Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hello all,
It's that time of year again, my favorite time of year actually (well next to christmas).It's Halloween. I loved trick or treating as a kid and get to relive it all over again now with my own kids. And of course, cable tv is great now cause they show all the horror movies (even if they are edited).

That brings me to my question. What is your favorite Horror Movie. Tell me why it is your favorite. And why do you think we go see horror movies. Even if you don't like them, tell me why you think others go see them. And by the way, here's a good scare for you (not for those with a heart condition).


STACIES77 said...

I personally do not like horror movies at all! I would much rather watch a documentary, comedy, or suspenseful movie.

Some of my friends enjoy horror movies because of the fear or terror they feel while watching the movie, but knowing it isn't reality at the same time. To me, that is pointless! Why watch something that is going to bring fear and terror into your life?? The Bible says in 2 Timothy 1:7 - "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" and I would prefer to keep it that way!!! LOL!!!

cheriem said...

I enjoy watching horror movies during the day or when my husband is home during the night when I watch them. My favorite classic horror movie is the original Halloween. I have watched most scary movies and find this one to be one I could watch over and over. I have seen all of the Halloween series and the new Rob Zombie Halloween. I think the original is the best.

I don't know why it is fun to be scared, but it is. I usually wait for new movies to come out on video before I watch them.
Some of the more recent scary movies seem to be more gross than scary. I couldn't watch all of Hostile or else I would have been sick. I don't like super gross movies, but do like scary ones.

Mike Tullis said...

Most of the horror films I like are the ones from the 60's and 70's. I'm not into the new "torture porn" trend of supposedly horror movies. To me in order for it to be effective horror there has to be characters that the viewer can develop a relationship with and actually care if they're caught by the serial killer. Just throwing a bunch of teeny-type pretty faces in a group and getting them naked right before they're killed doesn't really make the audience distress over the peril that the camp counselors find themselves in. That being said, I'd say that my favorite scary movies are the recent crop of Asian horror films that have been produced since the late 90's. Not the American remakes of them. There's something infinitely more creepy about something that looks really low budget and gritty rather than polished like Hollywood films.

I think most people watch horror movies because they can get that feeling after it's over of, "whew, glad I'm not those people." It reminds the audience of their own mortality and that subconsciously they should be thankful that such horrific events aren't a part of their normal lives. It's a way to escape reality much the same as any other movie except involving life and death instead of whether or not the boy gets the girl.

Caroline said...

Halloween is a wonderful time and it is weird that we as a culture celebrate it so much. I am not a big horror movie fan, but that does not mean I will not watch them. I technically do not have a favorite. But the one that scared me the most was Urban Legends. I watched this movie when I was in the sixth grade and to this day I still check behind my seat in my car to make sure no one is back there to cut my head off.

Urban Legends was just one of those movies that seemed so likely to happen. It went through all of these things people do that have bad consequences such as flashing lights at someone whose lights are not on, and they chase you down and kill you. I guess it is a little silly but I haven’t been able to watch this movie over again yet.

Sabrina said...

When I was younger, I enjoyed watching Freddie Cruger and Jason movies. Now that I am older, I truly do not like horror movies at al. I haven't watched a scary movie in years.

People go and see scary movies because of the thrill. But sometimes you have to remind yourself that it is not real because when you're watching the scary movies...sometimes they seem a little too real.

Lee said...

I personally hate scary movies. I have no desire to be scared. I can kind of handle the older, cheesier, scary movies like: Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Halloween, etc. Its really not the masks and music that I don't like, it's all the blood and gore. Movies in today's time are extremely gory. I can't stand to watch them. I went with a few friends a couple of years ago to see "Hostle." That movie just confirmed my hatred of scary movies.

Honestly, I don't know why people enjoy watching scary movies. I guess some people like the thrill of being frightened. Watching a scary movie is like being in a different world. I can understand the fun in Halloween; I like the holiday alot. However, still part of me just can't understand it. I guess different personalities love different things.

