Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss USA and Gay Marriage

Well, we started the semester by talking about celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton and we'll end on it. I really didn't think this was a big deal, but Miss California's response to a question regarding Gay Marriage is getting some press attention. In the competition for Miss USA, celebrity judge Perez Hilton asked Miss California about her view on gay marriage. Hilton later chided Miss California for her response. I'm not so concerned about her answer (although i thought it sounded like she was fumbling a bit), but i am more interested in some of Hilton's comments. Watch the following video. What do you think about Hilton's stance?


Richard V. Shields III said...

The good news is not that this is the last blog entry. The good news is that this is the last Perez Hilton entry. In the initial Hilton assignment, I noted that. in my opinion, Hilton has forged his niche in the celebrity world by creating sensationalism and controversy. He bills himself on his website as the most hated man in Hollywood…certainly an image that one would want if his mission is change the thinking of others to one he endorses on the important issues of the day. Right!
Instead of commenting on my personal opinions of Hilton’s views on gay marriage, I prefer to comment on his logic and truthfulness as my assessment of his stance on the issue. He cites that his review of the audience reaction to the contestant’s answer was one of rousing boo’s and disapproval. On the linked film clip I just watched, any disapproval from the audience must have been drowned out by the applause and cheering that I heard. Is he contending that the Larry King clip has been edited or has my hearing failed?
We heard an impassioned plea from Hilton for the rights of individuals to do as they please without legal or moral constraint. Yet it was the citizens of California (a collection of individuals as opposed to a single judge) that voted down the amendment to endorse gay marriage. Does Hilton mean that individual rights only apply if they agree with his ideas? Further, Hilton proudly said that he expected that the only acceptable or correct answer the contestant could have given would have been the politically correct one. In other words, her individual standards don’t count. Seems like a contradiction to me.

tvan09 said...

I think that Mr. Perez justified his reason for asking that type of question. Whether you agree with his tactics or motives, the question was very relevant for our times. He stated that he posed the question to a potential Miss USA that would represent this diversified nation.

What he did not specify to her that he would have the right to agree or disagree with her answer. I think Mr. Perez used this time to promote his own personal views on the subject, much the same way he accused Ms California of doing.

If he did not want to hear her personal convictions on this matter, then he should have posed the question in a different manner.

He could have asked her if she thought that gays and lesbians should be afforded the same rights and privileges as straight citizens in this country. He probably would not have gotten the direct answer from her that he so vehemently opposed.

Caroline said...

I really agree with Mrs. California and was proud that she didn't cower down and say what Parez wanted to hear just to win a compitition. I know Parez Hilton had a reason for his question and that was to get publicity for same sex marriages and he did that. I know as a pagent contestant you have to be careful when giving these answers not to be too opinionated and that's what got her beat, but I would rather her have been that way than to give into something she doesn't believe in. Parez asked her a loaded question and I guess he was the real winner here. He got the publicity for same sex marriages and also got more interviews and more air time on that subject without even having to fight for it. Anytime you look to put someone in a position that is going to represent the USA as a whole, you want someone that will fight equally for everyones rights, not just the ones you belive in. I guess he made a good point, and even though I don't support the same sex marriages,he was right in wanting someone who will support all US citizens.


brob09 said...

I didn't have any problem with Perez Hilton asking that question to Ms California. The problem I do have is that each contestant should have had a controversal question asked and not just her. All contestants must be given the same advantages as the next or it is unequal.

Perez said that Ms. North Carolina had a controversal question about tax bailouts and I believe he is crazy if he thinks these two questions are even remotely the same.

I admire Ms. California for stating her opinions whether she was under fire or not. She stuck to her beliefs and did not become politically correct, like Perez said she should have. If more people would stand up for the things they think is right and voice their opinions for the things they think are wrong, this country would not be in the shape it is today.

Dee Lewis said...

Okay. At first, I did not like Perez Hilton. Then, I started seeing him more in the media and he had made an appearance on "Celebrity Apprentice," and I started to respect him. Now, I'm back to not liking him. How is going to call this girl a "stupid bitch" just because she doesn't think being gay is right. It seems like he thought he had some power since he was a judge. He wanted her to give an answer that would please him, and I guess he thought she was "stupid" because she threw her chances of being Miss USA away. She upheld her beliefs. I think she is a good role model; there are too many girls in the public eye that do whatever they can to get attention and to get ahead.
Yes, Perez strikes up controversy; I don't know why I thought he had changed. As I think about it, I do kinda understand where he was coming from. If Miss California would have stood up there and told the judge, Claudia Jordan that she did not think a black woman should be allowed to be Miss USA. Then, Claudia would have been angry too. Of course, there would have been a firestorm of controversy, but it would have been her personal belief, However, this is a matter of sexuality, not race. Race is something that you cannot change unless of course you're Michael Jackson ;-) Your sexuality is your choice and many people do change it.

