Monday, February 23, 2009

The Washington Post Cartoon

Recently, the Washington Post editorial section posted the following picture.

The Post Editorial staff claimed that the dead chimpanzee referenced an earlier story in the week regarding police officers having to shoot and kill a monkey that attacked and killed a woman. The cartoonist claims he was commenting that the latest stimulus bill was written by a bunch of dumb monkeys (congressmen). But others disagree.

Many claim that the monkey could be seen as a racist comment on one of the chief architects of the stimulus bill, President Obama. They claim that the editors should have recognized that the editorial could be misconstrued and should have pulled the cartoon. For a summary of this story, click here .

What’s your take? Is the cartoon O.K. or is it racially insensitive? Is this a legitimate argument or in our quest for political correctness, have we become too sensitive?


Leb23 said...

Although I do not think that the editor meant for it to be, I think that the cartoon is being racially insensitive. Since the United States named its first black President, people have to more careful of what they put in the media referring to the past. Many people have put the past behind them, but many people still live in the past and race is an issue. Therefore, when some people read this they are going to interpret it in a way that it was not meant to be interpreted. Even though, the monkey shooting and the stimulus bill are both prominent in the news, the correlation between those two pieces of news and the United States having a black President is still too closely related to the racial issues we still experience today.

In some instances, I think that we have become too sensitive. Although, I do not think that the cartoon should have been published, I do not think this is a legitimate argument. In most states, race is not an issue. People are given the same opportunities and held to the same standards. No matter the color of a person's skin, if he or she does not meet those standards set, than he or she is set at a lower standard.

brob09 said...

I do believe that the cartoon was in bad taste but if you go back into history and look at all the cartoons drawn about government officials this would not be any more racially insensitive than any others. Do you think that Bill Clinton found all the cartoons about him and Monica funny? Were they insensitive? Sure they were. All of them are. The cartoonist tries to deplict humor in every situation.

One of our constitutional rights is freedom of speech. It does not say that we have freedom of speech but we have to be sensitive to other peoples feelings. I believe that if we practice freedom of speech then that is exactly what it should be freedom to express oneself. Should we take into account other people's feelings, sure but are we, NO.

I believe that we have become a nation of people that looks for ways to scream discrimination. If the cartoonist had been black would the cartoon been funny then? I think he would have gotten away with it because we are in a world of reverse discrimination. We are not allowed to say anything for fear that it might offend someone but other races are allowed to say what they want to say because their ancestors were slaves many, many years ago and that gives them the right that we don't have.

Anonymous said...

Truthfully, it seems that everything is "racially insensitive" anymore. It does not matter what it is or what it is supposed to mean, it ends up being racial somehow. It is seriously out of hand in a big way. No, I do not believe that the cartoon is racially insensitive. The cartoonist has already said what it is supposed to be about so why carry on with it. Drop it and let it go. I believe that the cartoon is fine. I can see where it might cause some hard feelings because of the incident where the monkey killed the woman, but outside of that, let it go.

Yes, we have become way too sensitive. You can not turn on the TV and watch the news or read a newpaper without hearing about someone or some group, or some organization being racial. I know that there are racial people in the world that are insensitive, but not everybody is, so I think it is time to lay of off thinking that everything is racially insensitive.

Richard V. Shields III said...

To quote the old TV program, "gimme a break"! We should censor our own words and thoughts on the 'possibility' that someone might take it the wrong way? This is not about exercising good judgement and responsible verbiage, it's about being able to openly express oneself. Can we all agree that there is very little in politics, religion, or even daily life that cannot be strewed to some unintended meaning? There is not a political cartoonist, writer, or editor breathing that doesn't fully realize that any of his/her work is likely to be controversial. Most of the time, it's intended to be. If this "maybe someone won't understand" is the standard, it is the end of political satire.
The cartoon is racially insensitive if, and only if, you make it so, but it is not a legitimate argument for political correctness when correctness is totally subjective.
The question of whether or not we've become too sensitive would be valid if we could agree that there is some definable line that shouldn't be crossed. Race will remain a political issue as long as there are pundits who write about it in a way that sensationalizes issues and that seems to be what has happened in this case. There are certainly issues in this country today that merit more scrutiny and concern than a political cartoon that is this open to interpretation.

tvan09 said...

