Monday, January 24, 2011

Should It Air?

I'd like you to read the following story. Tell me what you think. Should WDAM be allowed to air the video content? What is to be gained from showing the video? Are there valid privacy concerns regarding the juveniles in the facility? Which outweighs the other: bringing the story more to light or making sure that a juvenile's identity is not released to the public? How do you think the Mississippi State Supreme Court will rule?

Also, there is a person who is posting as Elle B. If you are a student in my class, could you please tell me your full name so I can give you full credit?


JG Hanks said...

WDAM should definitely be able to air the video of the alleged abuse at the Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center. Youth Court Judge Mike McPhail (appropriate name) must not know of the advances in technology that would allow the youth in question's identities to be concealed. Like the article states, their faces could be blurred, as well as any name that may be on their clothing. It seems more to be an issue of keeping the Forrest County judicial system in a positive light instead of trying to correct a documented problem with their employees. Instead of fighting the broadcasting of the video, the judge and those who run the detention center should use the spotlight to educate the viewing public on things they might not know about the center and make an effort to assure that things like this won't happen again. Trying to hide from the facts of the matter and suppressing evidence only makes them all look more guilty.

It's inevitable that the footage will eventually reach the viewing public. Bringing the story to light is very important to ensure that incidents like this, which most likely have happened in other places, won't be overlooked. I'm sure the parents and family of the juveniles who were allegedly abused would very much like to know what has happened to these kids. If there is any justice, the Mississippi State Supreme Court will allow the footage to be aired and we will be allowed to see what really went on. Until then, due to the actions of Judge Mike McPhail, we are only allowed to believe the worst.

Elle B. said...

I'm sorry. I'm Lydia Barnett. I meant to send you an e-mail stating that, but I failed to do so. My apologies.

I think that WDAM should be allowed to air the video because it is definitely something the public would be interested in. Or course, the facility would not want the truth of guards abusing the juveniles of the facility. I think that there should only be a concern for the identities if the juvenile's that are involved specifically say that they don't want their identities to be known.

The release of a juvenile's identity would only outweigh the story being brought to light if the juveniles involved said they don't want their identities known, in my opinion. I say that because their safety should also be taken into account. I think they would appreciate the abuse to stop more than their identities being protected. I'm not sure how the Mississippi State Supreme court will rule, although, I feel that they would be interested in knowing whether the allegations are true or not. There may be an investigation later.

MattDemp said...

I think that WDAM should allow to air the video content because it is the 1st amendment right to air it.
There is some gain for this not much but some because we can all learn from this.
Not really, because it should be use as a tool on how not be acting in public as a teenager.
It should shed some light on this.
I think the MS Supreme court should allow to air the piece.

dgarrard said...

I believe that WDAM should be allowed to air the video in question. The station has clearly stated that they will perform all the necessary actions to conceal the juveniles' identities. They are merely performing their function as a news organization. The Mississippi Supreme Court must rule in favor of WDAM. To not allow them to air the footage would be a violation of their First Amendment rights.

When actions such as these occur in a facility that is supposed to be educating these young people on the proper way to act in our society, and we try to conceal them; what does that say about the state? The story coming to light is more important than concealing the juvenile's identity, however, having the identities released will be detrimental to the youths. The botom line is that these correctional officers, and possibly the facility, acted against the common good and the story should be publicized.

BGibson said...

I think that WDAM should be allowed to air this vdieo content. Although the Forrest County Juvenile Center may oppose, something should definitely be done about these accusations to determine whether or not they are true. It should also be aired because of the fact that the facility has not provided reasons why it should not be shown. Accusations concerning abuse in any facility should never be looked over. However, those individuals in the communnity should be made aware and the staff should be afraid to be involved in allowing it to happen again. I do not feel like the identity of the juveniles would be a concern, being that WDAM have agreed to keep their faces hidden.

