Monday, January 17, 2011

(Not Really) "The Tonight Show"

Recent TV ratings revealed that Jay Leno's ratings have gone up since his return to "The Tonight Show" and Conan O'Brien's departure to TBS. However, when you take into consideration that some people record these programs to a digital video recorder (like TiVo), the number of people viewing Conan O'Brien is higher than those watching Leno. Read the story by clicking here.

I am wondering how many of you have a digital video recorder (like a TiVo) and use it regularly? How do you think a technology like a DVR (digital video recorder) will change the way people watch TV? The story seems to hint that "Late Night TV" may no longer truly be late night TV. Do you think the ritual of watching a show at the same time everyday will be broken by DVR's? Would you watch the local TV news more if you could record it and watch it later? Would a DVR cause you to watch more or less TV?


JG Hanks said...

The invention of the DVR has drastically changed the way people watch television. I don't have a DVR, but I used to. When I did, I recorded tons of shows I never had the intention (or time) to watch. Despite the ease of recording, the DVR couldn't add more time to my day. The greatest benefit to me was that it made it possible to eliminate conflicts when two desirable shows had the same air time.

Because of advancements in technology, networks no longer have to worry about live viewers, instead they can pick up an audience through DVR and even network websites. Many have their most popular shows available for viewing the very next day after broadcast online. You can set your viewing habits around your schedule instead of the other way around.

Other services like Hulu and iTunes make it possible to view television shows in their entirety online or digitally, making choices as easy and readily available as checking out a book at a library.

Entertainment choices will only become more plentiful as technology advances. We can already watch shows online and even on our phones. As we become more advanced, our viewing habits will evolve as well. Time will only tell if this is a good or bad thing.

SarahLear said...

I do no have a DVR or TiVo, but I wish I did. I have so many shows that I watch every week that I would love to be able to record them and watch them at my leisure. I would also be very helpful when two shows that I regularly watch come on at the same time.

DVR and TiVo have drastically changed the way people watch tv, but in addition to those, which not everyone can afford, watching tv shows and movies online has become very popular. I watch about eight shows a week so there's no way I can watch every one of them at their scheduled times. So when that happens I watch them later that night on a website called And there are quite a few other websites that offer tv shows for free like Hulu and BlinkX. It's very easy to miss a show and watch it on the internet later, and more and more people are figuring that out lately.
Honestly having DVR would make me watch a lot more tv than I currently do (not that that would be necessarily a good thing schoolwork-wise), but I know I would pick up a few more shows. I thinK I would watch more of everything on television if I could just record it and watch it at my convenience. And being able to watch any show, anytime you want is appealing to everyone. People who work during the day can record and watch daytime television and people who work in the evenings can record those shows.
I think there are always going to be people that watch talk shows and soap operas at the same time everyday, but I also think more and more people will move in the direction of DVRs and TiVo. To me it's very appealing and very convenient. Everyone can watch their television around their school and work schedules instead of the other way around.

Shelly said...

I agree that the invention of the DVR has changed the way people watch television. I have a DVR, but I don't use it a lot. My 6 year old son uses it more than I do. He has it set to record his favorite cartoon series that come on while he is at school. He is allowed to watch it for 30 minutes to an hour before he goes to bed at night, depending on the time. It allows him to have a routine so he can unwind from homework, bath time, play time, etc. This has saved us a lot of money. We don't have to buy the videos anymore.

Television and movie choices are becoming easier to access. Movies, television shows and series can be streamed from the internet from Netflix, Hulu, and now some websites like ABC, NBC, etc show some clips from their shows. It is only a matter of time that television shows and movies will be offered at even easier access like a "portable television" of some type. It took a few years for computers and the internet to become "portable" with access virtually anywhere.

Our society has placed high demands for technological advancements so I am sure that these advancements will one day exceed our expectations.

sswog said...

My house has two DVR's. And believe it or not, we still fight over whose shows will be recorded first. Personally, I hate watching commercials, so I TiVo what I like and pray my mom doesn't delete it.

