Monday, October 11, 2010

Stranded on an Island

Hello all,
There's an old conversation game called "stranded on an island." Basically, if you knew you were going to be stranded on an island, what would you take with you? So here's my media related question to you this week. Write a short paragraph on each:

1. If you were stranded on an island, what magazine would you like to wash up onshore every week? And why?

2. If you were stranded on an island, what one movie would you like to take with you (in a portable dvd player, of course)? And why?

3. If you were stranded on an island, what one album/song would you like to be loaded on the mp3 player you took with you? And why?

Good Luck


LHipp said...

I would pick Texas Monthly, one of the best magazines from my home state. When that hits the mailbox, I spend the whole night reading it. It always has well-written features and news stories and outstanding political coverage. And as I sit on the sand, I can flip through stories about Tex-Mex recipes and drool.

I would need the movie “Clue” with me. It has an all-star cast, great lines and multiple endings. It cracks me up every time. I pick this one for nostalgia. I watched this when it came out in the theater and then countless times at slumber parties. Friends from those days and I can still rattle off quotes.

I would probably need “Closer to Fine” by the Indigo Girls. The peppy acoustic beat always picks up my mood – something I imagine I’ll need help with while stranded on the island. This also would probably remind me of better times in college as I try to crack open my umpteenth coconut of the day.

Taylor Lang said...

My magazine of choice to wash up onshore every week would have to be Time Magazine. As an American news magazine, it covers a wide array of issues every week. I would certainly look forward to the “Time, Person of the Year” issue and the “Time Top 100 Most Influential People of the Year” issue. This would help keep me up to date on what was happening off of the island.

The one movie I would take with me would be Casino. I have already watched that movie 50 times, if not closer to the triple digits. It has an all-star cast with Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, and Sharron Stone. Each actor performs magnificently in his or her own way. I’m a sucker for mobster movies and gambling, so this movie combines one of my favorite activities (gambling) along with my favorite movie genre (gangster/mobster).

The one music album that I would bring with me is Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits. There are so many great songs on that album and I never seem to get sick of. Whether it tracks such as Free Falling, American Girl, Last Dance with Mary Jane, I Won’t Back Down, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers have put out consistently good music. If I’m in a bad mood or had a long day, many of these songs can lift my attitude back up (Which would need to happen often if I were stuck on an island ☺)

Megan said...

If I was stranded on a desert island, the only magazine that I would be likely to read would be Glamour. I don't read any magazines on a monthly basis, but I do read Glamour occasionally.

Smokey and the Bandit would definitely be the movie that I would take with me. It is one of the best movies of all times. I never get tired of seeing it. More like I don't ever get tired of seeing Burt Reynolds in it.

Anything by Janice Joplin especially "Me and Bobby McGee" and "Son of a Preacher Man". I never get tired of hearing anything by Janice Joplin.

Melissa Laster said...

If I were stranded on an island I would want to take the Pioneer Living Survival Magazine with me. I'm an outdoor type person but I don't know much about how to survive alone so that is what I would want. If I did know how to survive then I would want People's Magazine because it would keep me entertained. I would not be bored while sitting on the beach.
The one movie that I would want to take with me would be The Hangover. I would want something that I could laugh at. I would definately not want to take soemthing scary because then I would never be able to sleep.
The one albun that I would want to take with me would be like WOW (whatever number they are on). That way I could have different types of songs. I could have something to put me in a good mood or I could have a song that would remind me of home. If I have to pick one song then that would probably be "I Am Free" by Newsboys. This is just an uplifting song that always puts me in a good mood and reminds me of some good times I have had with wonderful friends.

Rob said...

The magazine I would like to wash up onshore would be Playboy - for the articles, of course. I am assuming I am stranded alone... enough said.
When I first thought about this, I thought I would want a movie that would make me laugh and forget about being stranded on the island; something like Animal House or Caddy Shack. However, a more practical choice would be MacGyver, Season 1. After watching a few episodes, all my problems would probably be solved.
Jimmy Buffett, Greatest Hits. Is there any other choice in this situation? I can only hope that the MacGyver shows would help me find a way to turn coconuts into an alcoholic beverage.


Daniel said...

I would take Men's Health because it has all sorts of interesting facts, funny articles,and diet tips. I know that I would enjoy the articles, and it would keep me informed of new products while I was away. The biggest asset may be the information on dieting, there may be edible fruit on the island that I would not know about until read about in an article.

