Monday, October 6, 2008

An often overlooked media

Hey gang,
It seems that the current trend in cellphones these days are either the blackberry or the iphone, both of which function more as a mini-computer rather than a simple phone. One of the latest things i've been thinking about it how all the new phones have GPS in them. You know what GPS is, the ability for a satellite to recognize your location and give you directions to any place you want to travel.

George Carlin, the comedian, once said, "When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jackboots. It will be Nike sneakers and smiley shirts. Smiley-smiley." If you're a fan of Star Wars then you remember in the last prequel movie, the female hero says, "so this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause." Sometimes i believe our freedoms and liberty are being plucked from us and we misinterpret that pluck as a tickle. Think about this. With every cellphone now having GPS, Facebook wants to publish an application where you can locate where your friends are at any moment of the day by tracking your GPS cellphone. Slowly your right to privacy is being stolen, and we are happily signing up to pay $50 a month to ensure it.

How has the cellphone changed our life and how will it further change our life. Do you view the cellphone as a positive technology or negative. Give reasons for both: why the cellphone is good and bad for society. Also, where do you think the cellphone is heading. What will the cellphone technology hold for us in the future? Remember two paragraphs.

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Shawna Pounds said...

Cell phones are one of the most best inventions of all times and I view them as a positive technological me it ranks up there with radio and TV. I wonder if I were given the choice of watching TV or having a cell phone which would I choose...hard question. No doubt cell phones have changed our lives. We have everything at our finger tips now, from staying in touch with friends and family to seeing who won the latest sporting event we are interested in.
Cell phones are good and bad for society. In a good way by allowing us the pleasure of talking to each other, keeping up with our kids and staying up to date with society. It has it's negitive down falls too... School kids & adults can use them to cheat on test. People use their cell phones to take pictures that can destroy people. Kids use cell phones to text friends and plan things with out parents being able to hear it. And the list could go on.

I think the cell phone is headed to new level of techonology in the next 10 years. We already have heard about the GPS tracking system in cell's and know that we can use the technology to see where any of our "My Space" friends could be and I feel that is not a good thing because there is always someone pshyco that wants to hurt an Ex or someone that they are jealous of. It could be a good thing for parents to keep tabs on the where abouts of their children but thats it in my opinion. I think we will one day be able to use our cell phones for everything we need to entertain ourselves.

Mike Tullis said...

The cell phone has definitely impacted society in all areas. It allows us to conduct business from anywhere, gives instant contact to family and friends, and can be a life saver in emergencies. However, it has also had the effects of contributing to diminishing grammar skills, reduction of proper etiquette in social interaction, and in some cases caused an increase in accidents. Personally, I feel they have now become a necessary evil. In my profession, I have to be available at a moment's notice. That being said, I do remmeber fondly the days when I could watch a movie without some obnoxious child blabbering into his hand about his latest conquest.

If anything, I believe that cell phones will continue to become more pervasive in everyday life. With the great leaps being made in the field of bio-tech, I would not be surprised to see communication devices becoming a part of the human body. I, for one, do not welcome our ingrown cellular device overlords.

Rani said...

Cell phones have made lives much easier and accessible. You can contact anyone, anywhere and at any time you would like. You can use it to talk or access the internet. How neat especially for an on-line student that can look at e-mails and even classes if necessary. It allows me to go places and do things while being able to participate in class assignments and e-mails.
Cell Phones have created positive and negative feedback for society.I think it is good for society to be able to communicate with others besides the traditional landline phone. It also allows me as an online student to stay on top of my e-mails. On the negative side it has become a problem in schools becasue it gives students the abilty to cheat and other destructive things.

Cell phones will run ones entire life within the next 10-15 years. As we know it has successful so far.

cheriem said...

I am not as technologically advanced as some of you because the cell phones which I have used in the past either went through the washer or fell out of my pocket during a basketball game and were destroyed. I am the hand-me-down phone person in my family. My current cell phone does not even have a face plate because I damaged it. I doubt there is any phone that could track me for long because I would destroy it. However for those of you with the GPS, that is awesome. If something bad ever happened to you, someone could find you.
On the other hand we are going too far to use the technology for other dangerous individuals to use GPS to stalk innocent people.

I think cell phones are a great advancement to keep up with family, friends, emails and work.
With every great advancement there are down sides, but hopefully the technology will outweigh the downside of society.

STACIES77 said...