Although many people will see the cartoon as racially motivated, I do not see the correlation. I can see how a black person who thinks of himself/herself as a victim would agree that the cartoon is inappropriate.

The roots of racism still is very prominent in our society. I think the creator of the cartoon was using parody to emphasize or to correlate two separate stories. Parodies are not truths, they are not to be interpreted in only one narrow way. Parodies are a work created to mock, comment on, or poke fun at an original work.

The first amendment of the constitution gives every citizen the right to say, write or think anything, as long as it does not incite a riot. I do think that we have become too sensitive to words and images.

Too much energy is wasted on arguing about our beliefs and interpretations. Not enough energy is expended on acceptance of each others' differences.

This controversial cartoon may be insensitive to some, but to others it is an example of a basic civil liberty. A civil liberty that the politically correct have trampled on for years.

Terry V.

Ellen said...
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Ellen said...

I actually think this is kind of funny. I think the people who are offended by this are really reading too much into it.If you look at anything hard enough and get it in your head that it is racist you can come up with reasons to support your idea. I do not think the cartoonist thought about offending anyone, much less being racist. It is a humorous cartoon making light on two serious current situations that have been featured in the media. That's what cartoons are suppose to do... shed a little funny light on situations that people get a little too serious about.
I can see this exact cartoon being drawn when president Bush was in office. It's not racist. It's funny. President Obama being black has never been something that the media has been inappropriate least that is what I have observed. Most media loves we saw from the election...and I have absolutely no doubt that this cartoonist was just doing his job and being clever. Not racist. Do you know how many cartoons there are about Bush being a redneck and stupid Texan? A lot. Public officials should expect things like this to come out anyway. And really, I am not sure why people care so much.
Actually...I think maybe someone should make a cartoon about all of the ridiculous people criticizing this cartoon. I think people are far too sensitive and far too worried about being politically correct. I think everyone just needs to grow up and stop being so self focused. That's why things like this get blown out of proportion. Everyone needs to have a good laugh and gain a since of humor.

D Douglas said...

I can remember watching news coverage of voters in Pennsylvania entering an auditorium for a Republican rally, and the news anchor questioning an older white man who happened to have a stuffed animal sitting on his shoulder. The anchor asked the man if the animal was suppose to be Barack Obama, he smiled and said, "take it as you would like". This was after he finished providing a profanity laced tirade out the then presidential hopeful, which was filled with racial slurs. Months later the image of this elderly man still stick in my memory, have we become to sensitive as a society, or have we only found issues with hurtful actions and commentary that is directed towards a us specifically.

Being refered to as a monkey is nothing new to black people, historical evidence shows that blacks were often refered to as monkeys. So if the image of a black man possiblty being refered to as a monkey, the President of the United States to be specific, it does deserve some conversation. I could never understand what it would feel like to be refered to in a negative way as a indian, especially since I am not of indian decent. If you speak about racial discrimination, people think you are looking for some excuse, which is not always true. There are some who will use the so called race card to their advantage anytime they can, but real race issues need to be brought to the forefront and discussed. Our society will never accomplish all the great things we desire if race continues to be such a negative in America. Racial issues of all types does exist in our society, and for people to attempt and pawn it of as being some double standard that blacks have is ridiculous. Everyone has an opinion on everything, but honestly, does that make anyones opinion worth one red cent? If the cartoonist says he meant nothing racial concerning the cartoon, I can accept this and move on with my life.

Casey said...

I think many people in this country are unaware of stereotypes and ideas that people have about African American people. If you are from the South, then you probably have heard about some of these stereotypes, such as black people being associated to monkeys. The cartoonist may not have meant it in that way, but people who are familiar with this idea probably assume something different. It appears to me that the drawing is directed toward the president and maybe the cartoonist underestimated the viewers' intellect and attitudes. He might have thought since the incident with the chimp occured the week before, he could say the drawing is associated with that, however I believe it is not.
Casey Hubbard

Stanley said...

