Monday, July 26, 2010

That's All, Folks

So that's it. No more blogs. Last week was the last. The last assignment is the final exam. It's already available for you to take. It must be done by 11:55PM on July 30th. No peeking either. Once you begin the exam, the timer starts ticking and you must finish within a certain amount of time. My suggestion would be to print out your slides and organize them well before beginning the exam. Good Luck and thanks for all your input.


Kevin M Romero said...

Thanks for a great semester Dr. Williams. It has been fun.
Kevin Romero

Dixonville said...

Thanks Dr. Williams! I loved your class!! What GREAT!!!!!
And now, I'm totally hooked on The Boondocks!

Angela Williams said...

I also thoroughly enjoyed your class! It was a pleasure having you as my instructor! Enjoy the rest of what we have left of the summer.