Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How does your phone impact your life

I'd like you to read the following story by clicking here. Then I'd like you to tell me what aspects of your phone you use the most: just for calls, for games, for music, for web browsing, pictures and video, etc.

This also brings up a bigger discussion that I was having with friends this weekend. How do you think cell phone technology has negatively impacted society today? For all the advantages and ease of communication it creates, how do you think it harms society?


aben said...
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aben said...

I use my phone constantly on a day to day basis. I never really thought I used it as much, but once I got to thinking about it I realized it has a major impact on my life. I have an iphone and use it for almost everything. It's not only a way for my to talk and text, but I use it for email, navigation, games,shopping, and other simple things I find it hard to live without. I love how easy it is for me to connect with friends family and share things with them.

Some negative things that come along with this is the time people spend on it. People can easily be distracted by messages, updates, and alerts. It can do harm by getting in the way of family communication , and take away personal time families should have. I have learned to finally put away my phone during times like this and concentrate on what is importnat in life.

ABilly said...

I use my phone for texting, calling, and taking pictures. I don't have to have my phone except to communicate with my family on the road and take pictures of my family that I send to other family members that live out of state.

The Disadvantages I can say is that it is a distraction. Too many people are either texting or playing a game on it when they should be doing something else such as working or gathered with family members not just sitting alone somewhere off by themselves on the phone, its like they are ignoring the rest of the family.

Also teenagers are always on the phone instead of doing homework, or helping parents at home. They seem like they can not live without it for a couple of hours.
I think parents should take the phones away and show their children that there are other things that are fun without the phones

Family times should be just that. The cell phones should be used at other times when families are gathered together.

CLiddell said...

I'm not into cell phones,since I am always home. However, I do have a prepaid one that I only use for calls whenever I am not home. Therefore, I only use it for calls and no texting.

I think cell phone technology has change the way society communicate drastically. People are handling very important issues via cell phones(lazy). Even issues that should be a face to face discussion(pessimist). Also, I have read many times how extreme cell phone usage cause brain cancer. A very close friend of mines use to keep that phone glued to his head at lease 98% of the day. I would always say, "Boy you are going to have brain cancer." Last year in June, he was diagnoised with some form of brain cancer(stage 4). However, thanks to the good Lord and good doctors he is still here and actually doing better.
Another thing, people are going overboad with texting. They are texting while driving (very dangerous), conversating with others, eating, at home, at work, at school, in their sleep, etc......wow

Elizabeth said...
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Bradley said...

I use my phone all day every day. I do not have an office phone, so every one I work with calls my cell. I have a Blackberry, and at first I did not want a "smart" phone. I still thought my Razor was the best phone, but after learning how to use it, I do all kinds of things with it now. My favorite app is Twitter. I follow all the sports writers and bloggers to keep up with MSU athletics.

I think cell phones have negatively impacted our society because people think by texting your parents is good enough so they do not have to call. Also, many people stopped reading the newspaper to watch the news on television; now we have quit watching television to watch it on a smaller screen! It does not make a lot of sense to me. I enjoy my Blackberry, but I still enjoy looking at my computer screen more and enjoy watching my television most. And since people can receive emails on their phones now, people expect you to immediately answer their emails back. People are becoming less patient with smart phones now!

MattDemp said...

I use my phone just about everyday for many reasons, but when one get's attached to the system, then this might cause problems and it could take over your life.

DSEELEY said...

I use my cell phone for a limited numbe of calls. I use the web browser for news and weather updates and as for texting i have finally figured out how to use it on my LG phone. As you can see I am not a really big user of my cell phone. Others in today's society cannot and will not live without their cell phones. The users of cell phones today don't remember what it was like to live without them. Today you see cell phones everywhere, standing in the checkout line in Walmart, the bank, and in the chambers of Congress. The worse place for cell phone usage I feel is in the car. Talking on the phone or even worse texting while driving i feel is the biggest harm to society. Even the use of hands free devices is still distracting to the driver. In Europe you have to be pulled off on the side of the road to talk on a cell phone or even eat food, that would never work in this country. The cell phone of old used primarily for emergencies while driving on the highway away from home has now turned into a device that can due anything from games, email, texting and pictures and videos. A cell phone used to be a status symbol when it first came out, now it seems everyone has one, so does that mean that we all now have the same status or are we now trying to out due one another with the phone with the most apps?

lisahenry said...