Yes, this article is racially insensitive. While we have come a long way since the days of the civil rights movement, this article reminds us of the ignorance that remains in our country. The editor's message can be interpreted in differents ways, and a knock on our first black president is one of them. It's awesome that President Obama is in the house! This cartoon is of poor taste.
This article should not have been published. But it serves as a reminder that we need to continue to socially progress as a nation. If we continue to think with an "old fashioned" mindset, we have failed ourselves, and the basic principles of our constitution. While some individuals may be ok with this article, others will be greatly offendend. We should take this into consideration before sending out these type of messages.

NicoleElizabeth said...
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NicoleElizabeth said...

I think the whole thing is ridiculous! I think people are looking more into the issue then what was intended. If the editor said he intended the monkey to represent the congressman who wrote the stimulus bill than that is what he meant. As far as the editors approving the cartoon, they obviously didn't see anything wrong with the cartoon which is why they allowed it to be ran in the paper. So, no I do not think that the cartoon is racially insensitive. I simply think people are becoming too sensitive in the effort to achieve political correctness.
The thing that bothers me is how easily people are to jump to making it a race issue when it really isn't. It really aggravates me. This cartoon is a perfect example of what I am talking about. I think people are too quick to pick things apart and read too much into something. People try to put a certain meaning in the cartoon that isn't there.
-Nicole Elizabeth

brob09 said...

Reply to Casey. I have lived in Mississippi all my life and have never heard the referral of blacks to monkeys. I was shocked when they told on tv about this comparison. I think that many Americans do have sterotypes about different people and different races. However, I believe that sometimes those sterotypes are played on by the races themselves.

Reply to Stanley: Do you believe that President Bush should have taken offense to all the cartoons about him? What about Bill Clinton, or Dick Chaney? Why all of a sudden should it be so horrible for a cartoon be offensive to a President? The cartoonist explained what he meant when he drew the cartoon. Why wouldn't people believe that or are they just looking for someone to become another victim. We live in the age of Freedom of Speech. Why should all people have that freedom?

I agree with Nicole that this entire thing has been blown out of porportion and is ridiculous. At this time with our country being in such economic dire straits, we need to be using our energy and focus on important issues rather than who we thing a monkey represents. We are all in the same boat and should be trying to row the same way rather than creat undercurrents.

Beth Robinson

Dominique said...

I think he was trying to be clever; he was being racist in a sly way. He probably didn't think people would understand both the denotative and connotative meanings. The cartoon was definitely inappropriate. In a way, it seems like he's threatening Obama's life.

In my Intro to Sociology class at USM, Dr. Whitman showed us a tape of how African Americans were portrayed in the past. Their eyes were huge and bulged from their eye sockets. They were black as gorillas and their lips were big and pink. To me, they looked like monkeys. Now, we have our first black president and the cartoonist draws a monkey being shot!! And the Secret Service are doing all that they can to protect Obama from being assasinated!! I think the cartoonist should be fired and arrested.

We are not being insensitive. He should have had the common sense to know that the cartoon was inappropriate. Did he not think black people read the Washington Post? His cartoon was not only offensive to African-Americans but to everyone. He was being insensitive, racist, and threatening.

Dominique said...

I sincerely believed if John McCain was President the cartoonist wouldn't have used a monkey even though the monkey is in current news. I believed they would have drawn McCain as an old thin wrinkled man with Alzheimers,wearing a uniform,on his hospital bed thinking he was still a P.O.W. There would have definitely been no monkey.

madjdinfl said...

It's pretty amazing how some people think. If you don’t want to be offended please don’t ready any further because this is a topic that just boils my blood.

I personally am sick and damn tired of this whole racial issue give it up people. We freaking elected a black president I think this shows that Americans as a whole have gotten past this and certain groups or individuals need to stop bring up the racial card it is played out!!!!!!!

You know political cartoons are always pretty mean and crude so now that the president is black we need to be more sensitive to what we joke about in our crazy political cartoons give me a break. Grow up, toughen up and stop crying like a little child; that’s what I have to say. Freedom of the press; I’m sure when they were bashing Busch and had crude rude humor with him on cartoons that it wasn’t that big of a deal.

This particular cartoon does not look like it targeted Obama due to the monkey reference. I think again people are dwelling on racism and they NEVER want to let it go. So anything that remotely can seem like it is they will attack.

Melissa Doty

Stacey Perkins said...