Perez Hilton could have handled his anger differently.Here's something Perez: try being mature about the situation. -Dominique Lyle

D Douglas said...

Perez and Miss California make some valid points concerning gay marriage, noth groundbreaking there. But the issue for me is not the arguments, but how politically correct a country America has become.

Should a person have the right to express their honest opinions and thoughts concerning a topic, or should we bit our tongues, just to keep others happy and comfortable? I applaud Miss California for answering the question honestly, and hope she continues to hold her stance during all the media attention she is garnering. Perez used the the pagent as a forum to get a struggles fight heard by many, and he and the pagent producers should be ashamed. That was definitely not the arena for this type of debate, and Perez used his media experience to take advantage of a situation. Whether a person likes me or not, they will always get the truth from me, no political correctness from me!

Stanley said...

Perez Hilton voted against Miss California because of her response on the gay marriage question. It's a very sensitive subject for many, including Perez. I being a Californian was definitely rooting for Miss California. Gosh, Perez voted against the home team! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I'm glad that she answered truthfully and stood up for her beliefs. It's really easy to sugar coat things and she could have given a more "politically correct" answer as Perez suggested. But where's the excitement in that? While Perez claimed that there were booing fans, i heard nothing but cheers from the las vegas audience. I think Perez is entitled to his opinion as well, but I don't think it's right for him to vote against Ms. California because of her stance. She answered truthfully and confidently. She clearly defined her views and provided us insight into the values she was raised on. She stood firm on one of the toughest questions a beauty contestant can be asked. While Perez thought her answer was the worst answer ever in the history of Miss USA pagents, i think she deserves praise for sticking to her guns! Congrats to Ms. North Carolina!

mic g said...

What a joke Perez Hilton is. im just glad Ms Califorina didnt fumble around like Ms Tenn South Caroilna did a few months back. I thought she handled the question very well. The worse thing about the question Hilton asked was that he was going to get over no matter what Ms California would have said. He got just what he wanted publicity and people talking. I think it is very clear what side of the gay marriage issue he is on. I think it was a very unfair question and Im glad Ms California stuck to her guns and didnt say anything that she didnt believe in.
And what in the hell was he doing asking questions at the pagent anyway? He is a nobody in my opinion. I know the gay marriage is a huge topic in the US today but he could have asked her about gay rights instead or worded the question differently.
Hilton needs to stick to his blogging colums and his website pictures of hollywood stars with his "whitty" comments on them..

Leb23 said...

I think that the interview was to get Perez Hilton's views seen. I do believe that maybe she could have answered the question in a more politically correct way, like Hilton said, but I liked that she was standing up for what she believed in. I think that America has become too tolerant of a lot of important issues. In the Bible, it says that a man should not marry a man and a woman should not marry a woman. God created Adam and Eve with a perfect plan. The Bible is what our Constitution was modeled after.

Also, it felt like to me that Hilton and the other judges, by what he said, were basing there opinions on if they liked the answer or not, which isn't politcally correct. The whole point of Perez's question was to get publicity for same-sex marriage. He did it so that he could promote something that he believed in, not what someone else might believe in. In all, he did it to better himself and get his voice heard. If he was doing that he should have made it so that everyone got a controversial question like that, just to make it fair.

Ellen said...

I don't know who is making a bigger deal out of this. Perez himself or the press. I think if Perez thought that the question was completely appropriate he would not be condemning Miss California on her answer. I do not feel it is really fair to bash her for her opinion when he is requesting that we all be some open minded.
I do not think this is a big deal at all. I think it was a relevant question and I think it should have been left as a question and an answer. Plenty of people have plenty of opinions on this issue and Miss California simply expresses hers. Not well, but at least she was honest. And while I do not agree with her and obviously many don't, there is not need to continue calling her out on it. Plenty of people feel just the way she does.
I feel like Perez just used this opportunity to get in the spot light once again and promote gay rights. His question was fine. All of the press attention is ridiculous.

larrythomas16 said...

Well grew in a state that is as liberal as they come. Massachusetts. Guess what we have Provincetown which is like San Fran, but on the east coast. Provincetown is loaded with gays and they usually keep to themselves but unlike Perez who to me is not a celebrity. Hes not worth the toilet paper I wipe my rear with. Please he basically is calling this girl a hater or insensitive. You know what really pisses me off is tha tour fore father broke their backs and died for freedom of speech. He should of respected her views for what they were. That is her choice, instead he let his own views get in the way. I'm sorry but I feel like anytime a white male speaks out against any race he is called a racist but gays(Perez Hilton), lesbians(Jeanine Garafolo),blacks(Jamie Fox) say anything remotely racist its funny or cute but god forbid we call them racist. This country is slowly sliding down a tunnel to total and ultimate doom. Jamie Fox rips Miley Cyrus and appalogizes after the fact and its ok. If a white guy did that he'd be fired from his radio station. Oh yeah that already happeded. I didn't hear Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson condemn him for his actions. Then Garafolo. what a nut case, I'm sorry these people who open there mouth and say stupid ass crap, they should have a big turd shoved in for speaking like that. Man, when it comes down to it a white male, mid 30's is the minority. Perez Hilton, you know what he needs, HIS ASS KICKED. I wish that girl had a little gay brother that would beat him down like the biatch he is. I'm sorry teach but when our amendments come into question I get a little heated. I am not a racist and never will be, I bleed red just every human being on this earth. They just forget that, I dont. Later and enjoyed the class. LT Out

Stacey Perkins said...