I feel that the story coming to the light and keeping the juveniles identity hidden are both important factors. However, since identity has already been considered I would say bringing the story to the light is most important. It is important for individuals of that town to see what really takes place in that facility. The community may have family members there that they expect the staff to protect. I believe that the Mississippi State Supreme Court will rule in the best interest of the juveniles rather than the facility. The court will make sure that the voices of the abused are heard to teach the facility a lesson, with hopes that the abuse will stop.

sswog said...

I agree that the contents of the video should be allowed to air on WDAM. On Fox News this week, a group of teenagers were being investigated for beating a Wendy's employee up because she was trying to stop them from having a food fight. What is the difference? One was in a detention facility and the other was in a public place. Both show unnecessary violence and both should be brought to light by the media.
I really think that it is ashamed that there is so much anger in the world. I also think it is a shame that everything can be recorded and put on the news. But that is the world we live in today. We have to learn to be careful about what we say and do, because there ARE cameras everywhere. And it is the public's right to know what is going on in their hometown.

DSEELEY said...

I think we have to issues here. One is the privacy of juvenile affenders, and if there is actually evidence of abuse on the tape is there a possibility of criminal action against people of the facility. I believe the public has aright to know about these allede abuses and let me emphasize "alleged". abuses, they have not been proven in a court. Judge McPhails ruling stated that WDAM failed to provide evidence of a need in showing the video. What more evidence does the press need to publish "truthful" information of public significance. If there is actual abuse on the tape then no, I feel the tape should not be aired and the rights of the juveniles should be of the utmost impportance and the tape should be given to the justice system for prosecution. The statement by the station that it will not disclose the identities of the juveniles involved and to "blur" the faces of the juveniles in the video tells me there is some actual abuse on the tape. If this is the case then no the tape should not be seen and if is shown it could hamper a criminal case. Since this is a juveile facility I feel the Mississippi State Supreme Court will rule with the juvenile court judge.

CLiddell said...

Should WDAM be allowed to air the video content? I think the video should be aired. I don't see why not. Something like this, needs to be publized. All the residents at this facility were in danger, and still might be, from other guards. People needs to know what is going on with their children in this facilty.

Public knowledge of what is happening to the children in this place is what the gain would be.

Also,it is uncontutional for the courts to place prior restraints on WDAM. This is from a paper I wrote about the First Amendment.
The First Amendment ensures everyone liberty to speak, write, or publish whatever content they choose, without infringes from the government. (This is from the Contitution)"Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press."

sasha said...

I think WDAM should be allowed to air the video as long as they go about doing it he correct way by hiding identities of the junveniles.
we need to see what is going on behind close doors. who is to say that just because these juveniles have done wrong, they should be mistreated and that goes for any indiviual that is behind bars.
I can understand both end of the stick though. If this video is releasd, then it would invade the privacy of indiviual in the facility; however at the same time, the video will open up the media eyes about how the judicial system really works. I think if they had the permission of the juveniles and authorities above them, then it should be released. If the Supreme Court don't release the video, this could be an indication that there is something to hide. if the individuals faces are blured and their voices are tranformed, them that will give them privacy; therefore, i don;t see anything wrong with releasing the video; however, i don't Supreme Court will allow it on account they are juveniles period.

SarahLear said...

WDAM should absolutely be able to air the video with the consent of the juveniles in the facility. I've always heard about happenings like this in jails and detention centers and if that's true its a real problem. Showing a video like this might actually get something done on the matter.
In my opinion, the only thing that should be considered when deciding whether or not to air this video is the opinions of the juveniles. I am sure they want something to be done about it more than anyone. With the technologies offered today to blur out faces and make people unrecognizable, I am sure the victims of the alleged abuse in the videos would see airing the video as purely an opportunity to do something about it.
I am not sure why Youth Court Judge Mike McPhail is really against running the video but I would see it as shedding light on an issue that clearly needs to be dealt with. I am sure that people who run centers like this aren't always aware of these situations, which makes it harder to have something done about it. But airing a video that shows the true happenings of relations between juveniles and the guards would bring to light an issue that clearly needs to be handled. I am sure a video like this would get a lot of attention, good and bad. But I think, despite the issues that people might have with airing a video like this, ultimately it would prompt action to be taken.