I have to admit I love my cell phone! It keeps me abreast of latest events, information, as well as keeps me in touch at a seconds notice with family and friends. I use it often at work for updates on my calendar, e-mails, directions, and tasks. However, I believe that while it is convenient it is also a tool that can be used to the demise of one's character with the camera phone, voice recordings, etc.

Unfortunately, we live in a society of not so honest people who now have access to devices, such as the cell phones, to do not so honest things. Not to mention, I believe GPS is just another step towards the "Mark of the Beast" because it allows the government to track anyone they so desire, where they live, work, hang out, etc. I own GPS in my car and on my cell, but it is very scary to me the power the government has over us today with such devices as our cell phones.

Matthew & Ashley said...

Cellular phones, while enabling information to be easily accessible have become and continue to be on the cutting edge of technology. With the evolution of new applications and feature provide instant gratifiication, it also takes away our privacy little by little. By allowing GPS systems we are essentially giving anyone the right to find us on the spot which not only infringes on our right to privacy but also will create a feeling of paranoia. In my opinion, this would be equivalent to wire-tapping of our phones. Additionally, our nation has slowly become overweight and the use of technology such as cell phones only makes our fight to be more fit even harder. We rely too much on being able to get anything and everything in moments.

The future is bright for advancement in features although the phones in use today are already nothing short of a personal assistant. Honestly, I'm not sure what more can be done with the technology. However, if there are undeveloped areas there will definitely be work towards them which will become public when corporations feel things are becoming complacant or dormant.

P.S. I apologize for not putting my name but this is Matt Dispenza.

Anonymous said...

I do not think that most of us would know what to do without our cell phones these days. They have become a part of our everyday lives. Most students do not have land lines in college because they have their cell phones. They have unfortunately become many people’s lifeline to the world. With all of the new technology it is easy for anyone to track you down or get a hold of you.

I had a blackberry for so long and I got rid of it because I was constantly checking my e-mails from work. It was very convenient, but not ABSOLUTELY necessary. It was such a life saver some days, but other days I was going crazy. If you let them they will take over your life. I have recently switched back to just a regular old cell phone, I feel lost at times, but my stress level has diminished greatly. I check e-mails at my desk all day, but once I am out of the office, I do not think about emails until the next morning. I am probably the worlds worst about leaving my phone on silent and never looking at it. This may not be the best thing, but so far no emergencies that can not be handled when I get around to them.

Christen Reeves

Rebekah said...

I think the cell phone is a great invention. It allows us to keep in touch with friends and family, access the internet, and can be a great help in a roadside emergency. On the other hand, I do not think that the tracking devices are a good idea, and the cell phone can be used to cheat on tests via text messaging.

I think in the future the cell phones will continue to get smaller and more advanced. Maybe eventually they will be only chips installed in the ear. I think they are a positive invention for the most part. There are some negative things about them like the GPS trackers, but the good out weighs the bad.

Sandy Ward said...

I probably do not use a cell phone as often as most do, but love the convenience of traveling and being able to keep in touch. It is hard to believe how much even cell phones’ have changed over the years - remember the “bag phones”? I love to watch movies from the 80’s where the modern cell phones of the day were used and these actors pull out this humongous phone about the size of a toaster!

As with any technology, there is a negative side. Due to the increase in traffic accidents and deaths by people texting and talking on the phone, I think that cell phones should be banned while driving. I know the few times I talk when driving that it is extremely distracting. A recent train accident in the news was tied back to a train conductor who was texting and caused a head on collision with another train. Over 25 people were killed and more than 135 injured. You see other examples of this all over the news.

Just looking at the technology of cell phones in the last five years, it is hard to imagine where the next generation will take us. I agree with several other posters on this board that the “chip” will probably be the next step.

Torie Thacker said...

I believe that now that the cell phone has been invented, our lives will be forever changed. People now rely on these devices in order to communicate with people and many people would not be able to run their lives without their "smart phone." I know that a cell phone makes it easier for me, since I am from Kentucky, to communicate with my family back home. Some people, however, have their daily schedule on their phone, set reminders to keep them updated, and can even have access to the Internet in the palm of their hand.

I beleive that by the time we all have children, the cell phone is still going to be one of the biggest crazes out there. Except their phone will probably be able to serve them their next meal, do their homework for them, or something to that extent. I believe that cell phones have become over used and over thought about. I mean, who really needs a telephone that can take pictures, play music, surf the Net, give you directions, and on top of that still not get good service.

I believe that the cell phone has good and bad elements to it. First of all, people depend way too much on their phones. Most people can't be without it for 24 hours. I believe that it is good, however, as a portable way to communicate with other people.