I probably use my text the most on my phone - which seems really odd to me. I got my first cell phone in 2003, which was a pre-paid one that was used only for emergencies or quick phone calls. I then got one on a contract in 2005 so that I could keep in touch with my teenage daughter. I now text my children and mom "good night" before I go to bed. It just makes me feel "connected" to them even though I may not feel like having a conversation. I also know that if they need me that they can still reach out with a phone call or text. It all still seems pretty odd to have so much technology at our fingertips. I also take pictures of my grandchildren on my phone. I haven't ventured into the web browsing yet but, I wouldn't mind checking that out sometime in the future.

I do believe that cell phone technology has had a lot of benefits - basically that I have stated earlier. However, I do acknowledge that there are negative aspects as well. I guess the biggest problem has been the fact that so many drivers are trying to text and drive at the same time. It's very dangerous and sadly enough most of them think that they can actually do both at the same time without having an accident. I also believe that it can, if allowed, remove a lot of the personal interaction between individuals. I don't know - I think it has been a great invention and I feel that it enables me to check on my family and let them know that I'm thinking of them. I think another disadvantage would be that we are all so "connected" that we seldom put our phones away so that we can just relax. I know that I for one keep my beside my bed, in my purse, or in my pocket at all times.

Brandon L. Atkison said...

I use my phone for calls, texting, and for social networks such as Twitter. I occasionally play games but not to a great extent. The technology used by cell phones has come a long way and continues to evolve into more efficient and effective machines. At first cell phones were used mainly for calling people. Then texting was introduced and I believe this is where the cell phone craze began. It was convenient to be able to text someone something instead of having to talk to them on the phone. I believe the introduction to texting also had an impact on the English language. People do not spell out words anymore but instead use shorter forms of words. I think it has proven to be a problem in young teens that could transcend to adulthood. Also cell phones capabilities today present an increasing danger among young teens and young adults due to all the apps and the ease of access to social networks. With a cell phone in hand they have the ability to release a wealth of information for the world to see. This can become a real privacy issue and could potential lead to dangerous situations for these individuals.

sswog said...

My cell-phone… I have one of the older models of cell phones. Truthfully, it is a piece of crap compared the ones my friends have. I cannot surf the web or play any games. It does not have a camera on it or video. For the most part, I use it to talk. I use texting when I have something quick to say or if I am in a position that I cannot talk.
Cell phones are great for communication and entertainment, but I think that they have had a negative impact on society. People are becoming so accustomed to communicating through technology that they are forgetting how to actually “talk” to people. I have friends that I can text with for hours, and cannot get them to say three words when I am face-to-face with them.
Cell phones and social networks have changed communication dramatically, and not in a positive way. I believe that as more and more generations grow up with this technology, we will see a more defined impact. At this time, it is not that big of a deal, but I believe that the problem will get worst as the years continue.

candrews_4 said...

Even though my phone has any and everything you can possibly have on a phone, I really just use the phone for calls and take pictures, record video and text a little. I am not a big text person, I don’t see why a person should just call and tell me what they need to say because I don’t feel like texting all those words. Lol. I have T-Mobile and the internet works when it want to, so I really just use my computer for the internet.
Cell phones have pretty much taken over because you can do a lot with cell phones. Recording certain situations and send picture messages. Some cell phone companies even have aps that allow you to access Facebook or Twitter. Negatively, cell phones are used for porn or other related material unfortunately.
It harms society by allowing any one to obtain your information. Younger kids should not have a cell phone of their own. This new generation of kids is something else and they are growing up much faster and technology is gone with the wind.

dgarrard said...

I believe everyone that owns a phone uses it everyday. I use mine on a daily basis and I use it more to text with than to talk. Phone usage has evolved over the last few years. Before phones were used for people to talk to each other and the occassional text. Now with smart phones having full keypads on them it is easier to text than it is to talk. It also raises the issue of texting while driving. With texting being as popular as it is, people are texting while driving instead of talking, even with the invention of hands free talking.

There lies the issue with cell phone usage in America. The numbers are quite high with the amount of vehicle accidents resulting from cell phone usage. Sure the invention and intelligence of cell phones is amazing, but until law enforcement begins to severely regulate usage while operating a motor vehicle, cell phones will be a hindrance.

eld_school said...

I use my phone as a camera, to play games, to text,to access the web for weather and information and to actually talk with family and friends. I probably use it more for texting and for games. Whenever I am sitting around waiting for an appointment or riding on the team bus, I pull out my phone and play a quick game.
One of the negative aspect of the phone is probably the amount of time we all spend texting. My wife and I text each other when we are in different rooms of out house. And I often text rather than take the time to have a conversation with family members. I can see why many are concerned that we may lose some of out communication skills because of texting.