Lee Beard

Torie Thacker said...

I do not like horror movies at all. I sometimes go watch them but I hate them. I like the thrill and excitement that you get but once the blood shows and people start dying I have to look away.

I think other people really enjoy horror movies though because of the adrenaline rush that it gives you. Most horror movies are suspenseful and you do not know who is doing the kiling or who is getting killed next.

That is the only reason I can think of. I just went and watched Quarentine the other day and kept my head down half the movie.

Anonymous said...

I hate scary movies! To be completely honest I get so freaked out watching horror movies. Older movies are not as scary as the newer ones that come out today.

I think people enjoy scary movies for some sort of thrill. Individuals like to sit on the edge of their seat to anticipate what is going to happen next. Movies for me should be relaxing and being scared is in no way relaxing for me.

Christen Reeves

heather b said...

I do not like scary movies at all because I get really bad nightmares when I watch them. I easily get freaked out and alot of times it is all in my head because I know it is not real but I think about it to much and get scared. If I had to pick my favorite though it would be Carrie because it is one of the classics and the acting is really bad anf it makes me laugh.
People watch scary movies because they like the thrill of it. Part of the reason people go see them is because they know they are going to get scared and they like the adrenaline rush of it.

Shawna Pounds said...

I am not one that likes horror movies and can probably count on one hand the horror movies I have seen. My husband and daughter on the other hand "bond" a little by watching them which I do not understand.
I think the best horror film (that I have seen) was "Carrie"... Me and my friends watched this movie together when we were in high school and it resinated with all of us due to her "un-pretty" appearance and wanting to be acctepted by her peers. Just like us awkward teenage girls.
I think people like to go see horror movies to get a rush of adrenaline. Nothing gets a persons blood pumping more than to watch someone elses blood pumping from their veins. Just give me a romantic comedy and I am happy.

Anonymous said...

I have not ever watched nor do I intend to watch horror movies! I have no desire to be scared out of my mind and then live with those images in my head for who knows how long.

It depends on the type of movie you're talking about. The people I know that have watched the "Friday the 13th" type movies think they're funny. They are able to see past the grossness of the disgusting things that go on and just get a good laugh. For the other horror/really suspenseful, which to me would be anything that makes your heart race :-), I'm not really sure what anyone sees in that. Those can be extremely close to real life things that go on and I don't know why anybody would want to expose themselves to that.

I agree with Stacy and the verse she quoted, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" and I have no intention of bringing fear on myself. :-)

Annie Bolduc said...

Finding a good horror film these days is a very complicated task. I have never been a big fan of horror movie until my friend made me watch the Nightmare on Elm Street serie! Now that was a good movie. Maybe not the scariest thing there is, but it was a good combination that makes you think a little when you go to bed! It is my favorite horror serie because I dreamed of it before I even saw the movies! My friends were scared out of their mind that I didn't know the character, but I was dreaming about him. I think that everything in that movie was blending well together. It never really scared me, but at least it didn't gross me out like the Saw serie.

I think a lot of people like to watch horror movie because it gives them a thrill, while staying safe. When you are scared, you get a dose of adrenaline and it makes us feel a lot of emotions! It is also, for some people, a challenge. They know they get scared easily, and they dare themselves to watch a horror movie to see how they will react etc. They are not the best kind of movies, I would say I watch a horror movie once a month, but a good scare is never a bad thing! As long as you don't get obsess with it, there is nothing wrong with a little scary entertainment!

Happy Halloween :)

Rani said...

I do not care for scary movies, but I will watch them if my husband insists. The last scary movie we watched was Saw, it was scary, but nasty. I hated the thought that those people were waiting to die. We also like the Halloween movies, but I have no idea what happens through the entire movie because my eyes are covered most of the time.

People enjoy horror movies for the adrenaline rush or the thrill feel while watching a horror movie. I personally can not sleep after watching a horror if it is really scary. Horror movies leave people sitting on t he edge of their seat waiting for action or the next thing to happen. I prefer not to watch scary movies. Happy Halloween!!