The movie I would take with me would be Cast Away even though I really do not like it. This movie is filled with ideas for survival, as well as ideas to just pass time. I feel that if I only get one movie it might as well be both entertaining and inspiring.

The song I would want is "Living ona Prayer" by Bon Jovi. If I were stranded on an island I would literally be living on a prayer everyday. I like this song for many reasons and any song by Bon Jovi is a winner.

Daniel Ray

bkp36 said...

If I was stranded on an island the one magazine I would want to float ashore would be “TIME.” Time is a weekly magazine so at least I could stay somewhat informed as to what was taking place in the “rest” of the world. Hopefully it would help me transition back into society easily once I was rescued. Of course if I was never rescued I could age with time and the world around me. Current events never stop, nor does “Time.”

If I was stranded on an island the one movie I would want to be loaded in my portable DVD player would be “Dirty Dancing.” I fell in love with the movie back in 1988 when I purchased by first copy on a VHS. I’ve always enjoyed dance and music, plus Patrick Swayze was definitely a value addition for this hit. It would also take me back to a time in my life when life was much simpler and less stressful. I would have a hard time adjusting to that lifestyle again without being stranded on an island.

If I was stranded on an island the one song I would want to be loaded on my MP3 player would be…maybe something old like “Fly Me to the Moon,” by Frank Sinatra. I could stare up into the night sky with a full moon and my troubles would float away. If I only had something trendy I think I would get tired of it really soon. Between the music of “Dirty Dancing” and Frank I would be able to at least enjoy part of each lonely day.

The one question not asked was, “If you were on a stranded island, how would you function without Internet or cell phones.” I think the only way I could answer that question would be by having a good news magazine, a great movie, and music to drift off to sleep to each night.


ccleggett said...

Well, I'm a bit of a loner anyway,or could be if my life were not so insane. It wouldn't bother me a bit to not leave my house or speak to another soul for an entire week, so hanging out on a deserted island for awhile doesn't sound like the end of the world! The magazine I would want to read would probably be Better Homes and Gardens. I have this constantly evolving image of my dream house in my head, and I am always tweaking it with new things I think of, or see on a television show or in a magazine. If I were on a desert island I would at least have time to work on the house plan!

My movie of choice would obviously be something I could enjoy watching over and over, at least until the batteries in the dvd player bit the dust. But the choice isn't as easy as you might think. I love movies and own over 400. I think I would probably pick my current favorite, August Rush, because I love the music and the story. I never get tired of the possibilities.

Now, choosing the music is easy. I like lots of things, but I could listen to Chris Tomlin every single day. My current favorite is Jesus Messiah, because I love harmony and that song just begs for harmony, but anything he does would work for me.

So how long do I get to stay on this island? Should I pack sunscreen and a bag?
Carol Leggett

Rebecca G. said...

My hardest choice was picking which magazine, but I finally decided on Sports Illustrated. Most of the other magazines I read on a fairly regular basis (Redbook, Cosmo, etc.) really wouldn't do much for me if I was stranded on an island but I would want to keep up with football and basketball.

As far as movies go, I'm with Megan, without hesitation I would pick Smokey and the Bandit (the original). It is my favorite movie of all time and I could watch it daily and still enjoy it. Breakfast at Tiffany's was a close second, but I think I might get tired of it after awhile.

For music I would need Jimmy Buffet - Songs You Know By Heart. As Robert said in his post, is there any other choice in this situation? It's the one album that is always a pick-me-up in any situation and I'd probably end up making some sort of fruity drink and enjoying the beach.

Rebecca G.

jessimpson said...

"Reader's Digest" would be the magazine I would want to show up on the shore. It has interesting stories and loads of comedy to help me through being alone. It is well-rounded with health tips, political stories, and jokes. It has every thing I need in a magazine.

"The Wedding Singer" is the movie I would want with me. I am a huge Adam Sandler fan, especially when he is paired with Drew Barrymore. I love the comedy and the music. I would forget I was alone every time I watched Adam Sandler belt out "Love Stinks". The 80s is my favorite decade. It will never get old.

"Scars and Souvenirs" by Theory of a Deadman is the album I would need with me. Songs like "I hate my life" and "Not meant to be" would remind me of the world I left behind. I would smile and be happy to be stranded...alone.
Jessica Simpson

Paula said...

