrics for it. It is also a very joyful song and it could bring a smile on my face anytime. I actually listen to this song every morning when I wake up and fix my breakfast. I guess it's my own personal way of saying "Good morning Annie". I'm sure it would lift my spirit greatly if I was by myself on an island.

Jamayel Smith said...

If I were stranded on an island, Jet magazine is what I would like to wash up onshore every week.I really like this magazine because it gets strait the point with what's going on in the black community and the rest of the world. I like it's format and its not just a lot of ads it actually publishes vital news that I like to know about and its all interesting as well.

I would also like to take my favorite movie of all times "Love & Basketball." I really like that movie it will forever be a classic to me. I liked the overall plot and the actors as well. I like the movie so much because it reminds me of my high school years and the relationship that I am in now.

My most favorite album of all times would have to be the first "Carter III" by Lil Wayne. It was later labeled as a mixtape because it got leaked before the release date. Even though it wasn't publicized as an album it was my favorite. Its my favorite because I can actually say I love every song that was put on that album and also the life stories that Lil Wayne told in it. With that being said if I was stranded on an island this album would definitely be motivation for me to carry on each day.

Mike Tullis said...

My magazine of choice would have to be Asimov's Science Fiction. I'd pick that particular publication because in each issue there would always be some new story to relieve the dreary existance of palm trees and waves crashing on the shore. I wouldn't worry too much about news or sports since it wouldn't really do me any good to be outraged at the latest antics of society since I was lost in the middle of nowhere.

I'd have to say I'd want to have my copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. If I'm going to be removed from the world, I might as well have something from a simpler time that focuses on how much good that people are capable of inside. Why take something to remind me of all the bad things I was missing out on?

The album I would want with me would be the 100 Top Classical Favorites of All Time. With that, there would be a piece for every mood that I experienced. Toreador when I wanted to sing, the 1812 Overture when I was feeling particularly happy, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor during storms, and Chopin nocturnes when I was sleepy. I think that would be a fairly peaceful existance. When do we leave?

Rani said...

I personally can not go a week without reading the latest People magazine. I have the subscription and it is great. I love to read the articles that are published. This is very interesting and keeps me occupied for about 2 hours if I read it cover to cover. So I feel if I was stranded on an island that for at least 2 hours I could take concentrated on something else.

The thought of watching the same movie does not sound great.Any movie would pass time and make the day go by a little faster. I am not a big fan of tv, but I like to watch The Lord of The Rings The Two Towers. This does not relate to being stranded, but it is a long movie and would help pass the day.

I would want to listen to any Casting Crowns cd. All of their songs are inspirational and uplifting. No matter the situation, these songs make you feel good about yourself and all your troubles.

Anonymous said...

Stranded on an island all alone, I would probably go crazy!
1. My magazine of choice would be Women’s Health. I like to work out and stay in shape. I get bored doing the same old workouts everyday and this magazine has many different articles with new and different workouts. Being all alone on an island would be a stressful time and working out helps me to become stress free and workout my frustrations.
2. Honestly I am not a huge movie person, but I may choose Wedding Crashers. Being all alone I would want to laugh. I love comedies and this is the first one that comes to mind.
3. I would take a Supremes album. The Supremes remind me of my childhood because my mom and I would turn them on and sing and dance around the house! This would bring back such fun memories that I hold very dear to my heart!

~Christen Reeves

Torie Thacker said...

The magazine that I would like to wash up each week would probably People or Us Weekly. I know that both of these are gossip magazines and that I talk every week about how I hate them, but I believe that they would keep me sane. Because these magazines features celebrities in their every day life, I believe that it would help me feel connected to the world still.

The DVD I would bring with me would be Grease. It has been my favorite movie since I can remember. I never get tired of singing and dancing along with Sandy and Danny. This movie would give me entertainment.

I am not an avid music buff but I would probably choose a gospel song of some sort. I am a Christian and I believe that a gospel song would help me keep my sanity and faith that I will one day be rescued.

Marc said...

I would want Sports Illustrated. I actually dont read it regularly right now, but I would not have TV. Therefore, I would not ESPN. So, it would be the best alternative since it covers a wide array of sports and is very in depth with its articles and pictures.

I would chose the 1st season of the of Lost. Considering I would be on an island stranded, I could probably come up with a few ideas to help me survive and get off the island. Also, if there is anything strange going on like clouds of smoke trying to attack me, it could help me out in survival. I like the show if you cant tell.

I would also like the new album "Only By the Night" by Kings of Leon. They are my favorite band, and this is their new album coming out at the end of the month. Considering I haven't heard it yet, it would be nice to have. They are one of the few bands that I enjoy every song I've heard, so far.

Marc Hearst

Anonymous said...

I would like Rolling Stone magazine to wash up onshore every week. Rolling Stone magazine encompasses music and politics, which happens to be my favorite two things. Overall, I enjoy the articles, and I enjoy how it is about current events. It keeps me up to date on both political current events and pop culture current events. Furthermore, I feel it would only be appropriate if I were stranded on an island; I would have a small connection to the outside world and the events that take place. This magazine is both entertaining and informative.

I would like to take the movie "The Goonies" with me if I were stranded on an island. I definitely would want a feel-good movie and not a movie that requires a lot of thought. This is one of my favorite childhood movies, and will always be one of my favorite movies, even when I am old. It would also connect me to my childhood, and those memories would keep me occupied, even for a little bit. Plus, I could at least get some tips on how to treasure hunt. You never know what might be on that island.