I don’t think that Mr. Hilton is being honest about his stance. I think he was personally offended by Miss California’s answer but has created this facade to make it all look better on his part. I don’t think it has anything to do with wanting a politically correct Miss America. It doesn’t say anywhere that Miss America must straddle the fence about any important moral or political issues in order to keep everyone in the general public happy. But apparently that’s what Mr. Hilton is trying to get the public to believe. Just because Miss California has a different opinion than Mr. Hilton doesn’t mean she was wrong. She was asked a question and she answered it. Perhaps the question shouldn’t have been so opinionated. His stance of bogus. Miss America is supposed to be of high moral standards, because as soon as a Miss America winner starts having drunk and/or topless photos taken of her you can bet she’ll lose her title.

amandakthrash said...

I personally do not like Perez Hilton nor the way he has made his niche. The question that he asked that contestant was extremely unfair for her. She could have lied about her personal convictions and answered in such a way that it would have maybe gained her points, but she spoke from the heart. This guy is a jerk, and he used her to accomplish his own personal agenda. He is not hated because of his journalistic skills, he is hated because he is a prick! I question why a person that has carved the reputation that Perez Hilton has would even be allowed to judge a pageant like this one. It is obvious from his previous reports and website that his primary agenda is to draw attention to Perez Hilton. In this scenario, he used this young woman to advance his own ideals.

Amanda McCurley Thrash

JVJ1 said...

JVJ1-Joshua Jackson

I beleive that we as a society have become to politically correct. In that we get punished for saying things that conflict with another persons views or beliefs. I thought that MIss California (which should have won) spoke her mind and wouldn't you want an honest person to represent you? Perez is a waste of time. I still do not understand his celebrity status.

On the other hand does Miss USA really mean anything? isn't this still an outdated event that stereotypes women? I think that for this to ecen have the platform that it has is embarrasing.

Thirdly, gay and lesbian americans make up less than 1% of the population. WHya re we spending so much time discussing them? mis it because they represent a substantial part of the media? Come on we have better issues to contend with such as the recession, and how we are going to pay our mortgages on homes that are now worth 1/2 of their purchase value.

Juliet said...

Perez should not have asked the question if he did not want the contestant’s true opinion. We are all entitled to our opinion even when it is in opposition to popular views. Perez is taking full advantage of the attention placed on this issue. He asked a question that has relevance in our society as a whole, but I am not so sure his motivation was in the right place. He used this situation to further the cause for his beliefs. The contestants answer was honest. Perez took her answer personally. Now he is lashing out at her for having an opinion that opposes his views.

Personally, I am for civil unions. If consenting adults want to be together who am I to object?

madjdinfl said...

You know even though Mr. Hilton expressed his views poorly his comments are correct. I thought the same thing almost exactly when I saw the Miss America Pageant. Unfortunately Miss California did not recognize this. As a Miss USA winner you are there to represent every aspect of America whether you personally believe in it or not. She most defiantly should have used some other choice words to make a more generic general view. A statement like Mr. Hilton expressed was perfect. That, this is a very hot topic, and each individual state should vote and decide for themselves and represent the people of that states point of view.

Melissa Doty

NicoleElizabeth said...

I am glad that Miss California stood up for her beliefs by answering the question the way she did. Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to views on Gay Marriage. Perez Hilton has the right to express his views about this matter, but he shouldn't criticize someone for the views they have. Miss California is perfectly within her right to feel the way she does about Gay Marriage. If she does not agree with Gay Marriage then she doesn't agree with it.
Perez Hilton is known for criticizing those whose beliefs do not agree with his. I mean people have freedom of speech and to express the way they feel about certain issues. Miss California expressed the way she felt about Gay Marriage and I do not believe Perez Hilton has the right to criticize her. Like I said he has the right to express his opinion about Gay Marriage but I do not thin khe should express the way he feels about how others feel about Gay Marriage.
-Nicole Elizabeth

Nicole Thigpen said...

I am sorry but I am completely annoyed with Perez Hilton!! He is complete drama! I think that he is trying to justify his reasons for being upset...which were personal reasons by coming up with the way she should have answered! I would rather her tell the truth rather than feed me a bunch of lies just so she can win the title! Honesty is best! You could so tell by Perez Hilton's face that he was royally pissed when he heard her answer and he took a personal attach on her calling her a "Dumb Bit**"...He is a jerk!