I think the DVR technology has changed the way people watch TV. I hear my friends and family talking about the programs that they have recorded at home. Because commercials dominate TV programs, the DVR has made watching TV more enjoyable. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT for the commercials!

I do not watch the local news because it is not on my Direct TV. To watch it would mean that I would have to have cable as well as satellite. If it were broadcast on my dish, then I probably would TiVo it so that I could watch it later.

I do not believe that the DVR encourages me to watch more TV. But I do think it gives me an opportunity to watch shows that are I have interest in, but would not take the time to watch during their "regularly scheduled time."

CLiddell said...

I do not have TiVo, but I have 2 DVRS. I believe that they have changed the way my family and I watch tv. With school and children, it is pretty hard for me to sit alone and watch what I want @it's given time. I love horror shows or movies. So, what I do is sit down and go through my programming for a week to see whats scary movies are playing. I set my DVR to record, usually, about a week or two worth of movies, and when I get that day that I can sit and enjoy, I may set and watch about (5 or more) 2 hour movies in one day. I love my DVR. I love watching tv at my convience. So,I believe that TiVo, DVR, and the Internet have definetly change the way I watch television, as I'm sure it have for for many.
This Technology Age, is just making everything, so comfortable and easily accessible. Being able to control your programming, is a great step in technology. So,I do believe that these new devices have change the way people watched t.v. I also don't watch the news. I can't get my local channels. But,I don't think I would watch it even if I could record it. Having a DVR gives me a chance to watch what I want when I want. I think that is great, since I am a night owl. I ususally watches tv when the kids are asleep. I believe that the ritual of watching a show at the same time everyday is broken by DVR'S. Just like, my nights start very late althought what I am watching may or not have aired late night.

dgarrard said...

DVR is quite the useful invention. Now the public may record their favorite shows whenever they choose. It is most useful to individuals with busy work schedules or with young children. The housewife with the two young children not yet in school may record the reality show or soap opera that she would normally watch at 7 pm and view it once the children have gone to bed.

I have a DVR at home and use it mostly when I can't remember to watch a show that I'm looking forward to. Then, I'll just check my recordings every few days and be able to watch when I choose. As for late night shows, I believe it will impact the amount of viewers that watch them. Instead of staying up until midnight to watch Conan or whomever, simply watch it the next morning. Some shows will always have to be watched at their airtime, like the news.

As for watching more TV; DVR can't influence that. If your day allows you to watch more TV, then you will, if it doesn't, then you won't. It changes the way we watch TV, but not how much we watch.

Elle B. said...

I have DVR and I love it! It's the best thing that has come to TV. I use it everyday to record the Young and the Restless, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, and Judge Judy. It has definitely changed the way I watch TV. I only watch TV now to catch up on my shows and I watch Nick at Nite because TV helps me go to sleep at night. I don't know if I watch late TV or not. I think I do. The best benefit is that you can skip commercials.

I do think that the ritual of watching a show on TV at the same time everyday will be broken for my generation. Except for when everyone wants to watch the premiere episodes of their favorite show at the same time everyone else is. People tend to use DVR less on premiere episodes. The baby boomers will continue doing what their doing because the think that my generation and technology are dumb. When it comes to watching the news, I don't really watch it. I read about the news online.

Brandon L. Atkison said...

Unfortunately I do not have a DVR but have thought about buying one a number of times. It is a great piece of technology that allows you to record your favorite show when your not able to catch the live version. It even allows you to record an entire season of your favorite show.

The DVR has and will continue to change the way people watch TV. People will continue to always have other things in their life that interfere with when they can watch TV. I do not believe that DVR's will change the ritual of watching a show at a certain time. There will be people who can watch a show at its scheduled time, and others will rely on the DVR in order to catch up.

A DVR is a very beneficial piece of technology but I do not think it would affect how much TV I watch. It would be nice to have when I miss a show due to night class though.

sasha said...