One album is too hard to choose, but I would probably choose something from The Eagles. That said, it would probably be the song "Tequila Sunrise." That's how I would like to envision my experience on the island, a small getaway, perhaps. There is something that I find so relaxing about this song, which would be a nice alternative to the paranoia I would feel from the fact that I was stranded on a deserted island. This is the type of song that would allow me to daydream on the island in an imaginary hammock with my imaginary margarita.

heather b said...

The magazine I would pick if I was stranded on an island would be Cosmopolitan. I like that magazine because it has a variety of a bunch of things. There is fashion, gossip stories and many other things that would keep me interested.
The movie I would pick would defiantly be Gladiator it is my favorite movie. On top of that is that it gets me motivated to feel like I can do anything and it would probably make me feel better if I was stranded on an island.
The album I would pick would be any Bob Marley album. All of his songs are care free and remind you not to worry about the little things. It helps you have a more positve look out on things.

Lee said...

Ok, If I were stranded on an island what magazine would I choose? My first thought was "Cabella's" hunting magazine, but considering that I wouldn't be able to enjoy any of the products in it I would have to say probably "People." I really like to read about celebrities. That magazine always keeps me entertained with its gossip.

Next, I would have to say the one movie I would have would be "Remeber the Titans." That is the one movie I could watch over and over again and still get chills. I love it's stroy line and I'm a huge sports fan. Any movie with a sports theme is for me. However, I thought the "Cast Away" idea was a good idea; great motivation to get off the island.

Finally, what album would I have? It would definitely have to be "John Mayer's Greatest Hits Live" album. I just got that album about a week ago and I listen to it constantly. I love really chill laid back acoustic music, and anything John Mayer is for me.

Lee Beard

William said...

If I were stranded on an island my only thoughts and concerns would be survival. Therefore it would be beneficial to receive a survival magazine. The only one I am familiar with is National Geographic Adventure. Perhaps I would get "lucky" and find an entire issue dedicated to island survival.

Again, my sole intent would be survival. So any movie that depicts survival situations would be useful. Perhaps the Swiss Family Robinson, hahaha. In all honesty I would not choose a movie at all. Instead I would prefer the entire Man vs Wild series. If I had enough battery life I am sure I could pick and choose appropriate survival techniques.

I would choose a gospel or inspirational album. This type of situation would be marred by constant fear for survival and intense feelings of desperation. It would truly tests my faith. Being at the complete mercy of nature I would need a reminder that I am not alone simply to face the challenges of everyday survival.

William said...

If I were stranded on an island my only thoughts and concerns would be survival. Therefore it would be beneficial to receive a survival magazine. The only one I am familiar with is National Geographic Adventure. Perhaps I would get "lucky" and find an entire issue dedicated to island survival.

Again, my sole intent would be survival. So any movie that depicts survival situations would be useful. Perhaps the Swiss Family Robinson, hahaha. In all honesty I would not choose a movie at all. Instead I would prefer the entire Man vs Wild series. If I had enough battery life I am sure I could pick and choose appropriate survival techniques.

I would choose a gospel or inspirational album. This type of situation would be marred by constant fear for survival and intense feelings of desperation. It would truly tests my faith. Being at the complete mercy of nature I would need a reminder that I am not alone simply to face the challenges of everyday survival.

Matt Middleton said...

I would definitely want Sports Illustrated to be the magazine that would wash ashore every week. Being an avid sports fan, this would be the only way to stay updated on what is going on in the sports world.

My movie of choice would be Cast Away. Not only is it a great movie, but I would hopefully be able to learn some useful survival skills. It would also provide some inspiration in hopes of being rescued.

The album choice would be very difficult. If I could only choose one it would be Journey's Greatest Hits. This is one of my personal favorites that I have in my cd player currently. It would be hard to get tired of this album with all of the great songs, even stranded on an island.

Sabrina said...

If I were stranded on an island I would like to read Essence magazine. They have really good articles and they have the latest information and news going on in the black community.

I have so many movies that I like, but theI wouldn't want a movie, just the collection of The Cosby show. The Cosby show was a great inspiration in my life. It was always positive and each episode kept me laughing.

I have to say that I have a great deal of songs that I like. But I would like to have a variety of gospel music. For the simple fact that it is very inspirational. It would also keep me sane.

Paula said...

Though People Magazine seems to be a popular choice, I'd prefer to receive a survival (not survivalist) magazine, especially one geared toward deserted islands.

Movies is a hard choice, too, but let's say something light and tropical like "Finding Nemo".

Music is even more difficult, because I love it all, but would put Supernatural by Carlos Santana easily at the top of this list.

STACIES77 said...

I would want any type of Biblical magazine to wash up. Something that would be uplifting and keep me focused such as World Magazine or Christianity Today. It would let me know what was going on in the world at the time plus give me inspirational stories and encouragement from the Lord.

I would want something comical and amusing! I have several favorite movies I would want to bring and so I don't think I could pick just one. A few of my favorite movies are "Facing the Giants", "Fireproof","How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days", etc.

I would want a variety of music such as: Praise you in this storm by Casting Crowns, Redeemer by Nicole C. Mullins, and some upbeat dance music! Anything to keep my spirits lifted until I was rescued!!