Rebekah said...

I love scary movies! I haven't seen many in the last couple of years due to the fact that my boyfriend is a weenie when it comes to horror. My two favorite have to be "The Ring" and "The Grudge". After watching both movies I couldn't walk around my house in the dark alone. They were great! The story line in both movies was good. They weren't all about trying to scare you they actually had a decent story line.

I think that people watch horror genre films because they like the adrenaline rush they get. It's fun to be scared. Just look at all of the haunted houses at halloween. Halloween is all about trying to scare people for fun. If the public did not enjoy it we would not have horror movies, haunted houses, or all the programing about hauntings.

Anonymous said...

I hate horror films by all means. I refuse to watch them. This is somewhat contradictory of me to say this, because I am such a fan of Halloween. I guess my interpretation of Halloween is more on the level "Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin" or "Scooby-Doo." Further, my generation is use to the horror films such as the "Saw" series and the "Scream" series. That is my interpretation of horror films. I have more of an appreciation for older and traditional horror films like "Carrie" or Alfred Hitchcock films. I still do not like to watch them though.

I feel that people watch horror films because of the suspense element. It's for the same reason that people enjoy roller coasters, etc. I do not like roller coasters though and for the same reason that I do not like horror films or surprises. People also enjoy horror films, because they are somewhat unrealistic. Horror films take take possible, yet unlikely experiences and heighten them to extend to this unimaginable realm. It gives me the creeps to even talk about them.

Jamayel Smith said...

My favorite horror movies would have to be the Saw trilogy. It is very scary and you never know what's going to happen next.

I feel that people go see horror movies because there good and that's the genre of movies that puts them on the edge of their seats. And ladies like them more because that's there chance to grab on their boyfriends. But overall people just like to watch them for entertainment.

Clara Caffey said...

I have mixed feelings about horror movies. My friends tease me about it actually, because I say I don't want to watch a scary movie but will do it anyways. I don't know what it is about them that lures people in. I always get really freaked out with scary movies, and yet I continue to watch them. I will not watch a stupid scary movie, or if the movie has bad acting, I will not enjoy it. The movies I do like to watch are ones that could possibly happen. Those are also the ones that keep me from sleeping well at night...

I am a Christian and think there are some religious aspects to this topic, of people wanting to watch scary movies, but I will save it for later if you are really interested Mr. Williams. Other than that I really don't have much else to say about horror movies. I really don't have a favorite anything, much less a favorite horror movie. Like I said previously I do like movies that could possibly happen such as Exorcism of Emily Rose, Strangers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, although I really can't handle too much blood.. The more realistic, the scarier I say.

Clara Caffey

Lynsee said...

Myself, I don't care for horror movies is general. However, I think that Steven King is a genius for his character development. My favorite horror movie is "IT", and it is a classic as far as I am concerned. The movie is not really that gross scary, but it is still terrifying.

I also enjoy other Steven King films such as Pet Cemetary. Again, it is not so much gross scary, but yet leaving it up the the viewers own imagination is like a thousand times scarier. He draws you into his characters and you feel like you are right there with them. I think that is way scarier than some idiot bobble-head freak convincing people to cut their own arm off.

Sandy Ward said...

I am not a fan of horror movies and never have been. While I do not like the movies at all I don't mind reading mystery, horror type books of the Stephen King, Dean Koontz genre. I really prefer "who dunits" and documentary type shows.

I remember going to the theatre with friends to see Jaws and that scared me to death. I can remember showering for weeks after that and having to keep my eyes open to be sure the shark didn't come up the drain and get me. I know that is totally illogical, but I think that is part of the draw of these type movies. It is the adrenelin rush and if you can place yourself in the positions where they happened, i.e. swimming at the ocean as in Jaws, it makes it more real to you.

Sandy Ward said...

