Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello all,
It's that time of year again, my favorite time of year actually (well next to christmas).It's Halloween. I loved trick or treating as a kid and get to relive it all over again now with my own kids. And of course, cable tv is great now cause they show all the horror movies (even if they are edited).

That brings me to my question. What is your favorite Horror Movie. Tell me why it is your favorite. And why do you think we go see horror movies. Even if you don't like them, tell me why you think others go see them. And by the way, here's a good scare for you (not for those with a heart condition).


bkp36 said...
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bkp36 said...

Oh no!!! I hate them. I can't even watch violence on regular television. I’ve only seen one entire scary movie in my whole life and it was “My Bloody Valentine.” It was at a summer girl’s basketball camp and I was too embarrassed to tell them I didn’t like to watch scary things. I remember it being really old and there would be beating bloody hearts everywhere. In a school, in a dryer at a laundry mat, and anywhere else the people in the movie would go, until there were none. I don’t like them because some how little bites will appear in my dreams. UGH! They are terrible.

I thought it would be interesting to ask my new twelve year old step-son. He rattled off twenty without batting an eye. He told me he loved the rush. Even when you know what’s going to happen your heart skips a beat when it does. Chandler changed from a calm tired little boy to a hyper, excited crazy boy trying to tell me how wonderful they are and in October they are the best! I asked if they kept him awake at night. He replied, “Sometimes when I was little but it’s worth it. The best part is when everyone screams out loud.” So, it must be the adrenaline rush. All I know for sure is they are not for me.


Taylor Lang said...

I would have to say that my favorite horror movie is The Evil Dead. Although it was made in 1981, which is well before my time, it's still one of those movies that I enjoy watching. It's about five friends who travel to the woods where the unwillingly release flesh possessing demons. Although the film technology back then is nothing what it is today, it still has the essential components of a classic, gory horror movie. Horror is probably the genre of movie that I least enjoy, but every now and then they are fun to watch, especially this time of year.

I think that those who really enjoy horror movies like to travel away from reality and visually experience things that, for the most part, never happen in real life i.e.) vampires and mutants that eat humans. It's the rush from watching something frightening happen to someone else (the actor/actress), and the peace of mind knowing that it will most likely never happen to you that is the main appeal.

Rob said...

Boo! My favorite horror movies are the "Saw" series. I actually really like these, but dislike most horror films. The primary difference I can identify is that the 'Saw " movies have at least somewhat of a plot, while the majority of horror films make a feeble attempt of making one's mind actually think - they are strictly focused on horror.

Those that enjoy horror films must enjoy being scared and feeling suspense. I think it can be compared to people either liking or disliking a roller-coaster. Some people enjoy the thrill, while others enjoy the security of being on the ground.

During this time of year, I will usually watch at least one of the old horror films. However, it becomes more difficult each year for the same films to hold my attention. Strangely, Hollywood has not been able to replace "Jason" or "Michael".

Happy Halloween!

Robert (rap201)

scacapit said...

My favorite scary movie is Friday the 13th the original. It was the best horror movie of its time. The character is believeble. It gives the whole story behind the killer, stuff that every day people really go through. That really scares you because it seems that it could rally happen.

There is no real logic as to why people watch scary movies. I read somewhere that it is to excite the inner monster or some crap like that. Really I don't know why. I hate scary movies honestly. I watch them and some are great like Friday the 13th, but why do I love something bad that I think could really happen. People are just weird that way. Ellen Degenerus had a bit where she asked why to people why do people want other people to do things that they do like, like offering to smell something that stinks or tasting something that is disgusting. PEOPLE ARE CRAZYYYY!!!!

Anonymous said...

I used to love horror movies, but the older and older I get, the less I like them. I used to enjoy being scared, the intensity, and the rush. Even though I enjoy scary movies, after I see one, I'm constantly looking for anything that could potentially scare me.

My favorite scary movie is "House of Wax." The reason I like this one is because it has a good plot and it could actually happen in real life. I don't care for several horror movies because they're so fake and don't have a plot. I like to watch movies that could happen in real life. (Although another one of my favorite scary movies is "Signs.")

Have a Happy Halloween!

Sara Walters

Melissa Laster said...