Like I said earlier, I believe that the Motorolia flip phone will be nothing in the future of cell phones.

Marc said...

I think cell phones have changed life greatly. They have allowed people to complete multiple task from their phones. It gives people a greater since of security when traveling and allows families to get in touch with their loved ones easier. I do think people are becoming too dependent on their phones, but they are necessary for people to conduct their jobs today.

I do think the use of facebook's gps technology is unnecessary. I think it does cross a line on the privacy issue, but if this is the thing people want, then it is their business. If they want people to be able to track them, then it should be their right to allow it. I think it could become unsafe. If someone were to hack into the system, they could trace people to find a place to attack them.

Marc Hearst

Caroline said...

Cell phones are an important part of everyone’s day and hardly ever leave someone’s side. I enjoy constantly having my phone and being able to do many things on it. I have a blackberry that I like a lot. It’s so easy to email anyone while doing anything or checking your email for something very important. Cell phones will change my life even more when something new comes out. I enjoy having new technology and learning how to work those things; but that doesn’t mean that it’s always a good thing.

I do agree that the GPS that will tell anyone where you are is a violation of privacy. Sometimes, I might not want people to know I’m going to Wal-Mart more than once a day or something random like that. If I wanted my friends to keep tabs on me then I am letting them be like a mother of a high school teenager. I enjoy alone time where I feel free from the pressures of the world. But, also during that time I like to have my phone so technically if this passed I would never be alone everyone would constantly know where I was. On the other hand, this would be positive in a time of emergency; such as an accident or if someone stole your phone. I like new technology and can’t wait until the new thing comes out but I don’t think people should be able to track where we are all the time.

Annie Bolduc said...

This is definitely another good question. I sincerely believe that this is not a black or white situation. The cellphone brought some good things as well as some more negative issues. To start with the positive, well, obviously, it improved communication greatly. It is now a lot easier to get in touch with our friends, family etc. and it is also a lot faster. If we are waiting for a phone call, we don't have to spend the day home, waiting for that phone call. Also, I think the biggest advantage is definitely for emergencies. A cellphone can save a person's life at any time, and definitely, it is a great advantage! Now, like I said, nothing is perfect and there are a lot of disadvantages to a cellphone. First of all, people are too dependent of their cellulars. Everybody is "texting" 24/7, and it is definitely rude at some point because you can be with someone who is having a conversation with someone else. It's definitely impolite! And when you are in a restaurant and have to listen to someone's conversation during their dinner etc. There is also a lack of privacy. Anywhere you go, at anytime, you can be reached by people who probably don't have anything that important to say. And now, with the Iphone and the new generation of cellphone, it seems that there is no end to people spending all their time on the phone instead of with people on a real time communication.

And what does the phone holds for us in the future? That is definitely a good question, because as of now, it can do pretty much everything internet based. I know for a fact that the memory on the phone will get bigger, the internet will get faster, the battery will hold longer for the Mp3 to play even more music etc. The cameras will also get better, with flash etc. They will become miniature laptop. The one thing I do know though is that I want to keep my privacy! I don't want people to know where I am by tracking me on facebook. There is a limit, and I think this reaches it.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the convenience of cell phones, but I find cellphones to be both equally a positive and negative technology. Cellphones are a positive technology when it comes to accessibility. I value my cellphone in the sense that it provides more communication to my family, and it also provides a sense of comfort in times of emergency. However, I also feel that cellphones are also a negative technology. I have owned a cellphone for the past seven or so years, and I only succumbed to text messaging this past year, and I will not respond to a text message that uses poor grammar. Just call me old fashion. Indeed, I find the accessibility of cellphones to be both a positive and negative asset. I refuse to allow myself to be at the mercy of my cellphone. I do not use my cellphone to check e-mail, google text, or facebook, because for some reason that just makes me feel like I am cheating on the computer that I type on at this very moment. Indeed, cellphones are indeed convenient but not my favorite form of communication, if it is even considered communication these days.

I can only imagine what cellphone technology holds for us in the future. I am sure that they will just get smaller and smaller and soon they will be all the rage on the preschool playground. Perhaps they will not only tell us where to go, but will just go ahead and drive for us...I only hope for the best and hope that it will be a positive advancement, yet I am somewhat apprehensive that they will take over our lives, even my technological-challenged mother. You never know what the future holds and that is definitely true when it comes to cellphones...

Anonymous said...

