Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Post This Week

Take a Break from the Blog this week. A new post will be here next monday.


Lucky said...

Thank you

Mary Catherine Carmichael said...

Thank you so much!!

Alvin McKinley said...

Thanks for giving us time...I really caught up on some meaningful TV watching.

First, I watched "We Live in Public" documentary about the founder of Pseudo.com and We Live In Public project. That went quite well with the topic of privacy we just discussed. Recommend it, Josh is crazy but he might be quite a visionary of whats to come. No privacy really drives people crazy.

And secondly, I watched Michael Moore's "Capitalism, a Love Story" - highly recommend. I just hope that Michael Moore has an impact he wanted, something's gonna happen. I would rather watch Michael Moore's films rather than a corporate America newscast.

Alvin McKinley said...

Stumbled across a very good program on PBS Frontline. It is called the "Merchants of Cool".
They raise an interesting question -
"Does media reflect the lives and tastes of teenagers or is it the other way around - teenagers reflect what media sells to them?"
Found here: