Monday, November 24, 2008

Holliday Media

With the holidays approaching, i'd like you to share with the group any media related traditions you have. Does your family all get together to watch something on TV. Is there any particular show you love to watch every Christmas/Thanksgiving? Why is that show/s so important to you. I know i have some favorites dating back to when i was a kid but i wonder if there are any new shows that have come on recently that will one day be a favorite for my children?

Thanks for all your responses this semester.


Torie Thacker said...

There is nothing like the media during Holiday times. I have MANY shows that I LOVE to see come on for Thanksgiving and Christmas. First of all, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has been one of my favorite Turkey Day traditions. I remember waking up early to watch it when I was younger.

Now to Christmas...I don't think anything can beat the ABC 25 Days of Christmas. From December 1st until Christmas Day they play all of the favorite Christmas movies along with some new ones that have come out during the past year. They have everything from Charlie Brown to the Christmas Story.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love the Holidays!! Family gatherings and lots of food!! Growing up I remember watching all of the Claymation movies that would come on TV. I loved the Clamation Christmas! Also, I love the 25 days of Christmas that comes on ABC!

A tradition that my family has on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day is going to movies right after lunch. I do not remember one Thanksgiving or Christmas where we did not go to the movies.

Christen Reeves

Sandy Ward said...

My family and I love mostly the old time Christmas shows that come on every season; It's a Wonderful Life and the Christmas Carol. But, my all time favorite is Miracle on 34th Street. As a child I remember how that reinforced that Santa was real!

As far as new shows, we love National Lampoons "Christmas Vacation" and I am sure that will go down as a favorite.

I have really enjoyed this class and hope that all of my classmates have a blessed Holiday Season!

Paula said...

Always manage to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas, National Lampoons' Christmas Vacation, and some version of A Christmas Carol. Am already enjoying 25 Days of Christmas, and try to catch at least one movie in the theatre during this time.

Usually Thanksgiving is spent cooking, but we get to see some of the Macy's Parade.

Spending time with famiy and friends is the best thing.

Happy Holidays and Blessings for the New Year!

Anonymous said...

I count the days until Christmas Day not to open presents, but to watch "A Christmas Story" on TBS every year. I'll watch the marathon all day, too. It is not only my favorite Christmas movie; it is my favorite movie. Although the story is from the mind of a child, I think there is a great level of reality to it. The dysfunction of the holidays is something that I can relate to also. This movie is a big hit with me and my older brother, but that's about it in our family.

My family does not have any big media traditions around the holidays, not unless football counts. I remember watching the old clay-animated cartoons as a child. Those were my favorite and still are. In addition, my mother and I try to go see a holiday-related movie around the holidays. Like this year, we have plans to see "Four Christmases" sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Overall, I not only enjoy the holidays, but I also enjoy all the holiday-related movies. They tend to put me in the spirit.

Kayla Roberts said...

Well, I know one movie that we always watch. It is The Christmas Story and we are forced to watch it. Ha. It comes on one channel every year all day long. The guys in the family want to watch and the girls don't want to watch it. We fight over the remote every year, and of course, the guys get it everytime. It is a memory I will never forget. We hate the movie but love spending time with them.

I would say our immediate family tradition is watching Elf. Ever since that movie has come out we watch it every year. We watch it any time during the year though. We also MUST watch Love Actually. We have to watch those two movies every christmas or it will not be a good Christmas.

Annie Bolduc said...

Everything that is about Christmas in the Medias make me happy! I use to watch the Lampoon's Christmas vacation every year, and for some reason, I still love watching it every year, even though I do not live with my family anymore. My friends and I have a tradition to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas special while all being in your pajamas and drink hot chocolate. It is fantastic!

I love turning the television on and seeing a Christmas special. It really helps get in the spirit and it's movies you can only watch during that period of the year.I do wish that the music played in the store would start after thanksgiving instead of after Halloween, but it is also a very commercial season.

Rani said...

At Christmas we do not have any one particular movie that we watched, but usually everynight starting about 2 weeks before Christmas we all as a family sit a watch a Christmas movie everynight. We like the Christmas Story, and Christmas Vacation.

Now that I have children we watch Rudolph and Charlie Brown Christmas.And to add to that collection we have to watch all of the cartoon Christmas specials. It is great and I would not change it for the world. I love to sit on the couch, by the fireplace, snuggled with my husband and kids.

STACIES77 said...

My favorite Christmas family media tradition is watching the 25 Days of Christmas movies on ABC. I love watching Charlie Brown with my niece and nephew every year and watching the Christmas Story with all of my family.

A tradition my family had when my grandmother was alive was watching the old Shirley Temple movies at Christmas. She passed away in 2004, but we try to watch at least one in memory of her!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!! May God BLESS each and every one of you and your families.

Matt Middleton said...

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is already here. My family typically starts this holiday by watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. My dad and I spend the afternoon watching the NFL games that are on. Thanksgiving episode re-runs of Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond on TBS are always great in the evening.

Whenever I think about Christmas Day, "A Christmas Story" is the first thought that comes to mind. My mom absolutely loves this movie, and it can be found on our television practically from the time the marathon begins on Christmas Eve till it ends the next night. I can watch it once, but that's it. National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation" is definitely a favorite of mine. Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is always great also.

cheriem said...

Our Thanksgiving tradition is definetely the "EGG BOWL" that comes on after Thanksgiving Day. My family is split between Ole Miss and this rivalry is a fun time we can all share. So far my son is with the Maroon and White Side of the family...good taste!!

My family and I also enjoy watching "A Christmas Story" every year and this usually starts around Thanksgiving time. I wasn't sure before my husband made me watch this movie if I would like it or not, but we all love it now. This is the first year my son is not a true believer in Santa Clause so we won't have to be so secretive.
I hope everyone has great holidays and a good luck to everyone on the final!