Cellphones have changed life as we knew it 10 years or more ago. I'm married with children and remember getting my first cell phone 9 years ago. The only reason I got it when I did was because we moved from Florida to Starkville and we wanted a way to call for help if we got stranded on the road traveling back and forth to Starkville. I certainly didn't use it back then like I do now. I don't even have a land line phone any more because it's easier to give people our cell phone numbers so we never miss a call.

I view the cellphone as both positive and negative. For me, I like having a phone with me so I can be reached at any point, especially where my children are concerned. But at the same time, my office can call me at any point because they know how to reach me.

Cellphones are taking away not only our privacy as the original blog described but our freedom as well. If we can be tracked down by a simple phone call to wherever we are, then we lose the ability to get away from work or or stress. We start sacrificing family time because of an interrupted phone call. For me, this happens more often than not, and it can become tiresome. I need to learn to keep my boundaries and it probably wouldn't be so bad.

With the introduction of the blackberry and iphone, I'm not sure what could be "better". The ability to stay connected to technology just seems to get easier every year. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

Jamayel Smith said...

I feel that cell phones have only enhanced my life. I do have a very expensive intricate phone which I use as a multipurpose device. Not only do I talk and text on it but it is also my planner. And with out this feature then I would not meet deadlines and meetings and other things of that nature. Also I am able to surf the web for and even use it for word documents or just simply when I didn't bring my laptop. Therefore, it is like my second brain.

But when it comes to GPS I don't agree with being able to be located at someone else's leisure. That does violate privacy. Therefore, in a way the capabilities are getting out of hand, but the GPS system intended purpose is a great feature to have when traveling.

Finding Myself said...
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Carey Talley said...

Cellphones have changed our life in many ways. No longer do we have to have a voice conversation with someone. We can text at anytime of the day and wait days for a reply and not be bothered by it. We can send pictures to friends and family all at the push of a button. Which leaves no need for seeing a person face-to-face.

It has had a positive and negative impact on our society. We can stay connected anywhere we are and don’t have to sit at home waiting for an important email when we can now get them on our phones. The bad part is we have lost those personal relationships of face-to-face and side-by-side interaction. Cellphones are leading the way for more and more advances in technology. Soon we could be underwater and talking to someone by cellphone. Computers will become a thing of the past along with television and radios because cellphones will take the place of them all.

Matt Middleton said...

Cell phones have dramatically changed the way many of us live today. We are now able to get in touch with practically everyone at any time of the day due to the fact that most Americans have some variation of the cellular phone. Over the past few years, technological advancements have made some cellular phones incredibly useful. Being able to check your email and explore the internet are great qualities offered by many of the more expensive models.

It is scary how advanced some cell phones are becoming. Stalker software such as knowing exactly where someone is located at all times should be prohibited. Other applications being developed should also be monitored carefully. Advancements will continue to be made throughout the future. It should not be too long until we are able to watch television programs live on these devices. Just look at the enhancements made from 2000 till now.

Paula said...

Having written a paper in high school (we're talking late 60's here) on George Orwell's 1984, for a long time I've been aware of the "big brother is watching" scenario. And so with the advance of technology, including the cell phone and GPS, I've often been reminded of this possibility. While I like technology, I like being able to be by myself, knowing that I'm not being spied upon. I can't really say what direction the cellphone will take us. I am hoping it's a positive and right direction.

On the positive side, the cellphone has allowed me a form of privacy because my number isn't published in a phone book, and there are no random phone calls because only those I want to, have my number. At this point I refuse to acknowledge that it's probably available on the Internet. As my Mom ages, it is important that anyone can reach me at any time. The watchful eye of GPS bothers me until I hear an "OnStar" commercial on the radio, about someone having an accident and being able to have immediate assistance. On the negative side, I think it has caused people to be less communicative with each other directly. Wherever you go, people can't make eye contact with you because they are talking into the air (bluetooth) or watching the ground while they converse with whomever. I am so waiting for cell phones to be outlawed while driving. I don't care how much you think you are paying attention to your surroundings, you are not. To me, when people are on cellphones, it doesn't say "I'm really too shy to smile or say hello to you", as much as it says, "I don't think you are important enough for me to acknowledge your presence." And in todays world, we need to get to know each other...that person you are ignoring just could be someone to save you from getting run over when crossing the street, because you were talking on your cellphone!

William said...

I believe that cellphones are great technological devices. They allow for instant communication from virtually any location. This makes them an excellent security feature. I know I feel safer knowing my wife has her phone while shes traveling.

I have a very basic phone with very few "modern" features. I would like a Blackberry. However, I feel I am already overly dependent on communication as it is.If I had internet capabilities I would waste all of my time playing with the phone. At some point I simply have to unplug.