I think that the cartoon is okay. I don’t find it to be racially insensitive because I believe that it honestly has nothing to do with race. Perhaps the editors should have caught the possible misinterpretation, but the fact that they didn’t just shows how obscure the misinterpretation is. When I think about legislation being written, I think about Congress or the Senate, not about the president. I think society as a whole has become too sensitive in our pursuit for political correctness.

JVJ1 said...


As soon as I read the cartoo I immediately thought about Obama. The true question is what was the ultimate outcome that the cartoonist looking to garner? look back at previous political cartoons and the make fun of the big ears of lincoln the "jewish" looking nose of Nixon why should this be offlimits to obama? Do I find it offensive? Yes. But should it be stopped simply because I find it offensive? NO! We are a free least somewhat...
The bigger quesiton is that if these cartoons are suppose to make a statement did it convey the message that the cartoonist was wanting to convey. Basically he was saying that the stimulus plan is so dumb that a bunch of monkeys could have written it. I do not believe that he was tying it directly to Obama although he had to have seen the correlation and thought that it was smart.

tlr137 said...

I really believe this was a horrible issue from the post. I mean the fact that it is a dead chimp and it mentioned something about stimulus bill that made me automatically think it was racist. I may have taken it wrong but that was the first thought that raced through my mind. I was offended.
I usually take everything lightly but this totally took me by surprise. I know I am not the only one who thinks this way.
I know that the week before a woman was attacked by a chimp but to mention it together with a stimulus bill was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Beth Robinson: Thank you!! Everything you said is so true. You look at the history of all past presidents and vice presidents being white and think about how much fun was made of them. Bill Clinton was by far one of the worst! But the thing is, at least he had enough sense to laugh it off. He is still being made fun of to this day! If it's suddenly racial now, it must have been racial then too, right? But wait, it wasn't looked at that way, so don't start now. I am so tired of everything being "racial". I know that there are people like that, but really, not everyone is. Furthermore, people from our generation need to quit walking around saying "we were slaves for you" because you weren't! I have never "owned" slaves, nor has my parents or grandparents. It's time to wake up and see the matter at hand and quit trying to always turn it into something its not.

CINDYCT said...
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CINDYCT said...

I also find it very interesting, that in reading the other comments, the majority of people are assuming that the people that are making a big problem out of the cartoon are black. We don't know who is having the problem with the cartoon, but yet most of the references are made that black people are the ones that are sensitive over the issue.
One student commented that "I can see how a black person who thinks of himself/herself as a victim would agree that the cartoon is inappropriate". I am a black woman who has worked my entire life. I have never blamed anyone for my circumstances and do not see myself as a victim. I see myself as a surviver and I found the cartoon to be in bad taste.

CINDYCT said...

I think that the cartoon was insensitive PERIOD. And I'm pretty sure that the editor knew it. We live in a world that is still very seperated by race. We have a black president but that doesn't change anything. In fact, I think that it is bringing out the race crazies. I recently had a discussion witht a white co-worker. She was trying to explain to another white co-worker what the term "porch monkey" meant. Although her interpertaion of what the word meant was completly wrong, she did acknowledge that the word was a racial slur. What struck me and made me step in was the fact the even though she knew that the word was offensive and the fact that there were black people in the room, she kept saying the word.

I'm not overly sensitive about race. In fact, it's something that I rarely use in my ideals or judgements of other people. But I think that given the well known sensitivity surrounding the election of a black president, and given the fact of how well read a newspaper like the Washington Post is.....I feel that it was in very bad taste.

I also feel that it could have been hurtful to the woman who raised the monkey for the last 15 or 20 years. I'm sure she was attached and may have had some feeling for her pet. People are crazy bout their don't think that maybe she could have been crazy about her monkey. i think that it was insensitive to make fun of the fact that they shot her beloved pet.

brob09 said...

I agree with CindyCT that our world is still very divided racially. But, I do believe that whites get the blame for that divide when in fact just as much of the blame should go to blacks, mexicans, hispanics and other races. The cartoon was insensitive. But so were the ones about George Bush, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and the list could go on and on. But did anyone ever raise up about those cartoons being insensitive? NO They just took them for what there were a CARTOON and nothing more. People are too apt to rush in and scream racism when it isn't always that.

Beth Robinson

larrythomas16 said...