I would have to say that I am not a huge fan of horror movies. However, I do watch them because my fiance loves them. I get scared really easily. The last horror or scary movie we went and watched was The Last Exorcism. I don't know if this is considered horror or just scary. It was so unnerving. I think that movies like The Last Exorcism are appealing to people because things like that could really happen. I think that is the reason why I don't like horror movies, because they could really happen. I think others go see scary movies because everybody needs a good scare. I think that people sometimes just need to have something to scare them or push them over the edge.

Cperkins said...

I LOVE HALLOWEEN, TOO! Even more so than Christmas. I even have a pumpkin on my desk at work.

My favorite scary movie of all time was a movie called Madman. It was a typical 80's slice and dice movie. The killer was a maniac that was stalking a camp.

Recently the movie The Strangers has been a favorite. I only went to the movies to see it because it was filmed in my hometown, Florence, SC. Liv Tyler even ate at Olive Garden (at my bar) while I was working there.

I think it works for todays society because the plot could happen. Two people at an old cabin in the middle of nowhere and three members of a group (similar to the Manson family which it was partially based on) go in and torture them because "they were home."

@scacapit...I have the original Friday the 13th on VHS!

Carolyn Perkins

LHipp said...

I like horror movies but tried to avoid them when I lived alone. My favorites are the ‘70s and ‘80s classics, like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. I love them for their cheesiness, mediocre effects and nostalgia. I remember a party where we watched The Omen as preteen and everyone cracking up when a plate of glass chopped a guy’s head off and it just roll away. But still, the movie was suspenseful enough to be scary.

I think it’s the adrenaline rush that gets us hooked on horror. The anticipation of the unknown and the fear of the impending gore are addicting. We love being scared.

Megan said...

I do not watch scary movies at all. This may be funny to some but I won't even watch Scooby Doo. It freaks me out. I have watched some of the Halloween movies when I was a kid (if you call hiding your eyes for the majority of the movie... watching it).

I think that people watch horror movies is because of the rush. Your adrenaline is pumping and they like the feeling. Me... Not so much. Some also watch scary movies to see how unreal they are. I've had several friends watch movies and then complain that it was so fake you could tell.

As for me, I won't watch them especially if I'm by myself. Even if I am with someone they have to con me into watching them.

Lisa Scott said...

My favorite horror movie is Drag Me To Hell. The reason that this is my favorite horror movie is because it had me on the edge of my seat with expectation and thrills. My daughter thought the movie was comical but I found it to be thrilling and filled with suspense. Unexpected moments of blood and gore surprised me and I literally could not stop watching. The storyline was also interesting as well because it took a beautiful somewhat innocent looking young woman that was striving to become manager at a bank. In an effort to impress her boss, she denies the villain in the movie an extension on her home loan. Something the average person would do under pressure to advance at their job. After all, she was not in the wrong by denying the extension, she simply made a tough decision. In the movie, this decision cost her her very soul because the old woman, a gypsy, cursed her. The unexpected fight scene and disgusting special effects with blood, eyeballs, demons, and flies was unforgettably and unexpected exciting. The peaceful scene at the end was the highlight where it seemed as if the young woman conquered the curse, but she mistakenly took her boyfriend's collector coin for the cursed button and was dragged to hell.

I think people go see horror movies for the thrill. The unexpected moments in the movie that make you jump with fright or surprise. I also feel that we want a lingering effect from the movie that when we leave the theater, we are a little frightened when we go to bed that night. We look behind us going down the hall to our bedroom or sleep with the light on for a night or two. We keep our eyes open in the shower when we wash our hair. We cannot eat certain foods after the movie because they remind us of the carnage in the movie. I feel we watch horror films for the excitement and a lingering thrill.

Lisa Scott

Paula said...

I don't care for scary movies at all! When I was young maybe, but now that I'm older I just don't care for them and don't watch them!

Now, I think that people go see horror movies because it's something that they like to do and get a high from watching. The fact that they don't know what will happen next will have them sitting on the edge of their seats!

I have watched the movie, "Prom Night". That was a scary movie to me, and another movie was,"The Exorist". I didn't go to the movies as a teenager and now that I'm older I'll go only on a spur of the moment thing.

When it come to Halloween, I don't celebrate because of what it symbolizes(ghost,ghoblin,etc). People can do awful things around this time of year so I concentrate on doing positive things with my grandaughter and with the young people in n church. However, to each his own, whatever suits you doesn't bother me. We all have likes and dislikes and I happen not to like horror movies.

Paula G


emdaco said...