LMRowe said...

I use my phone for making calls, texting, sending emails, and web browsing. My phone is with me everyday. If I happen to leave it at home, I would feel lost without it. I think cell phone technology has had a negative impact on society today. It has had a negative impact is such as: driver’s texting while driving, automobile accidents, and etc.

abuckhalter said...

Cell phones have completely taken over. I use my cell phone daily, and hardly ever pick up my house phone! Cell phones was a great invention with both disadvantages and advantages.

I am a blackberry owner so I use my phone for many different things. I can access my email, the web, my calendar, my diet plan tracker, and games on my phone. Usually when I am driving (not in town) talking on my phone. HOwever, as much as I like to text, I do not text when I am driving. Texting while driving is too dangerous.

I truly feel that cell phones have cut into family time. Families are not having dinner together anymore and if they are cell phones are present so they are texting or talking on them. Instead of having face to face parent-child talk most of the time they talk on cell phones. Cell phones have been the cause of many accidents. When you are driving and talking or texting on a cell phone you are not giving driving a 100% attention.

JLafond said...

I don’t use my phone for anything but call. I just never caught on to the fad of using you cell phone for everything. I don’t have any interest in playing games on my cell phone and I certainly don’t have time to browse the web if I am out and about. I also don’t use my phone for pictures because I have a digital camera for pictures and video. I just prefer to use that instead.

I think that some of the negative aspects of the phone is that people are always using it and it can become rude. I hate it when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone and they pull out their cell phone and begin texting. Cell phones have also created problems on the road as well. People on their cell phones while driving are very dangerous and can cause accidents. I think people need to learn when to put away the cell phones and focus on other things. Perhaps less cell phone use will make a better society.

Shelly said...

I use my phone every day. I receive calls, text messages, and email on my phone. I rarely check email on my computer, except at work. I use it to check Facebook and Twitter every night before I go to sleep. I have a few games on my phone, but I usually don't have time to play them, unless I am going to be riding in a car for a long time.

Negative aspects of phone use in our society today are the sheer dependence that we have on the phone. I left my phone at home one day a few weeks ago and I felt lost without it while i was at work. My husband forgot his at home a few days ago, and I also felt lost because I couldn't check in with him to see when he would be coming home from work. So, in a way these uses are positive aspects of having a cell phone, but when it becomes so much of a dependence that going to work without it becomes a distraction--it becomes a negative thing.
Other negative aspects include: the amount of time spent on the cell phone, time away from the family, decreased social and family interaction, and cost. The amount of time that the average person spends on the phone is outrageous. When a person is on the phone that much, it takes away from spending time with the family and it decreases the social interaction between people. Many times, people would rather text or Facebook someone rather than talk to them face-to-face, or even on the phone. The cost of most cell phone plans it becoming outrageous. For people who have plans that include talk, text, internet-people are spending so much money a month on a cell phone.
The only thing that I can say is that if people are going to have a cell phone with all of the advantages that it can offer, it will cost a lot of money each month. If people are ok with paying the bill every month, at least have some time with the family to where the tv, internet, and cell phones are not allowed.

BGibson said...

My cellphone is important to me because it acts as a telephone, a camera and a computer. I have my phone with me everywhere that I go, which I have found in some ways to be a disadvantage. There have been times when I locked my keys in the house, but had my cellphone at hand. I have missed important facts and moments from the cellphone being such a distraction. There was a time when I could only use my cellphone to talk and text, but now I can use it for way more. I have a digital camera and a computer, but I would rather use my cellphone, because it is more convenient.

I would not say that I am obsessed with my cellphone, because I know that there are things that are far more important. The cellphone, however, does easily distract individuals, being that they are becoming more and more technologically advanced.

JG Hanks said...
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Elle B. said...

There was a time that i lost my phone for a whole month. I had to borrow my mom's which meant no texting. It had to be the worst month of my life. i don't have data usage on my phone.... yet. I use my iPod Touch to use twitter and check my email when I'm near Wifi. I also love the availability of apps, but if I couldn't text, my world would be lost.

I think that cell phone technology has had a negative impact on the younger generation. The things they do with texting and picture messaging is distasteful. They are also getting a more spoiled. Parents allowing them to have them at a young age is ridiculous. Another negative impact is the fact that it may have a dangerous effect on the brain, so I heard. I haven't heard differently so that really creeps me out.