What with the times in and uproar and every little thing that is even remotely close to racism the NAACP cries wolf. I really cant stand the double standard. If one side can say one and the other cause of years oppression. I think we need to remember those days are long gone so LET'S MOVE ON PLEASE. Obama is to smart to read this in anyway. He knows what they were trying to say and nothing further. Why is it that any time a white anybody does something like this we are called racist when blacks do the same its called comedy. WOW! The funny thing is when I was a kid i grew up in the projects, except back then it was 50/50 black to white. Some of my best friends were black still are the last i checked. They laughed at this and actually called him a monkey the way he was ranting and raving in front of congress. Yet Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have nothing better to do but put their adultery looking faces in front of the media. I think that's a Commandment the last I checked. I'm sorry to get up on my soap box but you have to remember we all for the right of freedom of speech, black or white. Can't we all get along.
Larry Thomas

Stanley said...
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Stanley said...

Hey Class

Great posts from everybody! This is definitely one of the more controversial blogs we've had. Our responses and excitement over the issue is a good indication that racism is still an issue in the United States. Our contrasting opinions is probably a good representation of the rest of the nation. Yes, some people are still very sensitive to the race issue. And others may have no problem with it. It's important to respect those that are still sensitive to these issues. Some things are never forgotten. And while we have come a long way, show some respect for the big man in the house. If you want to poke fun at the President, then draw a picture of President Obama, not some sketch of a monkey. I respect everyone's opinion, but this cartoon is no good.

Kenny Hardin said...

I believe that the cartoon is not being racially insensitive. I can see how it could have been misconstrued and taken out of text, but I believe to stretch it as far to say its a racial slur against our president is a little far. I understand that their is a lot of racial tension in our country but I believe the author of the summary took the picture way out of context.
I do believe in our goal to be politically correct we have gone to far. People are taking things from literature and other texts that do not exist. There are instances that the racial slurs are there, but I believe that in being overboard with being politically correct has taken our country over and is a cover up for the real underlying problems that still exist today.

Caroline said...

Well sure he was refering to the incident about the monkey that was killed, but if he thinks he can get away with a cartoon like that without someone this day in time thinking it was racial he must be off his rocker. I know it was probably started by the monkey attacking the woman and having to kill the monkey. Then one thing led to another and they cartoon turned into a racial mess. I think this was a careless and insensitive act poking fun of President Obama. now if there had been a fat lady near by, he wouldn't have posted a cartoon of a very over weight woman saying it isn't over til the fat lady sings, because he would have known that would have been insensitive and would have hurt the lady's feelings. There is a thing called tact, and I just think he needs a little. Sure it was funny to a lot of people and I am sure President Obama has heard it all, but I can not believe he ever thought he could pull that off without a fuss. I do think people are overly sensitive these days but also feel that there is a lot less tact and a lot more freedom of thought and speech bein used.
Carolyn Stevens

brob09 said...

I still do not believe that the cartoon was aimed at Obama. I think it was aimed at Congress just as he said. But I can tell you this much. If Obama believed that when he became president all of the jokes and comments would stop then he just had his head buried in the sand. All of the comments will continue even when Obama is no longer president. I assume since some of you think that the cartoon is insensitive to Obama and the African American race then what do you think about the cartoons about Bill Clinton and Monica. Were they insensitive? Should someone have been fired over that. People are in the public eye needs to have thick skin or don't get in the public eye. Obama chose to run for president so he should have known what was coming whether it is right or not. We live in a society that every move or word is put under a microscope and disected. Why does it have to be like this. I can tell you that we will never live in harmony as long as this is happening. Our country will always be racially divided as long as the laws are like they are. You know employers no longer are allowed to hire someone who is competent but so many have to be black. Do you think that is fair to the qualified prospects. So many scholarships have to be given to blacks. What would happen if scholarships were given to just whites? Oh My God there would be some screaming going on. Blacks have NAACP what would happen if whites had an organization that promoted only whites. Think about this people. We will always be racially divided because of just the few things I have said.

rcp20 said...

Although I can see how the cartoon could be perceived as racist, I think it was still much to do about nothing. We have definitely entered a period of political correctness run a muck. I am very concerned with the future of rights in this country. There is a line regarding such rights as freedom of speech that should not be crossed. The current rapid regulations being pushed through by Obama's administration raises legitimate concerns about the future rights of people to voice their opinions.