Anonymous said...

I love the holidays and have for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, my mother, sister and I would watch "It's a Wonderful Life" on Thanksgiving night and then 10 other times as it would show throughout the holidays.

Now that I have children of my own, we do the same thing. We bring in the Christmas season by watching "It's a Wonderful Life" on Thanksgiving night. Some of our other favorite movies are "Miracle on 34th Street", "A Christmas Story", and " A Charlie Brown Christmas".

Thanksgiving and Christmas are seasons where my family spends more time together watching Christmas movies, playing games, making candies & cookies, and just having a fun time.

I am thankful to my mother for taking the time to instill these traditions in my heart.

Lee said...

During the holidays my family really likes to turn off the television and just spend time talking and laughing with one another. However, there is one media related tradition we do share on Christmas day. For as long as I can remember we have always watch "A Christmas Story." That has always been a big tradition, and it is one of my favorite movies. Now the movie comes on TBS all day long, so for the past few years we've been watching it on television.

We really love this show because it's so funny. After the movie we joke and say all the funny lines, like: "You'll poke your eye out kid!" and "ohhh fudge!" For my family Christmas just isn't Christmas without watching "A Christmas Story."

Lee said...

During the holidays my family really likes to turn off the television and just spend time talking and laughing with one another. However, there is one media related tradition we do share on Christmas day. For as long as I can remember we have always watch "A Christmas Story." That has always been a big tradition, and it is one of my favorite movies. Now the movie comes on TBS all day long, so for the past few years we've been watching it on television.

We really love this show because it's so funny. After the movie we joke and say all the funny lines, like: "You'll poke your eye out kid!" and "ohhh fudge!" For my family Christmas just isn't Christmas without watching "A Christmas Story."

Lee Beard

Mike Tullis said...

The only thing that I really watch with anyone else during the holidays is football. My family hasn't been very close since my father's death when I was younger, so we don't have many things we do together as a whole. Football is about the only thing that I can use to relate to them. They are mostly simple and uncomplicated people. Most of the time they look at me like I'm from Mars when I talk about some of the things that I experience in my daily life.

I've never been one for holiday films. I've never seen A Christmas Story or It's a Wonderful Life. Not even a Charlie Brown Christmas. I guess it's because of bad memories as a child. That and I have no children of my own so it's hard to get into the spirit of the season at times.

Sabrina said...

Every Thanksgiving my family and I watch the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. I remember when I was younger, I loved waking up to watch the parade. I felt like Christmas was even closer.

There is not a particular tv show that we watch. However in my parents house it is a tradition to watch the Dallas Cowboys play on Thanksgiving day. So that is what we faithfully watch on Thanksgiving day.

I have enjoyed this class and I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

Shawna Pounds said...

This is my time of year. I have a huge family and we get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. From the start of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade to the “It’s A Wonderful Life” we have a wonderful time of fellowship watching TV together.
However my favorite type of media is the old home videos my Mother recorded of all of us from Christmas’s past. Scenes of Grandparents giving us (small children then) presents and the laughter of my parents on Christmas morning while watching their 6 kids go crazy because Santa came to see us and left all kinds of goodies for the family. These are the best times we share together and I am so thankful for a wonderful family. I am truly blessed. The following quote is something I would like to share with my online classmates: “A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all other virtues. (Cicero)
I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts in this class through our blogs and would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season.

Lynsee said...

The first thing watch to start off the holiday season is Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. As a parent, I am forced to watch every Christmas cartoon that exists. For me, the significant ones are Frosty, the original old school Rudolph, and Charlie Brown's Christmas.

My girls want to watch Spongebob Christmas special, and I don't hate it. I am one for the classics though. I hope to grow some new traditions with my children because someday these new shows with be their old school classics.

William said...

I love the Christmas season. For me the season is filled with happy memories. My family enjoys listening to Christmas music and watching traditional Christmas shows. My favorite X-mas tunes are "Silent Night", "The First Noel", "Holy Night", and "White Christmas". My favorite X-mas shows are "It's a Wonderful Life", "The Grinch" (cartoon version), and most of the older clay-mation cartoons.

My daughter likes the Muppets so I'm sure a Muppet Christmas movie is in the near future. We also watch the "Polar Express". With the numerous cable channels now available there seems to always be a holiday show televised. This increases the chances of our adding additional shows to the list.

heather b said...

There are many tradtions my family and i have over the holidays that has been around for a while. We like to try new things each year but we also will keep things around especially when it comes to tv shows and media related things.
Probably one of the most things that we alwasy watch is the charlie brown christmas movie. Everyone has probably seen it and we are defiantly in that group. It is so fun to watch all the time because it is such a popular one. Also the old school rudolph and santa clause show because that is another one of the staples to watch over christmas.

Caroline said...

As a family when I am at home we do normally watch tv together which is very enjoyable. We watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade together before we eat lunch and then after lunch we watch It’s a Wonderful Life. Which is such a good movie that I enjoy very much and we always chose to watch the black and white version. Both of these shows are important to me because they remind me of holiday times with my family. Also these shows are classics that create memories for everyone in my family. I enjoy the holidays very much and these create new memories while remembering the old ones.

Clara said...

My family didn't watch much TV during the holidays. We were too busy with family stuff and shopping and such. Every now and then we would watch a show here or there, but there wasn't a show that we watched every year. As a matter of fact, I don't think we even had the TV on this Thanksgiving.

The one thing we did do every year was see the Starry Nights display in some kind of farm in the Memphis, TN area. There were tons of acres of lights and it was like a winter wonderland to a child. We did listen to Christmas music on the radio a lot while we were traveling and at home.

Clara Caffey