I am not a fan of horror movies at all although I don't mind reading some of the milder, Stephen King, Dean Koontz type books. I am more into "who dunit" and documentary type shows and wouldn't go out of my way to see a true horror show.

I still remember years ago when Jaws came out and going to the theatre with friends to see it. It scared me so I kept my eyes closed half the time *S*. I can still remember for weeks afterwards when I showered having to keep my eyes open to be sure the shark didn't come up the drain and get me. I know that is totally illogical, but I think if you can associate yourself with the situation, i.e. swimming at the beach, it makes it more real. I think people like movies like that for the adrenelin rush you get from the suspense of not knowing what is going to happen next. I think I will pass!

Kayla Roberts said...

I love scary movies! They are so much fun because everybody is scared and screaming then you end up laughing at each other because it is just a movie. Scary movies have changed over the past ten years. I love Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Now they have movies like Hostel, which are awful, disturbing movies.

I watched Saw 4 last night because I want to go see Saw 5. I like Saw because the plot behind all of them. It is amazing how he plans everything out. I do not like the gruesome stuff at all though. I watch them because I have always been told it's good for you to use all of your emotions regularly and being scared is one of them and watching a scary movie will definately do it!

Marc said...

I really don't care for horror movies. I like action or comedies much better. I really don't like the horror movies that deal with issues that could actually come true. Movies like The Omen or The Exorcist really scare me.

I don't really understand why people like horror movies. Maybe they like to be scared or to feel uneasy. Not all people are bothered by these movies. Some just watch them for the entertainment value.
Marc Hearst

Paula said...

Probably my favorite horror movie is Thirteen Ghosts because I love things ghostly and this had some amazing scenery and technology involved. As I looked over the top 100 horror movies I realized how many I had seen, and also how many I'd probably not watched all the way through. I enjoy the older horror movies like Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Birds that today have morphed to comedy. Though Psycho still chills me. Give me a good supernatural detective story and I'm there!

I think some people love horror movies for the adrenaline rush alone, and some love the blood, guts and gore along with it, for reasons beyond me. Some people enjoy being scared, because they realize it's a temporary emotion, and not real; a confirmation that this is something to be experienced that very probably will not, or obviously cannot happen in real life.

William said...

When I was younger I watched the Friday the Thirteenth series. Looking back I don’t know why. Perhaps it was the cool thing to do at the time. I mean how many times can someone come back from the dead? Jason had more lives than a cat. For me scenes depicting situations that could actually happen are more terrifying than slaughterhouse horror flicks.

I’m not sure why people are drawn to horror films. Are we drawn to horror to fill some primal urge or do we simply have a warped sense for what’s considered entertainment? Perhaps it is a way to confront our fears without really confronting them. For guys it is a way to test and display our machismo. Something similar could be said for women.

Matthew & Ashley said...

While I don't despise or hate horror movies like most that have already posted, I don't run out and watch them right away either. I find myself amused by most of them these days and find them to be a little predictable. The improvement and advances in sound effect technology and computer-generated graphics allow more to go on than the mind can take in at one time to truly get a natural response of fear without barriors.

If I have to choose a movie though I would say "The Excorcist" is at the top. The strange events and random occurences of the demon in the girl seem to linger throughout the movie which also keeps you contained hoping not to miss anything. It's as if the script is broken down into multiple scenes or spasms that throw the viewer deeper down into the darkness until God prevails and the demon is expunged.

Matt Dispenza

Matt Middleton said...

The original version of The Shining is by far my favorite horror movie of all time. Jack Nicholson is amazingly freaky in this film. I have watched this film many times, and it seems on every occassion I spot something new that I didn't catch before.

I do not really enjoy most horror movies because of their simple plots. You know the ones where teenagers make stupid decisions throughout? I think people enjoy horror movies because they actually want to see if the movie can scare them. We all know what is expected when we go to a scary movie, but we actually want to see if the movie can succeed in being frightening when we expect it beforehand.