If I were stranded on an island I would want "Essence" magazine to wash up on shore. I love to keep up with fashion, celebrities, and Essence has a lot of good advice on numerous topics such as healthcare, education, etc. I find it to be very informative on current issues.

I love watching anything by Tyler Perry and Madea. Madea is just so humorous, but down to earth at the same time. Seeing Madea in movies or plays can be very entertaining and watching Madea would definitely keep my mind occupied and not concentrate so much on the fact that I'm stranded on the island.

I would probably take a gospel CD along with me. Gospel music just ministers to my soul. It would give me a sense of knowing that being stranded on the island, I'm still never alone because God is there with me and it's just a matter of time before I'm rescued. Listening to gospel music helps me to always praise God for whatever situation I might find myself in. There's also a testimony in each song and before the testimony, there's the test.

Paula G.

Renita Moore said...

If I were stranded on an island the magazine that I would like to have is Oprah because it is mult-cultured and diversified. It is filled with great financial information, tips on style, and Oprah's favorite things.
The movie that I would love to watch on that stranded island is Color Purple because Albert and MS. Celie keep me going. It is filled with love scenes, infidelities, and daily tribulations. Shug Avery was the character that both Albert and Celie fell in love with. Celie told Albert,"I may be black, maybe even ugly, but I am here." That part of the movie will give me the hope and confidence needed to eventually find my way home.
The album will be Prince,"Until the end of time." This will help me to find my way back to my husband of twenty years because he promised until the end of time that he would be there for me. I will take that thought to bed each night when I close my pretty brown eyes.

jerodine said...

My magazine of choice to wash onshore every week would be jet magazine. It would be the most popular news of the stars issues every month. This would help me keep up with some of the popular people.

The one movie that I would want to take with me would be Madea goes to jail. I would want something that would make me laugh instead of crying and to make me sleep better. This is one man I never get tire of watching Mr. Perry.

The one album that I would take with me would be (Heaven by Mary Mary) That is a song that alway put me in a good spirit, keep me going. That the spirit I need to keep me alive.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If I were stranded on an island, the magazine that I would like to wash up onshore every week would be "Time Magazine." The reason I would want to read this one is because I would be interested in knowing what's going on in the United States, in the World, business, health, etc.

The one movie that I would want to take with me would definitely be "Vegas Vacation." This has always been one of my favorite movies and everytime it comes on TV I watch it. I'm always excited to watch it, and it always makes me laugh. After all, I would want a movie that makes me happy if I were stranded alone.

The album that I would want to listen to while stranded on an island would definitely be one of Jimmy Buffets. He has the best music that always puts me in a good mood. His easy going, relaxing music would hopefully make the time pass quickly.

Sara Walters

emdaco said...

If I was stranded on an island I have to admitt I would bring some type of weekly magazine, most likely people magazine. I am aware it may be a little shallow, but at least has a little real journalism mixed in with celebrity news. The reason I would pick this is that it would remind me of my mom and sisters, since we frequently rotate our magazines and discuss them.

If I was to choose one movie to bring with me on this island it would be Fried Green Tomatoes. I have always loved this movie, and it somehow makes me feel like home. I just hope I would not get too tired of it and ruin the movie for myself.

As for music on the island this is a tuff one, I debate between picking something reminding me of my husband or something reminding of my family. I think a greatest country hit cd would do both, since it would remind me of my husband since he hates country and always makes fun of me when I sing it, and my family since I grew up listening to it.

Emily Conroy

Cperkins said...

I am answering these in the easiest order for me...

I would take a mixed cd of Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, and Corey Smith. They always keep me in a good mood and forget what is going on around me.

Moviewise, I would have a toss up between Remember the Titans and The Movie Shag. The latter is a movie filmed in SC about four girls who go to Myrtle Beach as a last hoorah when one gets married. Both movies have awesome soundtracks.

The hardest to choose is the magazine. I would want something that was both entertaining and delivered current events. I would rather just have books wash up on shore. Maybe the bestseller for the month.

Jeremy D. said...

If I was stranded on an island, I would want XXL magazine to wash up onshore every week. I enjoy reading this magazine and I enjoy being entertained by its stories covering different artists from the Hip Hop community. Receiving this magazine every week would give me some kind of connection to the outside world. It would help me keep my sanity.