I love love love scary movies, they are the best even as a young child I would always beg my friends to watch. I remember being a young child and watching "Are You Afraid of The Dark" and my sisters hating it, or watching Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack. My sisters and friends always were scared to watch and said it was just creepy. As for one of my favorite scary movies I would pick the Scream series. Not so much because they were all that scary, but because my sisters and friends agreed to so see them in theaters with me. We would get so excited when a new one would come out, and have a sleepover after seeing who would be able to fall asleep first. Even to this day I tell my husband, they do not make good scary movies like the scream series anymore. I have seen a lot scarier ones dating back to my parents time, and some that are such poor quality you just laugh but none compare to Scream.
I believe I myself and others watch horror movies to feel those raw emotions, and excitement. Nothiong can get your heart pounding faster, than not knowing what will happen next when harm is involved.

Renita Moore said...

The Exorcist is my all time favorite horror picture because I am always kept in suspense, and at the edge of my seat. It intrigues me more each time I watch it. The young lady's body rising because of evil spirits, and the green foam purging out of her mouth helps me to have a better perspective on life, and also know that evil spirits are out there, so you better be aware of those spirits. I think society watches horror films to stir and to stimulate their mind.

john ray said...

First of all, I hate scary movies and am a huge baby when it comes to watching them. My favorite scary movie would probably be "The Ring". It's my favorite because when I watched it the first time I was terrified the entire time becuase it was sooooo damn suspenseful. I then watched it a second time and was never scared once, and realized there was nothing that was actually scary that happend in that movie. It was all the buildup suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I think that people like scary movies is because it gives them a feeling that they can't or don't want to ever experience in real life. It is an adrenaline rush that gets their heart racing but will end shortly which is key.

jessimpson said...

Horror Movies give people a rush of adrenaline or excitement that they are looking for. We love to be scared. It brings us a horrifying thrill without actually having to do anything that is detrimental to our health. I have noticed that horror movies are a specific genre that only really appeal to certain people. It seems that the younger you are, the more you like horror movies.

After I had my children, I believe I grew up and had a hormonal change because just the mere sight of a preview of a horror movie sends me over the edge. I will not sleep for weeks if I actually watch one. My favorite of all time are the Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver. I love her as an actress, and I love aliens. Predator with Arnold comes in a close second if it can be considered "horror". I suppose that I love movies where the heroine or hero has to fight for his or her life and ends up being an awesome fighter in the end. I am anticipating the new Alien movie when it comes to dvd. We parents do not get to go see movies in the theater just so you know.
Jessica Simpson

Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

Scary movies are really not my thing. I am definitely an action and comedy movie lover. The only time that I want to watch a scary movie is when I want my wife to cuddle up a little closer, and these types of movies are really effective at that.

The main reason I think people like this genre of movie is that people at some level enjoy being scared. They enjoy the thrill of someone jumping out and getting someone. The suspense of who will be killed next, or who is doing the killing is also thrilling. There are a combination of reasons that people enjoy horror movies. There is no doubt that people love scary movies based on theatre revenues, so no matter what the predominent reason people watch, these movies will keep being produced.

Daniel Ray

Jeremy D. said...

Let’s see. I really hate horror movies nowadays because other than when I was really little, I do not find them scary at all. I’d have to say Texas Chainsaw Massacre is my favorite. I remember going to see this movie alone in a deserted theatre, a couple months after it premiered. It scared the living crap out of me! I loved it though.

There are a lot of different reasons why people go to see these types of movies. Some people go because they like to be scared. Others go just because they know that their date will get scared and it will be a great time to cuddle up. No matter the reason, these movies always provide great entertainment, because if they’re not scary they’re usually funny as hell.

Ebb said...

I really don't care for scary movies that often, but I have seen the movie Chainsaw Masacare. It was a bit scary, but also kinda weird, on how they would go after people and then eat them. This movie a pretty good movie. I enjoyed watching it. I used to watch it over and over again, because I new that is was not real.

Yureka Lawrence said...

I would have to say that my favorite horror movies are the Friday the 13th movies. As a kid they practically scared me to death but as i hav gotton older I have learned to appreciate a good scary movie.I believe that people go see scary movies because who doesnt love a good scare, not just being frighten but being so scared you have a nightmare when you go to sleep!!
A lot of the new movies are not like that. I am truly disappointed when I go to the movies ready to be scared with a rated R movie and it turns out to be a action movies. Peoples heads just being cut off left and right, no real fear just violence. Let me have a climax to get to the violence!! Maybe some spooky music or something.