As for political correctness in general, something should be done to stop it before it spirals out of control any further. People have the right to their on views, and to voice those views whether anyone else likes it or not. When we start limiting who can say what, then questions arise as to who should make these types of decisions. Ultimately the result will be bigger government and increased oversight into the personal lives of the people, which sounds a lot like what we currently see taking place.

Robert Purvis

amandakthrash said...

I have a hard time believing that any mainstream publication or professional journalist could publish this cartoon and not at least have some idea that it could be perceived as racially insensitive. That being said, I do not believe that the intentions of this writer were to take a shot like that at the President. This was clearly a lapse in judgement on the parts of both the cartoonist and the newspaper. While I did not personally find the cartoon offensive, I can certainly see how others would. Even though our country and culture has progressed in racial harmony over the past 40+ years, there is still too much tension and mistrust to think that this cartoon would not get a negative response.

Amanda McCurley Thrash

Juliet said...

I think the cartoon was meant to racially insensitive or why would it have appeared in the newspaper in the first place. The only reason the cartoon appeared was for shock value and to sell newspapers. It appears that the stunt has worked like a charm. This cartoon falls in line with the partisanship that was on display in getting the stimulus package passed. Maybe the author of the carton was mad and he used his pen to strike back at Obama over the passage of the bill.
We live in the land where free speech is protected by the first amendment. Having poor taste is not protected by any amendment.
I don't think this is the last time our President's race will be the topic of conversation.

Nicole Thigpen said...

After reading the cartoon I thought that the editor should have thought twice about it. I can see how it could have been taken as a racial remark. After reading that the editor had made the cartoon after an incident that happened earlier that week it made me think that the editor did not mean to racially offend anyone and was just playing off of the monkey shooting. However that being said, I had no clue about that so the only way I could look at it was by race.

People look at things in different ways. Things that may seem racial to some are not to others. I don't think that these cartoons are meant to be taken seriously but to add humor to a not so humerous government. I think it should not be as big of a deal since the editor explained himself and made it clear what his intentions were. I believe the cartoon is intended for whatever you want it to be intended for. Are there more important things to protest out there?

rf213 said...

I really do not think that the cartoon was supposed to be racially insensitive. It is true that it can be explained that way as well and that would not be acceptable. Despite that, I think that since cartoonist clearly and logically explained the meaning of his cartoon, we should accept it. He probably just did not realize that some people could make sense out of it completely different way.

In the future, editors and cartoonists should be more careful about sensitive issues in order to avoid similar misunderstandings. Cartoons should amuse people and not to offend them in very sensitive and unacceptable way. There is a thin line between those two and some cartoonist move right on that border. On one side, it might make pretty good cartoons. On the other side, it is a good way how to be accused of racism or something else and get in the problems.

David Layne said...

I do not feel that the cartoonist intended to make a racist comment with the chimpanzee cartoon. I believe that his explanation should be accepted in good faith and the critics should let the issue die.

With that being said, I do not think that the majority of racial slurs and offenses are actually intended to offend, but often do. In today's society, everyone needs to be aware and conscious that their remarks and actions could be misconstrued and considered offensive by some.

Lastly, just because we now have an african-american President, I hope that people do not over react to every cartoon and joke that we as a "free-speech" nation have the liberty to express our views. If George Bush got offended every time the late night talk shows made fun of him and threatened a lawsuit in response to these jokes, then the court systems would have been very busy over the last eight years.

mic g said...

I dont think the editor meant for for it to be. The story of the cops having to shoot the chimp that attacked the women was very strange and odd. I think the editor was just tying that in to the story to grab some attention.
And now that we do have an Aferican American President, the "racisist" card is going to have to be played much less.
How many nights did you turn on the Late night talk shows or SNL when they were not making fun of past Presidents.? NEVER..
I am interested to see if this keeps up. And they also did it to minorites in the Bush administration. Condelica Rice is great example of this and not one time that I can remember the race card was never used towards her.
This country has come a long way since the 60's and 70's. Although racecism still exisits much more than it should, this country and the Presidents himself have much bigger issues to deal with.

Michael Greene

Ellen said...

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