My point is that the ability of mobile communication is a wonderful advancement. It brings people closer, reduces wasted time and effort, and makes people safer.

Ironically these are also a cellphone's negative attributes. You no longer have an excuse for not keeping in touch. I am constantly asked "why didn't you answer your phone?" All the added features actually create wasted time and effort. Like I said you spend all your time surfing the web or constantly talking on the phone. And although it makes us feel safer we feel less safe when we don't have it. Above all other reasons for having a cellphone, the safety net it provides will forever make it a permanent feature in our society. The other bells and whistles will only distract us from the more important things in life.

I wanted to respond to another comment I read on this blog. A lady mentioned her fears of the government using GPS against society. This is a valid concern. However, do not focus solely on the potential use by governments. Businesses have far more to gain. Imagine how valuable GPS info would be to an insurer. They could potentially calculate how fast you drive, could know when you visit risque areas or establishments. All of this info could be used against you and it is info that insurers would be willing to pay for. In a capitilistic society the real big brother is more likely a corporate ceo then our elected officials.

heather b said...

I think cell phones have a positive advance in our technological world. I think it makes out lives alot easier because we have easy access to things that at one time were really hard to obtain. I think most people would be lost without cell phones since they have everything on them now. Just think of how many times you use cell phones during the day and how much it helps you out at making your life easier.
However I think cell phones also have had a negative effect on the society. Everyone is getting more lazy and our world is becoming very materialistic. People cannot go one day without using some kind of technology. Since we except things to come easy to us now then we freak out if something does not go our way. Heaven for bid if we do not have a cell phone. To make matters worst we are not just settling for simple phones anymore people are wanting these high tech ones which I think is very unneccisary.

Sabrina said...

I happen to have a blackberry and I love it. I don't think I could live without it. I would have to say that cell phones have changed our lives. We have become dependent on them and frankly I don't know what I would do without my phone.

As far as the GPS feature, that can be a good or bad thing. The idea knowing that you can be tracked down is kind of scary and in a way it does invade your privacy But on the other hand it is a great feature to have when you need directions.

Lee Beard said...

I personally believe cell phones are a great peice of technology. They do however have both bad and good points about them. Cell phones are good in that they allow us to talk to anyone around the world, at any time. However, one bad thing about cell phones is that text messaging as become so huge in the past several years. Text messaging is dangerous to do when doing other things, such as driving, and it causes us to use horrible grammar (lol, ya know, kinda). Also, in the last few years the internet on phones has become very popular. When it comes to the gps, that is really scary to think that it is possible to track anyone.

When I think about where the cell phone is heading, I think it will continue to become more and more sophisticated. Unfortunately, this is not always a good thing. Hopefully the phone will continue to become more entertaining, but in a safe and reliable way.

Lee Beard

Kayla Roberts said...

The cell phone has changed my life in that I feel just uncomfortable when I don't have it. If I leave it at home I feel like I have no way of communication and almost lost. It's sad, I have to say. I think call phones are positive because it does give us a chance to contact somebody if we are in trouble like in a car or if you get left or anything like that. I think it is negative because most people almost can't function without it.

I'm not sure where the cell phone is headed. As soon as I read this blog I thought maybe the cell phone would have the special feature where you can see the person you're talking to on your phone. I thought that would be neat. I'm not sure how more advanced a cell phone can get. I was amazed when they put the internet on them. I have no clue really.

Clara Caffey said...

Cell phones are something that always comes up in conversation with my immediate family. We are considered extremely behind compared with the rest of the world. My parents have a pre-paid cell phone that they only use if they are going on long trips (trips that are more than an hour's distance). My grandmother on my dad's side is pretty much the same way while my grandmother on my mother's side doesn't own one. My brother, fiance, and I have the cheapest phone a person can get. None of us have the internet on it, and I just now realized phones can have a GPS system on them from this blog.

Honestly I think it's ridiculous how advanced phones have gotten. I believe the purpose of a telephone is for calling someone. When texting came out, I thought that was silly too. I did fall into text'n though, and I made sure I got an unlimited text'n plan (if you know what I mean.) But on the other hand, I am impressed with how advanced the phones have gotten. There are obviously really smart people out there, and I do give them a round of applause for their success. For my own personal reasons, I think all of these advances are unnecessary.

There's no telling what people will come up with next, and it kind of scares me that somebody would be able to track me down. Someone will always be able to find a glitch in the system and use it to their advantage. Those are the people that scare me and make me wonder what this world is coming to....

Clara Caffey