JOHN B said...

I must say that the video accompanying this blog could be a “heart-stopper” if you are not expecting to see something scary. Although I was prepared, it still took me by surprise. Thanks for making it available to us.

I don’t usually watch scary movies. If I am channel surfing and come across one, I usually move on to something else, but I did enjoy the movie, “Interview with a Vampire.” I think that I enjoyed the performances of the actors in this movie rather than the scary parts. The performances were great and the scenery was fascinating. The plot was more complex and interesting than that of most scary movies.

I believe that people who love to watch scary movies are actually just looking for a different type of entertainment, particularly during Halloween.

Hunter Boerner said...

I think if I had to choose a favorite scary movie it would be Signs with Mel Gibson. I watched Signs a couple of years ago, and it had just enough thrill and suspense but it was superficial enough to not mess with your head after it was over. I really hate scary movies. I don't understand why people choose to put negative images and thoughts into their heads. Movies that deal with mental things and stuff that could happen in real life are not fun to me to watch. I think people enjoy watching scary movies because they do get your heart racing and, I think there is that feeling of "I got through it, and it did not scare me" that people enjoy feeling. Also, when I watched that youtube clip I literally screamed. hahah the music and the bike ride threw me off.

Rebecca G. said...
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Rebecca G. said...

My favorite horror move is probably Audition. It is one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen complete with the shock factor that I love in horror movies. I know the main reason I enjoy horror movies is the suspense and adrenaline rush that comes with a really good one.

My favorite reason to watch horror movies is probably the main reason some people don't enjoy them. I love sitting in my otherwise quiet house and being on the edge of my seat where even so much as the refrigerator running has me scared out of my wits.

Rebecca Grimes

Beth ann said...

I am not a big fan of horror movies. For some reason, as a child, I would watch one and then stay up all night. My parents were not very happy when they would have to sit up with me, so they finally forbid me to watch anymore scary movies. I think what drew me to want to watch these type movies, was the fact that all my friends would come to school and talk about the different movies they had seen. I guess it was what we call peer pressure.

If there was one movie that I would say is my favorite, it would have to be “Saw” the first episode. In this movie there were some good actors. Normally in horror movies, the actors are not that great. When I was younger, the acting did not really matter, but I think as I have grown older the quality of acting has become more important. “Saw” was a horror movie that did have a plot and the actors delivered the story very well.

I think most people watch horror movies because they like to be surprised. Most all horror movies you see are full of scenes that are meant to scare you. This is what draws most people to want to see these movies.
Elizabeth Wade

jerodine said...

My favorite horror movie is Exorcist because it always kept me in suspense, and I wonder what going to happening next. I always stay at the edge of my seat. The woman body rising because of evil spirits. I think society watches horror films to stir and to relax their mind. When it come to halloween, I don't celebrate because some people act crazy and do harm to kids, and that not right.

David said...

First off, that video was AWESOME!!! This is definitely one of my favorite parts of the year also as my children are starting to really get into trick or treating. This year I have a precious Tinkerbell and an all boy Peter Pan!

My favorite is probably Nightmare on Elm Street. This was my first horror movie in a theater and was only my second movie in a theater of all time. Freddy Kruger is as scary a villian as in any movie. Someone who can haunt your dreams without your control. Due to the landscape of the dream world anyone can do anything, which makes for some amazing film.

I believe we watch scary movies for several reasons. One is most likely for the adrenaline rush. The movies get your heart pumping and mind racing. The second reason I believe we watch scary movies is because we must wonder if the ax murderer or dreamcatcher will survive or haunt again in Nightmare on Elm Street 8 or Friday the 13th sequel 20!

Here's to another fantastically spooky Halloween season!!
David dlt174

Nick said...

To be honest, I have no idea why people like horror movies. I’ve never been a fan. For one, I know they’re fake, it’s a movie, it’s not scary. But on the other side, some of them can be flat out demented and messed up thinking. I’ve never saw the joy in being scared and watching a movie.

As for my favorite, without question it would have to be the Scary Movie series. I’m not even sure if they can be classified as horror movie or not. But the reason they are my favorite is because they were witty and had some decent humor in them. They were horror in my opinion, but nearly a spoof of horror and mostly comedic.

Nick Abernathy

hallen said...