If I was stranded on an island, I would like to take the movie 300 with me. 300 is one of my favorite movies, if not my favorite. It’s a man’s man movie. I have always been intrigued by mythology. This movie is full of action, meaning, and inspiration, three things I may need while on this long isolated stay.

If I was stranded on an island, I would like for Lil Boosie’s album, Bad Azz, to be loaded on the mp3 player I took with me. I chose this album because it is my absolute favorite, created by one of my favorite artists. It contains songs that play on each one of my emotions. I can relate to the lyrics and the beats are pretty impressive, making for some great entertainment while on the island.

Ebb said...

If I was stranded on a deserted island, the magazine that I would most likely to read would be JET or Ebony magazine . I don't read regularly. I would prefer either one of these just to past away time to keep me occuppied.

It has the lastest information on what is going on with the celebrities and other people that are involved in society.

hallen said...

Magazines, definitely Playboy. Oh, I know...that's not PC to say or anything, but it is pretty much the perfect magazine for a guy. Just enough writing to keep it from making you brain dead, and the rest is pretty obvious.

Movie would definitely be Blazing Saddles. I have seen that movie well over 200 times in my life, and it has never gotten old. Repetition is not a problem. I could watch it 5,000 more times, and still laugh at Heddy Lamarr...that's Hedley!

Album would havce to be the Little Feat Boxed Set: Hotcakes and Outtakes. About 60 tracks, and plenty of music to suit every mood imaginable!

Nick said...

1. If I had to chose one magazine to wash ashore every week I’m 99% certain I would chose Sports Illustrated. I went back and forth on this one. Would I chose a magazine like Time and keep up with current events in the world? A magazine like Rolling Stone and get mostly entertainment related, but also current events to a certain extent? Or go for strictly entertainment value to keep spirits up and chose something on the lines of Maxim? But ultimately, sports is what keeps my interest. I’m pretty certain I could be on a deserted island the rest of my life and I wouldn’t care too much about who was President, what politician was in a scandal, what two countries were fighting… but I would still wonder if the Buckeyes won last night or if I was actually dreaming and the Browns were good.

2. If I could only watch one movie from here on out, I’m stuck between Gladiator or Tombstone. Ultimately I would probably chose Gladiator. Mostly because it about the struggle of a man who overcame odds to achieve what he wanted, although tragically. In a strange sense, I wanted to chose Castaway, that way I could use it as hope to keep guying (and learn how to make fire of course).

3. One album on a deserted island, easy choice… Ten by Pearl Jam. I thought about maybe choosing something a bit more uplifting to try not risk depression, but I couldn’t deny PJ in the long run. It would be able to evoke a lot of fond memories to keep my happy. I’ve been known by friends to play the entire album in bars on the jukebox.

Nick Abernathy

drm198 said...

I would pick "Time" as my magazine of choice simply becuase it would enable me to at least have an idea of what was going on in the outside world since I would have no other way of knowing.

My movie of choice would have to be "Goodfellas". I have seen the movie many times but I have always been a big fan of mob movies but Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci are two of my favorite actors and they just run away with this movie.

Music is a little tougher for me to decide on since I really love it and it would be hard to load my MP3 player with just one album but if I have to pick one I would go with "Dark Horse" by Nickelback. It has become my favorite album and anytime I feel down I just have to listen to it and I start to feel better.

Don Maher (drm198)

Hunter Boerner said...

If I was stranded on an island my magazine of choice would be a wilderness magazine. I would prefer Life and Style or something of that sort, but in order to survive on the island, I would need a magazine with situational advice and instances related to my current struggles on the island.

The one movie I would take would be Cast Away. I found that movie very informative, and I definitely could use "how to advice". I also think watching Cast Away would help motivate me to survive on the island. If he could do it then so could I. I would so make an imaginary friend like he made with the volleyball because I would miss my friends and family.

If I were to take one song I would take "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bob Marley. I always picture myself at the beach when I listen to his music and also when I need a little pick me up. This song would also help to keep me in good spirits while on the island.

Beth ann said...