While i don't own tivo or a dvr, i;ve had access to it before. My parents own one and i must say that is conveinent to indiviudual who want to watch their favorite tv show but can't because of their work or school schedule. i have missed my favorite shows because i don't be at home; therefore, i wish i own a recorder.
Now,tivo and dvr has change tv for the better because it allows you to watch your tv shows over again if you wanted or allows you to catch it at a later time. This new form of technology was a good idea because it do not take away from ratings of a show, it probably help ratings a little more because people want actually missed the shows, they may just watch it at another time.
The recorders are a good investment because it keep you want miss out on your tv shows. now i am not everyday news watcher, so recording the local news would not be something i would do with tivo unless it was a special reasom i wanted to tune into news that day. Also, my tv time would be still the same if i did have tivo or a dvr because i am not a heavy television watcher, but i still could use one just to catch show that i like to wacth so that i want missed them much.

EDuBose said...

I do not own a TiVo or a DVR. I would enjoy owning either one since I do not like watching commercials. It would also be nice being able to record the shows I want to watch. With school, work, and my family, I have little time to watch TV and I would like having the shows I enjoy ready for me when I do have time to watch them.
I do think TiVos and DVRS have changed the way people watch TV. The viewers are given more control over what they watch. They are no longer limited to the networks schedules. Not having to watch the commercials can also speed up the viewing of shows. However, I have to wonder if the capability to omit commercials will affect the amount businesses are willing to pay for their commercials.

abuckhalter said...

Technology, technology!What would we do with out all of this technology?

I do not own a DVR, but if I owned one I would probably use it regularly. Being that I work an eight hour day shift five days a week, I miss some many shows I would love to watch. In the evening, there are some shows airing at the same time that I would like to watch but have to choose because of I do not own a DVR. I have a busy schedule so there are some days that I do not get a chance to watch television at all. If I owned one, I would definitely record the shows I love.

I really don't think the time of the day that you watch a show you are interested matter. Being able to watch the show and not miss anything is the most important part. I strongly feel that DVRs has a positive effect on people watching television. Even if I don't watch anything else on television, I try my very best to catch the local news at 5,6, or 10.

DSEELEY said...

I do not have a VHS or DVR recorder. I do live in a household of Laptop and netbook computers. The VHS tape and DVD have both had their place in time. They have both chnaged the way we have viewed television. With the invention of HD television and the ability to access the internet thru this HD television, the DVD will soon find its place next to the VHS tapes. The invention of the DVR allowed us the capability to record more shows on one device and with TiVo on a hard disk drive. Today networks make available shows on the internet shortly their original viewing and i find this more advantagous than the DVR, I can even download the shows to the hard drive of my pc to view later. As for O'Brian's lead in the late night DVR race it is because he is on at the same time as the late local news and most people watch the news and will watch O'Brian at a later time.

JLafond said...

I do not have a DVR, even though sometimes I wish I did. A DVR can be so convenient in today’s society because I am very busy and I usually don’t have much time to watch TV. The thought of being able to record a TV show and watch it when I want to, without commercials, is very intriguing. I have never seen any late night shows even though I want to, because I can’t stay up that late. I’d love to be able to record those shows and many more to watch them at my leisure. Also, I try to watch my local news often but I don’t think that I would record it because news gets old fast, and if you don’t watch it right away there would be no point of recording it.

The DVR has changed television but I don’t think it is as popular as it once was because of the internet. Nowadays, you can connect your computer to the television and watch any show at your convenience for free off sites like Hulu or the broadcast network sites. At this point I don’t think I would buy a DVR because of that reason but it is sure fun to see how technology changes our viewing habits.

aben said...

DVR has changed the way people in our society watch tv. My family and I love the DVR, and we use it constantly. My family is very outgoing, so we are unable to watch our favorite shows when they are on. With the advancement in technology, we are also able to set a time to record a show from our cell phones. Another reason I love to record shows is because I don't have to waste time watching commercials.