In general, I can't stand horror movies because...well, they scare me. I'm not afraid to admit it either. They scare me in a big way. The first horror movie I was exposed to was when my cousin babysat my sister and I. I was six, and the movie was Poltergeist. That one did some serious damage. My wife, on the other hand, loves scary movies. She always "makes" me wathc them, and I try to be a good sport. The only type of horror movies I like, are the ones that are shot documentary style like Blaire Witch project and Paranormal. If you're going to waste your time on this stuff, don't give me Friday the 13th...give me something real!

I think people like scary movies for the same reason they like roller coasters. A little shot of adrenallin adds some excitement to life. Another reason is that it's a form of escapism. No matter how bad your life might be going, nothing is worse than having your head ripped off!

Anonymous said...

I really like horror movies. I can watch them anytime of the year, but I especially like to watch them around Halloween! I really like this time of year, partly I think it is because my birthday is so close to Halloween. But I love scary movies! The movie that recently scared me the most was The Strangers. So I would probably call it my favorite because it defiantly did it’s job in scaring me. I had nightmares for a week after watching it and I couldn’t walk from my car to my front door without someone with me. I also liked the way Paranormal Activity was made like a home video.
Now that I think about it, it seems sort of masochistic for people to watch horror films. But sometimes it is just fun being scared for a moment. While watching them my adrenaline is rushing and it can be exciting. It’s a thrill watching something scary for the first time. I really like movies, but I can’t say there is a horror film that would make it to my top 20 of favorite movies. However, it’s always fun to watch them with friends!

ccleggett said...

Like most of the rest of the class, apparently, I have never much cared for scary movies. I used to watch them when I was younger, but it only took a few for me to realize that the basic plot was the same in every single one. Just the method of murder was different. I think people that do enjoy watching them probably enjoy the adrenaline that comes from being frightened and maybe even enjoy the campy or cheesy nature of the old ones. I did see Paranormal Activity when it was out and for a genre I'm not crazy about, it was surprisingly different.
Carol Leggett

ccleggett said...

Like most of the rest of the class, apparently, I have never much cared for scary movies. I used to watch them when I was younger, but it only took a few for me to realize that the basic plot was the same in every single one. Just the method of murder was different. I think people that do enjoy watching them probably enjoy the adrenaline that comes from being frightened and maybe even enjoy the campy or cheesy nature of the old ones. I did see Paranormal Activity when it was out and for a genre I'm not crazy about, it was surprisingly different.
Carol Leggett

Brandon said...

I am not really a huge horror movie but my girlfriend showed me a movie called "The Unborn" which is not a particularly amazing horror movie but it is slightly eerie in the circumstances under which i watched the movie. The movie is about an unborn twin that had died in the womb and comes back to haunt this girl. The movie has much of the same horror movie elements and such, nothing too spectacular but nothing too ridiculous either. The irony is that a friend of my girlfriend was also supposed to be a twin but one of the twins died in the womb, so the movie naturally freaks her out a bit. It was definitely interesting to see her reaction to the movie.

Also, this was one of the first movies that my girlfriend and I saw together so the movie also has some meaning to me for that reason as well. There was one moment where I timed it perfectly to grab her and make her jump at a suspenseful part of the movie. She screamed and jumped in the floor. Great moment for her and I and just a great moment in general.

As far as the overall general appeal of horror movies is concerned I am completely baffled. I guess the feeling of somewhat controlled fright is somewhat desirable, but in all honesty I have always been puzzled because I have never really been a fan of them. I look forward to hearing what some others say.

Brandon Deering

clp said...

I don’t like horror movies. I like the genre of suspense because of the intellectual challenges that develop throughout the movie, but horror is not my thing. I hate the lingering feeling that any minute someone or something is going to attack me from the shadows. I saw that someone mentioned her favorite horror film was House of Wax. I do like the 1953 House of Wax starring Vincent Price, but it lacks most of the elements in modern horror films. My favorite Halloween movie is Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School. I know it isn’t a horror film, but I have watched it every Halloween since I was a little girl.

I think others watch horror films for the thrill that is stimulated by terror. There is also the effect of Schadenfreude, which is the concept that individuals derive delight from the misfortune of others. It is a morbid thought, but humans can be morbid creatures. Anytime there is a car crash on the side of the road, cars are going to slow down to see whatever they can of the accident. Humans have a fascination with that which is forbidden and taboo. I think it is this twisted combination that drives us as human to enjoy the macabre. It is this nature that intrigues others to watch horror films.

Codi Phillips