If I were stranded on an island, I guess the best magazine I could read would be “People.” At least, I would have something to read that would be entertaining. It would also keep me up to date on what was going on in the celebrity world (who was going with who and what the stars are wearing). This information would better able me to reenter society when I was rescued.
The movie I would want to have with me, if I were stranded on an island, would be “Little Man”. I would definitely want something that would make me laugh and this movie would definitely make me laugh. I have seen this movie several times and I still laugh throughout the movie. There are several scenes that are priceless.
My choice of which song that I would want with me on an island, all by myself, would be “Remember When” by Alan Jackson. This song is one of my favorites because it brings back memories for me, even as young as I am. No matter how old or young you are, anyone can relate to this song.

Elizabeth Wade

clp said...

I would rather a book wash up onshore every week than a magazine, because I don’t read magazines. I guess I should be thankful that any form of entertainment is washing onshore every week. I once enjoyed reading Allure magazine on occasion, so I guess I would want Allure. The articles were usually entertaining and light-hearted, which I would want if I were in such a destitute situation as being stranded on an island. Allure also featured lovely makeup artistry and hair design, so I would have something nice to look at.

If I had one movie that I could take with me, it would be the five hour version of Pride and Prejudice. It isn’t my favorite movie, but it would provide five hours of entertainment rather than the usual two hours that other films would provide. I love all of Jane Austin’s novels, so this would preserve my memories of her most famous work. If I could have one song on my mp3 player it would be “Hey Jude” by The Beatles. My dad gave me all of his records when I was a little girl and one of our favorite songs to listen to was “Hey Jude”. Not only is the song uplifting and beautiful, it would bring to mind pleasant memories of my past. It is also a lengthy song and would therefore provide more entertainment than a short song.
Codi Phillips

JOHN B said...

If I were stranded on a deserted island, the magazine I would want to wash ashore would be “Camaro” magazines. My Dad and I like to take old Camaros and rebuild them. We are currently working on restoring a 1968 Camaro. We rely on the “Camaro” magazines for pointers and instructions relating to specific problems. I would want to stay informed of all the new things related to Camaros.

I do not watch many movies; therefore, it is hard to try to decide on one in particular that I would like to have if I were stranded on a deserted island. I too enjoyed Patrick Swayze’s movies; namely, “Dirty Dancing” and “Roadhouse.” I especially enjoyed the “Star Wars” movies. Any of these movies would be helpful in passing the time on a deserted island. One movie I would NOT want on a deserted island would be “Jaws.”

The music I would want most if I were stranded on a deserted island would be the CD “Loose These Chains.” It consists of songs by prisoner bands from different prisons within the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The CD was recorded to raise money for the Louisiana Chapel Foundation which builds chapels for prisoners. The music is very uplifting and full of hope. It would give me hope of being rescued the same as it gives prisoners hope of someday being released from prison.

Brandon said...

1. I would like the newest issue of popular photography, but each week I would like some kind of pictorial with my girlfriend...nothing crazy...just pictures to remind m of her, seeing as I am stranded. The magazine is a great magazine with many different photography aspects from artistic to technical. My second choice would be Tennis magazine, but that is just purely because I love tennis, but they are welcome to feature a pictorial of my girlfriend as she is a wonderful tennis player.

2. Selecting a movie would be tough...but I think I will take the movie "The Italian Job" from the mid 2000's. I would really struggle making this decision and the indecisiveness alone might delay me enough to avid getting stuck on the island.

3. Album or song...hmmm...super tough. I am going to cheat slightly and choose an MP3 cd and fill it with an eclectic variety of items. I have different tastes that change according to moods. I think given the room I am given I could cover a few genres from hip hop...for exercise...some oldies for relaxing...and many others for many others for many other situations.


john ray said...

1. I would pick Newsweek so that i knew what was going on in the world. Sports Illustrated is probably my favorite but think I would need Newsweek more than sports updates.

2. I would want Forrest Gump to be with me if I was stranded. I love this movie, and no matter how many times I watch it, it never gets old.

3. If I was stranded I would want the Bob Marley Greatest Hits album. Fist of all I would hope the island I was on was tropical and Bob would be a perfect fit. Secondly, it would hopefully cheer me up and keep me in a positive mindset so I don't go crazy. I would just imgagine I was on vacation and not stranded!

David said...

1. I would pick a survival magazine so that I would be able to learn and progress on the island until rescued. Yes, I know this is the boring answer, although the survival magazine could be Maxim.

2. I would like to have the movie Caddyshack due to its historic comedic value, I would definitely not want Castaway as my option.

3. I would bring Jupiter Coyote as my musical selection. It reminds me of when I was younger, not stranded on an island.

David dlt174