EDuBose said...

Yes WDAM should show the video of the alleged abuse at the Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center. The youths in the detention center were sent there as punishment and to learn a better way of dealing with life.Instead they are learning to use abuse to solve problems. They will leave the facility with more anger and more bad habits than they went in with. Abuse is against the law and should be against the law for the personnel at the juvenile detention center. These adults must be held accountable for their actions. By showing the video, the public will demand changes in policies, procedures and personnel at the youth facility.
The identiy of the youth must be protected but that is not a problem with the today's technology. Hopefully, changes in the way they are treated will bring about changes in their lives. And they will be come productive citizens of their community.

Shelly said...

I think that WDAM should be allowed to air the story about the alleged abuse at the Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center. However, I am not so sure the video should be aired. If the video shows actual proof that the inmates are being abused at the prison, the video should be given to authorities and a criminal investigation should be initiated. If the tape were to be viewed before a criminal trial, it could interfere with the investigation. The Youth Court Judge Mike McPhail stated that WDAm failed to show evidence that the video needed to be aired. This leads me to believe that the video did not show evidence of abuse. If the video did not prove that abuse was taking place at the detention center, playing the video would create anger and outrage among the public.
Authorities should view the tape to see if there is proof of abuse at the detention center. If there is proof of abuse, the video should be used as evidence. After the case has been reviewed and the case closed, I think that WDAM should be allowed to show the video if the inmate's faces are blurred and their voices altered to protect their identity. The public has a right to know the truth behind stories that have such a huge impact like this one. I just don't think it should cause a problem with an investigation. If abuse is taking place, the public has a right to know what measures are being taken to ensure that this never happens again.

Brandon L. Atkison said...

I believe WDAM should be given the right to air the video because it will expose the dysfunctions of the juvenile center.

I agree with the judge in regards of the first admendment right. It would potentially cause harm to the juvenile but the television station agreed not to use real names and blur out the faces. So in reality there is no infringement of the first admendment.

What's at stake here is that a television station is about to expose the corruption and mistreatment of juvenile's. This would reflect poorly on the state on a national level. It could ultimately shut down the center and cost certain people their jobs.

I think the MS Supreme Court will back the ruling of the judge because they agree, no negative attention needs to be brought upon MS.

JLafond said...

I believe the Mississippi State Supreme Court will overturn the decision and allow the video to be shown, and I think they should. It is clear that the First Amendment allows the TV station to show the video. The station won’t put any juveniles in danger because they will conceal their identities. I don’t think that should have even been an issue anyways because the station planned to blur out their faces.

The airing of this video will be beneficial to the public because it would inform the public of the unlawful practices in the detention center. The centers are designed to correct people and they lose their integrity when things like this happen. How can we trust that these institutions are doing their job properly? Hopefully airing the videos will allow the public to push for more reform. I also think the video may provide evidence needed to bring justice to those who were harmed.

alyssab said...

I feel that WDAM should be able to air the information they have available. They have every right to give the information to the public. It is also important to let the family members of the juveniles now what is going on. This can alo help prevent any or further abuse.

I had to change my username from aben to alyssab. I had trouble siging in.

abuckhalter said...

I agree 100% that WDAM should be allowed to air the tapes. I have heard many stories about the cruelty of things that go on in jails and detentions centers. However I do feel that children and adults freedom should be limited and they should follow strict rules but mistreating and abusing them for no reason is not an option. I feel the judge is more concerned about the reputation of the dentention center than anything. A leak to the media that exemplifies horrible acts on the detention center may cause him to look bad.

Honestly, I do not feel there is a privacy issue regarding the juveniles, but if there are there are other options around it. Blurring the picture, not call names, and having parents/legal guardians and the juvenile sign consent forms. I feel bringing the story to light is more important. If the allegations are not true then the airing it will prove it and if they are true this is the best way to get justice served. I feel the Mississippi Supreme Court will rule in favor of WDAM.